1 Minute Cardio Fitness Exercises Mantra

Cardio Fitness Exercises

Cardio fitness exercises have always been known for their innumerable benefits. Today over here we have brought for you a one-minute cardio workout and the real challenge is that how many rounds can you do. In between, you can take a break of 15 seconds but you have to be continuous and do as many rounds that you can. Do not underestimate yourself and get exhausted too soon. Try to go beyond your capabilities and do an extra round. In the video 10 rounds are done but you can do more or less than that according to your potential.

The cardio exercises are:

1. Burpees

To do the burpees, you should at first stand straight with a little distance between your shoulders. Keep your hands at your side and put your weight on your heels. Bend your knees while pushing your body towards the back and lower your body as a squat. Put your hand on the floor and shift your weight onto them. Put your feet back softly and get into a plank position. Pull your feet forward and get ready for the next exercise in continuation.

2. Jumping Jack

Stand straight with no distance between your feet and hands to the side. Immediately with a small jump raise your arm above and move your feet to the side. In a continuous movement get back in the starting position.

3. Mountain Climbers

At first get into plank position. Push one knee towards your chest and simultaneously pull it back in the starting position. Do the same with the other leg. Keep on doing it continuously. According to the video you only have to do it five times and then move on to the other exercise.

4. Jumping Lunges

Stand straight and then put your left foot at the back of your right. Then bend your knee parallel to the floor do not let it touch the floor. Then put it back in the starting position. Do the same with the other leg.

Follow these cardio exercises in sequence at first to increase your strength and to maintain your stamina as well. Cardio is the most effective exercise when it comes to weight loss. You need to do it regularly but short breaks in between at regular intervals are necessary to regain strength. You need to focus on the way in which you do the exercise otherwise, it will not be as effective as it should be.