The 10 Best CrossFit Workouts that you can do at Home

crossfit workouts

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, the chances are that you have heard of the word ‘Crossfit’ somewhere or the other. And if you were awestruck when you read about it for the first time, don’t worry, that is the reaction of every single person at first. Truly, it is quite an intimidating workout.

But it is also good for your health. These workouts (typically called the WODs or the workout of the day) are essential if you want to build your body strength, strengthen your muscle, or lose some weight.

However, to do the Crossfit workouts, it is not essential to go to the box (as the Crossfit gyms are called). Yes, it is hard to swallow, but you can break the same amount of sweat in your home as you would in the box and that too without any of the equipment if you follow this list of Crossfit workouts at home.

This article will provide you with several Crossfit workouts that you can perform at home.

Number 1: MURPH

This is the most famous of all the Crossfit workouts. This is named after U.S. navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy (he was killed in Afghanistan). All the Crossfitters do this exercise every memorial day weekend.

For time (record the time it took you to complete this workout)

1-mile run

100 pullups (or if you don’t have a pullup bar, then do the same amount of chair-pulls)

200 pushups

300 air squats

1-mile run

Number 2: ANNIE

For time

50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Double Unders
50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Situps

In this workout, you have to perform 50 reps of both double unders and sit-ups. Then, move on to the 40 reps of both exercises, then 30, 20, and finally finish with ten reps of both.

Number 3: ANGIE

For time

100 pullups
100 pushups
100 sit-ups
100 squats

Angie is a full-body workout that challenges your whole body, and muscular strength tests your endurance.


For time

4- minute wall sits
300 air squats
250 lunges
200 sit-ups
100 pistol squats

You can break up this workout as you wish, the only condition being finishing everything on the list. Also, if you are unable to do the pistol squats (they are not easy to do), then do the normal squats or any other variant of squats you like.


As many reps as are possible

Burpees for 7 minutes

This is the best CrossFit workout if you are short of time but want to teach at least a little exercise in your day. This exercise allows you to exercise your whole body in just 7 minutes.


Until you are exhausted

1st minute: 1 burpee

2nd minute: 2 burpees
3rd minute: 3 burpees
And so on

This exercise is a killer (I mean it)!) You cannot top 20 minutes over. Initially, this exercise feels easy, and it provides at least a 10 seconds rest time every minute. However, you find yourself short of breath and time by the time you reach the 10-minute mark. Reaching up to 13 or 14th minute is a hard task in itself.

Number 7: CINDY

Do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes:

5 pullups (if you don’t have access to a pullup bar, then you can do five sit-ups instead)
Ten pushups
15 air squats

This workout is highly effective in working your upper and lower body simultaneously.

Number 8: JT

For time

21, 15, 9 handstand pushups
21, 15, 9 tricep dips
21, 15, 9 pushups

Do the 21 reps of all the exercises, followed by the 15 reps and nine reps. This exercise targets your hand muscles.


Do AMRAP in 18 minutes.

Five inchworms
Ten chest openers
30-second couch stretch each side

This workout is for the day when you don’t have too much energy or when you want your body to rest. This exercise stretches your body while allowing you to store energy.

Number 10: 3- PART PRESS BLAST

Do AMRAP in 10 minutes.

200-meter run
Ten pushups

Rest 2 minutes

Do AMRAP in 8 minutes.

200-meter run

15 squat thrusts
Rest 2 minutes

Do AMRAP in 6 minutes.

200-meter run
Ten military presses

This workout is designed in such a way that you can do your cardio and, at the same time, focus on your abs and legs. Moreover, this workout makes you do the cardio three times, which is in itself sufficient to drain you of energy and exercise your legs.