How to gain 10 pack abs like an expert


If there is one question that people ask each other constantly it is, “are 10 pack abs even possible?” Here’s the final answer- Yes, it is possible by all means.

Many gym enthusiasts are posting pictures flaunting their pack abs. However, people assume it is fake. But to prove that it is real, we are going to show you a few ways of how you can build 10 pack abs for yourself as well. Let’s get started!

How to get 10 pack abs?

The first thing you need to know before you desire 10 pack abs real is that there are only two ways to gain them. Let’s check out what they are:

  1. Cosmetic surgery for the abs to pop out 

If there can be boob jobs for women, then why not abs surgeries for men? If you are ready to invest some money, you can get your dream 10 pack abs real without a pint of hassle. Many experts have developed a convenient method of gaining these pack abs without any workout. The abdominal implant is a cosmetic surgery that is taken forward to help create those 10 pack abs by incorporating silicon to mimic them. Isn’t that so simple?

  1. You need to be born with it

Many of you might stoop your head in despair right now but this is the sad reality. Each of us is born with a certain number of fixed bands in the rectus abdominis. So, if you are born with four stacked bands, you can have up to eight pack abs. But if you got lucky with five stacked bands, you can end up with your favourite 10 pack abs real in no time. However, technology has driven man to accomplish all their dreams without falling apart. This is why you can create an illusion of 10 pack abs even without having them. So, you might want to consider that one!

How to make magic happen?

If you have been wondering, “how to get 10 pack abs by illusion?”, we can help you! The science behind creating 10 pack abs is here- you have to drop your body fat to a considerably low level so that your abs can pop out on their own.

With a potential gym trainer at hand, you can work on this and make your dream come true in no time. But since we are here to help you in every possible way that we can, we are going to give you some mind-blowing tips on how to get 10 pack abs.

  1. Drop that fat accurately

Gaining 10 pack abs real is all about maintaining accuracy. The more you drop your body fat, the more likely it gets for you to get your desired pack abs. However, there is a limit to which you must drop your body fat. For this, make sure that you use a calculator to measure the amount of body fat you must drop. You could also opt for a DEXA scan for the utmost convenience and accurate results.

  1. Do the 10 pack abs workout

Another instant method to gain your desired pack abs is to do a 10 pack abs workout. Make sure you exercise at least three times a week. If you are an expert at 25 to 30 reps, try adding weight to your workout. There is no way that you won’t develop strong muscle abs with this done.

  1. Check on your water retention 

 Under the supervision of a fitness trainer, you can consider this point. Checking on your water retention can help reduce sodium intake and add potassium to your diets. This way, you are more likely to gain your desired pack abs instantly.

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The best 10 pack abs workout for you

 Follow the instructions carefully to perform the exercise given below. Not only are they beneficial for your abs but will also help you to pop them out in no time. 

  1. Plank workout 
  • Begin by sitting on your heels. Now walk your hands out. Extend both your legs so that the wrists can stack under shoulders with straight arms.
  • Make sure your body forms a straight line.
  • Create a balance on your feet, keep your abs together and face forward.
  • Hold on to that position for up to 60 seconds. Once the exercise is over, continue with your next move.
  • Before doing another rep, rest for at least 15 seconds.
  • Practice these ten pack abs workout regularly to gain body as fitness models.
  1. Reverse Crunch
  • Lay down on your back. Make your legs raise upwards so that your thighs are perpendicular to the ground. Knees should be bent.
  • Curl your knees into your chest to lift off your hips from the floor.
  • Then, return to your starting position. This makes for a single rep.
  • After completing your rep, make sure to rest for 15 seconds.
  • Practice these 10 pack abs workout for excellent rectus abdominis.

Diet Plan for 10 Pack abs

Meal # one (Breakfast)

coddled egg whites.

ovalbumin dish in oil.

2 slices of brown bread.

1 serving (30 gms) of plain oatmeal with milk (I like add one0 Almonds and twenty grams Walnuts and few raisins for taste).

Meal # a pair of (Snack)

1 serving of broccoli.

3 hard-boiled eggs whites.

Meal # three (Lunch)

Half tandoori chicken.

1 roti.

1 cup of mixed vegetables (Specially cucumber).

1 apple.

Meal # four (Post travail meal)

1 Banana with whey supermolecule shake.

Meal #5 (Dinner)

massive cups of vegetables and fruits (Including cucumber, watermelon and papaya).

½ cup spinach.

5-6 berries like strawberries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food should I eat to maintain my 10 pack abs workout?

Eat foods that are high in protein. A protein breakfast would be an ideal option.

Is gaining 10 pack abs difficult?

 No. If you follow the instructions as given above, you will only be an inch away from your desired pack abs.

These were some of the best ways to gain 10 pack abs in no time. If you are interested in getting 10 pack abs instantly, do not forget to try at least one of the above options for yourself. Good luck!