Your Main Guide On 10 Percent Body Fat

It is difficult to reduce your body fat to mere single digits. It requires much hard work, training, and a nutritious diet. Though this procedure is a bit time-consuming, it will be worth everything once you achieve it. Losing enough body fat t get six-pack abs is daunting, but you can achieve it with the right body plan. You have to focus as working out requires consistency, focus, and determination. Also, you must commit to the job and make some drastic lifestyle changes to fit in. Believe us, it will not be easy, but it will be worth it!

What Do You Mean By 10 Percent Body Fat?

The safest body physique you can go for is one with 10 percent body fat. It means your body is lean enough to have room for muscles, which also counts for your six-pack abs. In the same way, your body is not so ripped that you appear to be translucent. Of course, fat is necessary to sustain your body. So, your body must contain fat nutrients in adequate quantities, not in excess. Having 10 per cent body fat allows you to get the required amount of fat, so your body remains fit. 

Working out daily and prepping your meal with the right nutrients can help shed a great deal of fat. If you wish to have 10 per cent body fat, it is important to train and eat like an athlete. By doing the right workouts daily, you will be doing your body a favour. This, in turn, will help you build muscles. All you have to remember is to commit to the lifestyle of an athlete. Only bodybuilders and fitness competitors have the body type you desire. So, if you wish to turn your body like theirs, you must be as determined as they are.

Ways To Achieve 10 Percent Body Fat

Everyone wants to see their abs lean and flex their bodies even if they are not flexing them on purpose. You must dedicate yourself to it if you wish to do so and get your body jacked. Some people have tried the ways listed down below. They have also successfully gotten their body fat down to 10 per cent in no time.

1. Fuel Up Your Body With Right Nutrients

Fuel Up Your Body With Right Nutrients

If you are willing to get the physique, you will be admired every day, and it is important to cut back on a few favourites. To get the body you are desirous of, focus on finding the right fuel for your body. You will have to compromise on your taste buds and instead go for foods that offer nutrients to your body. 

Cutting back on the sauce you eat with your chicken is the first step to success. You should consume ample fruits and veggies daily to keep your body up to the mark of getting 10 per cent fat. Try to go for the leanest sources of proteins you can find. Do not go for saturated fats. Instead, consume the most suitable fats for your body. 

2. Say No To Alcohol

Say No To Alcohol

Avoid drinking a few beers with your buddies and see what it does to your body. You will thank yourself for cutting out on the booze. Having two or three drinks every week will do wonders for your body. But do drink. Have light-coloured, juice-free drinks and see their effect on your body. Going for vodka mixed with a little soda and lime will do the job. 

3. Be Motivated

be motivated

Your level of dedication will determine whether you are fit to get 10 per cent body fat or not. If you wish to do that, you must plan per the rules. Be picky with the diet plan and surround yourself with ultra-supportive people. This will help you feel focused and determined at all times. Your fitness and health should be your number one priority at all times. Go for flexible methods, like seven-eight hours of sleep every day, to keep you on the right track. Take all the necessary measures which will allow you to gain 10 per cent body fat in no time. 

4. Plan Out An Ideal Training Schedule

Plan Out An Ideal Training Schedule

Since your main focus is on building muscles, you should do it right by going for certain workouts. Your sole focus should be on burning the unwanted fat you have left in your body. You have to work out six days weekly, leaving one day for adequate rest. Since doing this will need energy and intensity, we ask you to keep your workout period below one and a half hours. 

On the first day of your workout, aim for strength and conditioning. This will help in working all your muscles while also promoting stability. The next day, you must go for exercises focusing on bodybuilding. On the third day, find yourself exercises that bring about mobility. The next day, go for both strength and conditioning workouts. The fifth day will involve active recovery from the intense workouts. Go for activities like swimming to ease out your body. It is important to take a break from workouts on the sixth day. On the last day, do a metabolic conditioning finisher to top off everything you have done during the week. 

5. Say No To Take-outs

If your goal is to get 10 per cent body fat, it is time to cut back on the calories you consume from take-outs. This also means banning restaurants that are your absolute favourites. Believe us, by doing this, you will be doing yourself a huge favour. 

The Bottom Line

If you have made up your mind to get 10 per cent body fat, no one can stop you from accomplishing your goals. Once you commit to this plan and do as instructed, getting a lean and shredded physique will not be tough.