12 Pack Abs Workout For A Toned, Ripped, and Chiseled Core

12-pack abs workout involves strong techniques to build 12-pack abs. This form of workout calls for tremendous hard work and a disciplined routine. Whether you want to improve your muscle mass or get in shape, this workout will help. For this purpose, we have recommended some interesting exercises to you in this article. A stringent diet plan is also listed below for your comprehensive reference. This way, the road to gaining 12-pack abs only gets simpler.

What Is A 12-pack Abs Workout?

This workout contains 12 different workouts that target your abs. One can perform the workouts under the guidance of a trainer. They may also perform it in their home. The best part is that either way, the entire workout will only take 30 minutes to complete. For such workouts, you can also choose from various diet plans. However, the 12-pack abs diet plan is the most efficient of all. 

What Is The 12-pack Abs Diet Plan?

Those who want to gain good body shape can now resort to a 12-pack abs diet plan. So, you need to select a plan that is customized to your needs. It must also suit your lifestyle. A potential exercise must accompany the diet plan for better results. However, ensure that the number of processed foods in this diet plan is minimal. Include more fresh fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Remember that the goal is also to help you gain good muscle mass. Also, weight loss is crucial. 

Top 5 Exercises For 12-Pack Abs Workout

1. Bicycle Crunches

Extend your legs and lie down on your back. Your hands must rest behind the head. Bring the right knee closer to the chest. Now, perform a crunch. For this, you need to touch your left elbow to your right knee. Simultaneously, stretch your left leg and do a crunch again. Now, you must touch your right elbow to the left knee. Repeat the workout. 

2. Jackknife

Get into the position of a standard pushup. Make sure your hands and feet are closer. This helps you rest on the balls of your feet. So, avoid resting on your knuckles. Now, do a basic pushup. However, bring your right knee closer to the chest once you come back up. Simultaneously, twist your upper body on the left-hand side. Try to twist however far as possible. Now, once you return to the basic position, raise your left knee and twist on the right-hand side. Repeat the exercise for a successful 12-pack abs workout

3. Reverse Crunches

Have your feet flat and lie on your back on the floor. Cross your hands behind the head. Now, gradually try to bend the knees and look towards the ceiling. Ensure that the chin is raised to your chest very lightly while performing this step. This must give you a pull on the lower region of your abs. 

4. Seated Russian Twists

Bend your knees and sit on the floor. Feet must be on the ground. Press your lower back against the floor. Now, try to lean back gradually. Make sure you hold your arms out. It should be straight. Twist the torso to the left-hand side while you face the right. Repeat the steps for the most beneficial results. 

5. Crunches

Have your knees bent while you lie against your back. Your feet must be flat on the ground. Now, keep both your hands behind your head and use your abs to raise the upper back. This means you need to bring your body to such a position so you can see the ceiling. During this time, the chin must be raised off of your chest. This must give you the tendency of a pull on your upper region of the abs. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive Good 12-Pack Abs Workout Results?

The speed of your workout results is heavily dependent on many factors. Consistency, hard work, diligence, and the diet you follow are some of the main factors to consider. These factors can heavily make or break your 12-pack abs workout routine. Naturally, the results will be born accordingly. 

You must keep in mind that gaining 12-pack abs is no easy task. So, thorough concentration on the steps is important. Given below is a general list of 12-pack abs workout duration provided for your reference. 

  • 30 % – 5 % = 25 months
  • 25 % – 5 % = 20 months
  • 20 % – 5 % = 15 months
  • 15 % – 5 % = 10 months
  • 10 % – 5 % = 5 months

Are 12-pack Abs Even Real?

Yes, they are real. However, to build them, one needs thorough consistency. One also needs to focus on a low muscle-to-fat ratio. That is why not many people own good 12-pack abs. Also, those who are in the process of gaining them may drop the idea in the middle. 

What Are The Tips For A Good 12-Pack Abs Workout?

1. Drink enough water. So, if you are attempting to gain muscle mass or lose weight, this is it. 

2. Cardio is an effective method of burning calories and fats. 

3. Practice different versions of the exercises you perform daily. Mix it up and surprise your body. 

4. Before you practice 12-pack abs, do not forget to practice a warm-up. 

5. Make sure you have a sound sleep. It helps to enhance the speed of your 12-pack abs.


Gaining 12-pack abs is no easy task. However, you can go a long way with a little hard work. Also, make sure you follow the instructions we have listed above for the same. It is bound to help.