Improving the quality of living with a 1600 calorie meal plan

Why do we need a 1600 calorie meal plan

A very millennial trend is to be aware of how you look, how you appear in the pictures, and how people talk about your perfect body. We all want a low calorie rather, a 1600 calorie meal plan, to remain healthy and fit. Cutting down food or fasting is not what we recommend readers to stay fit.

Why-do-we-need-a-1600- calorie-meal-plan

Low-calorie diet

Scientists and Nutritionists are urging people to stick to a low calorie diet. We should follow a 1600 calorie meal plan so that our body would get enough energy to function.

You can have foods like fruits and vegetables, in place of processed foods. However, with limited choices, we often have to eat the same food repetitively, and that becomes quite boring.

We have for you a 1600 calorie meal plan right when you need it. Here’s what you should follow to stay fit.

Monday- 1600 calorie meal plan

Begin a new week with a wholesome breakfast that will boost you for the entire Monday.Our guidelines will make sure that you remain compliant to the 1600 calorie diet plan.

Breakfast(372 calories) :

● 1/2 cup of Maple Nut Granola ● 3/4 cup fat free plain Greek yoghurt ● 1/4 cup strawberries

Morning Snack (230) :

● 2 tsp peanut butter  ● 2 Graham cookies ● A cup of Maple Milk

Lunch (420 calories) :

Apple & Cheese Pita Bread Wrap for your health 1600 calorie diet.

  • 1 whole-wheat pita bread of around 6 inches
  • a dollop of mustard sauce
  • 1/2 sliced medium-sized apple
  • 1/2 cup Cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup mixed green veggies.

Spread the pita bread and smear mustard sauce in it. Add apple slices and cheese.Add greens and serve. This recipe is ideal for a 1600 calorie diet.

Afternoon Snack

● A protein bar (20g protein)

Dinner (457 calories)

● 1 Bell Pepper ● 2 cups spinach ● Spices  Sauté 50 grams of spinach in 1 tsp. olive oil with a nip of salt and pepper. Stuff the spinach inside the bell pepper and add spices. That’s a delicious meal for a 1600 calorie meal plan.

Evening Snack

● 5 Chocolate chip Cookies (238)

Altogether it is a healthy 1600 calorie diet. 


Tuesday- 1600 calorie meal plan

Begin your Tuesday with the following breakfast. Keep in mind that you should not go beyond a 1600 calorie meal plan.


Breakfast (365)

● Sugarfree muesli (40g) ● 100ml of semi-skimmed milk ● A banana topped off with low-sugar, fat-free yoghurt.

Morning snack(235)

● A cup of low-fat milk ● 2-3 waters

Lunch (425)

For lunch eat a Vietnamese crunchy peanut salad which suits perfectly for a 1600 calorie
meal plan.

● Two cups of noodles ● Fresh greens ● Fried shrimps ● Salad dressing ● Peanut butter

Mix the ingredients and enjoy a plateful of nutritious salad for a 1600 calorie diet.

Afternoon Snack

● A protein bar (20g protein)

Dinner (465 calories):

For dinner, you can have pasta and vegetable cheese with a rainbow salad calories. Don’t worry, we won’t let you ruin your 1600 calorie meal plan. ● Pasta 1 bowl ● Mayonnaise 1 tbsp ● Cheese half cup ● Veggies half cup ● Full plate salad with green vegetables

Evening Snack (40 calories):

Revel in a delicious evening snack with blackberry upside-down pudding. Sounds scary? Relax, you won’t go beyond your 1600 calorie meal plan ● A cup of blackberries ● A baked pudding ● Maple syrup Finish off Tuesday with a healthful 1600 calorie meal plan.
finish-tuesday-with-1600 calorie-meal-plan

Wednesday- 1600 calorie meal plan

3 days have passed but remember, you should not ear more than you 1600 calorie diet.


Breakfast (350):

Boiled egg and toast with fruit        ● 1 hard-boiled egg        ● 2 slices wholemeal bread toast        ● 2 tsp low-fat spread.        ● 1 small glass of orange juice        ● 6 grapes Morning snack(240)        ● 1 pot raspberry yoghurt.

Morning snack(240)

●1 pot raspberry yoghurt.

Lunch (450)

Three bean salad      ● 3 spring onions      ● 5 cherry tomatoes      ● 1 green pepper.      ● 3 tbsp of red kidney beans      ● 3 tbsp chickpeas      ● 3 tbsp cannellini beans      ● 2 tbsp fat-free mayo

You can serve it with a fresh salad and 1 wholemeal bread smeared with 2 tsp low-fat

Afternoon Snack

● 1 kiwi fruit     ● 1 small banana     ● 1 satsuma     ● 1 cup of fromage frais     ● 1tbsp chopped mixed nuts Mix the ingredients and enjoy a fruit salad. It will help you have a nutritious 1600 calorie diet.

Dinner (500)

Meat chop with potato and greens     ● lean lamb portion 150 grams     ● 1 medium-sized potato     ● 1 tsp low-fat spread     ● 1 tbsp mint sauce For the preparation, grill 1 lean loin lamb chop and serve with 1 jacket of boiled potato. Dress it with 1 tsp low-fat spread, greens and 1 tbsp mint sauce.

Treat (100)

● 25g of Haribo star mix    ● 13 whole peanuts    ● 2 crispbreads with 30g plain houmous This completes your 1600 calorie meal plan for Wednesday.

Thursday- 1600 calorie meal plan


Breakfast (350)

Breakfast granola       ● 50 g granola       ● 125 ml double toned milk       ● 1 medium-sized apple Serve 50g granola along with 125ml semi-skimmed milk and 1 medium-sized apple.

Morning Snack(164 calories)

● 7 dried apricots      ● 8 walnut halves

Lunch (440)

Cheese and pickle sandwich 

To make a fulfilling veg sandwich, you require the following ingredients.

● whole wheat bread slices(4)      ● cheddar cheese slices(30 g)       ● pickle      ● sliced tomatoes and greens      ● 1 tsp butter

Smear 1 tsp butter on 4 bread slices. Add cheese and sliced vegetables. Assimilate them to make a sandwich and have it with 20g Branston pickle. You can eat with 20g pistachio nuts.

Afternoon snack(145)

● 1 orange (62)     ● 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese (81)

Dinner (400)

Roasted vegetable salad     ● 2 medium-sized sweet potatoes     ● 1 parsnip     ● 2 small carrots     ● red pepper, onion, cherry tomatoes all roasted You can grill or roast chopped sweet potato, parsnip and carrot until they have browned and are tender.  Add roasted red pepper, onion and cherry tomatoes to them Place them a bowl and top with roasted vegetables, pine nuts and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Viola! You have survived another day with a nutritious, 1600 calorie diet.


Friday- 1600 calorie meal plan

On the last working day of the week, you must be careful with what you eat. Be careful to not overeat and stick to a 1600 calorie meal plan.

Breakfast (350)

● 30 g of porridge oats       ● 150 ml semi-skimmed milk       ● 30 g raisins       ● 2 bananas

Take 30g of porridge oats in a bowl, add 142ml of milk, 30g of raisins and a banana for a
healthy breakfast that is perfect for a 1600 calorie meal plan.

Morning Snack:

A bowl of mixed fruit salad

Lunch (450)

● 100 g of turkey fillet     ● 1 medium-sized tomato     ● 4-5 almonds

You can make a turkey and tomato sandwich for lunch with the above ingredients. Along with it, munch on 30g of almonds. Have a pear as an afternoon snack to stay within a 1600 calorie diet.


To make sure that you have a 1600 calorie diet in a day you can enjoy a salmon pasta for dinner. You will need the following:-      ● Salmon fillets       ● Blanched or boiled broccoli      ● A bowl of boiled pasta      ● Chopped vegetables  You can prepare this quick and easy salmon pasta, served with broccoli, carrots and cauliflower for dinner. A delicious raspberry shortbread mash is perfect for dessert.

Evening Snack

● 5 Chocolate chip Cookies (238)

This will complete your 1600 calorie meal plan before the weekend starts.


Saturday- 1600 calorie meal plan


Breakfast (347 calories)

Egg toast with avocado       ● 1 slice multigrain bread       ● 1 small avocado       ● 1 egg, either poached or cooked in 1/4 tsp olive oil  Follow breakfast with the morning snack meal.

Morning Snack(249 calories)

● 1 medium apple       ● 3 Tbsp. unsalted dry-roasted almonds

Lunch (382 calories)

You can have a low calorie mixed green salad for lunch. It will help you stay within your
1600 calorie meal per day diet plan.

● 2 cups of mixed vegetables      ● 100 gms of cooked chicken breast      ● 1 small red bell pepper, sliced      ● A quarter cup of grated carrots      ● A tbsp of salad dressing

Combine ingredients and top the salad with the salad dressing. This salad is a must-have for
a 1600 calorie diet.

Afternoon Snack(151 calories)

You can munch on:      ● 7 dry apricots      ● 7 walnut halves or almonds


Cottage cheese and spinach sandwich       ● 2 slices of whole wheat bread         ● 1 cup of spinach        ● 220 gms of cottage cheese        ● 1 whole tomato

Toast your bread and top one slice with cottage cheese, tomato, and the other one with
spinach. Make a sandwich and enjoy your meal.



If you feel hungry after dinner have a cup of Low-fat, low-sugar yoghurt (74 calories). In the entire day, you will consume a 1600 calorie meal plan

Sunday- 1600 calorie meal plan

Most people would consider Sunday to be a cheat day. But be aware that it can violate your
1600 calorie meal plan. For Sunday you can follow the meal plan of Wednesday or
Thursday. There will be a reasonable gap before you repeat the meals. A slight violation of
the 1600 calorie diet is allowable but do not make it a habit. Stick to the diet plan given by
us to remain healthy.