20 Finest Fitness Models And Their Story


Fitness Models 2021-2022

Fitness models industry is at a boom nowadays. It is very much different from fashion modeling as it includes modeling for magazines, training institutes, and supplements.

Many fitness models carry out their online training programs designed specifically to get into perfect shape. Male model show off their best body weighing scale by posting and exiting their shape at different angles. They are a source of inspiration for many bodybuilders out there. The reason is the body built without the use of steroids, which boosts the one’s masculinity and maintains the sex hormones in the body. This reduces their dependency on most of the best-rated testosterone boosters. It is not difficult to become a fitness models the only thing required is the inspiration and consistent effort.

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Let us have a look at the Lords of the perfect physique and know how they were able to achieve such a milestone in their lives by following certain 3 day split workout. We have shortlisted a few of the perfect instagram  fitness models.

Inspire To World Great Fitness Models:

1. Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance was born and raised in Spain. Within a very short time, he achieved the title of the best fitness model. People started following him because of his determination. He kept on trying to become better. He inspires people’s fitness dreams. Being the CEO of his own company, he is an ideal man for millions out there.

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2. Jim Stoppani

Jim Stoppani is also a male fitness model inspiration and is well known for his contribution to the website bodybuilding.com. Through his write-ups, he educates people about fitness. He also carries on online training programs. He is a renowned author and health consultant.

3. Lazar Angelov

A 28-year-old Bulgarian bodybuilder model who has the best abs in the industry and is considered one of the excellent fitness model. Apart from being a fitness models, he is a personal trainer also. According to him, it is not hard to achieve a particular shape but yes it is harder to maintain it. Anyone desiring to get a body like Lazar must follow his fitness training tips. The tattoos are a treat for the eye as they compliment his physique. His body is a source of inspiration and motivation for thousands of people out there also he believes that patience is the key for anyone who wishes to achieve a milestone.

4. Anton Antipov

Born and raised in a good family, Anton was an athlete since his childhood. He pursued modeling soon and gained weight to have the awesome physique that he poses today. He soon became a well-known male fitness model and his transformation from a man of frail appearance to a man of heavy built opened new doors of opportunities for him.

5. Michael Thurston

Michael Thurston started his journey when he was a teenager. Thurston struggled hard to get an incredible physique that he has today. Soon he became a personal trainer and created his own fitness and health company. He is now come in the famous instagram fitness models and people follow him for his expertise.

6. Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda started working hard when he entered college. Simeon Panda is the fitness trainer who started lifting weights from his home. He soon built up an admirable physique and competed in shows around the world and now his name is count in the hot fitness models. He is also called to judge fitness competitions. Apart from that, he is the owner of a sportswear company.

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7. Kane Sumabat

Kane Sumabat father was his main inspiration. His experience in training and nutrition has resulted in making him a perfect trainer. More than that, his patience and inspiration have made him people’s favorite. Your House Fitness recommends 3-4 times a week of full body training to achieve bodybuilding results.

8. Mike O’Hearn

Apart from being a TV MODEL and a fitness star, Mike O’Hearn is also an entrepreneur. He was forced into training to feed a large family. He learned martial arts to defend himself. Mike used weights to build up his body and his popularity grew with his physique.

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9. Ben Booker

Ben Booker has a story in which an accident inspired him to go for weights and build up his physique. He is a very successful fitness models. He is associated with Bodybuilding.com. He was an alcoholic but is now a fitness ideal for all the fitness worshippers out there.

10. Matus Valent

Well defined chest and abs have always attracted lots of attention. Matus Valent at first built up his physique and then a career as a fitness models. He is an athlete and an entrepreneur. His first love was volleyball and eventually, he moved on and started lifting weights.

11. Roger Snipes

Roger Snipes started as an athlete and then moved onto lifting weights. His focus on bodybuilding and then started modeling. Since he has won numerous competitions, he is counted among the leading bodybuilder. His body inspires millions and has caused a continuous rise in his number of followers.

12. Nick Auger

A Florida-based bodybuilder who has been the leader of 64 undercover magazines, Nick Auger is the leading fitness models in the industry. He has fitness plans all over the internet for people who are aspiring to achieve the perfect body shape that he has. Auger advises one to work with a dedicated partner or an enthusiastic trainer who would push to the limit. He stresses on cardio and core exercises for strength and stability.

13. David Kimmerle

Once a fat, broke, single and depressed who makes it to the list of elite fitness models. His journey would certainly not have been so easy. When David realized that he was not in a good position, instead of giving up, he stood up. He went to the gym and converted his adversities to his advantages. He at first put up some specific goals and then worked out to achieve them. According to him, after achieving the specific plans one must stop and go for maintenance plans. He is the living proof that one can achieve the desired body if one aspires for it.

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14. Jaco de Bruyn

Jaco de Bruyn was a male model at his teenage. Afterward, he rose as a bodybuilder and developed a physique for which he was appreciated all over the world. He got great success in bodybuilding because of his looks. He has also won many shows and is now an international fitness icon.

15. Jeff Seid

An athletic turned bodybuilder, Jeff said is the footballer who built his body to take an advantage into the field. Soon he started entering bodybuilding competitions. At an early age, he became the youngest bodybuilding professional. His motivation comes out from the desire to achieve the most in his life. An obsession with a perfect physique also guided him to becoming one of the great fitness models.

16. Marc Fitt

Marc Fitt is a Canadian fitness model and an entrepreneur. He has made his reputation online and has earned lots of commercials and endorsements. Marc also runs his own apparel company and works hard to help charitable organizations. He got recognized at a very early age for his physique. Marc has been constantly working hard to date to improve his image among people. He sets the perfect example of true determination and sweet results of hard work.

17. James Ellis

James Ellis is comes from the American fitness models who had a rough start. He lost his confidence after being bullied at school. Ellis went through all the obstacles and not only became the most successful bodybuilder but also the lead in many shows and an actor. He now trains people online as well as maintains his perfect shape.

18. Rob Riches

Famous for his show ‘The Rob Riches Show’, Rob Riches is one of the finest male fitness model. He has won numerous modeling competitions and had even hosted and directed his show. He started as an athlete and soon became a fitness trainer. Then he started getting offers for becoming the lead model for various magazines. He continued to grow and with his determination and hard work, he is the topmost model in the industry today.

19. Pham Woodbridge

Pham is the bodybuilder who got misguided at an earlier stage in his life but soon returned to the right path with the help of one of his friends. He worked hard to build the body that he has today. Soon the number of his fans increased and now he is the source of inspiration for many people. He is known for his wonderful shape worldwide and he even travels the globe to preach his fitness regime all over.

20. Daniel Blackwell

A severe injury on the football field encouraged the sports person, Daniel Blackwell to become a fitness model. He transformed his physique by long hours of workout and diet plans. Blackwell very soon became a fitness ambassador and the lead of many cover pages. He now travels around the world promoting his fitness lifestyle. Blackwell has been a source of motivation for those who know how to rise up even after falling down.

While most male model will not realizing if they’ve had plastic surgery or not, Scottsdale plastic surgeon of Jude LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery says, “It’s very common nowadays for men to at least get botox in their foreheads and in their “crows feet” just so they will appear a little younger.”

Fitness models have to work hard day and night for years to get into shape. The most difficult part is maintaining the shape throughout the years. They do not get much money. Nowadays the health and fitness industry is getting known among people and a craze of bodybuilding is flourishing among the young boys. Well, if you are among the one aspiring to get a shape appreciated by all to follow these fitness models and their workout plans and perfect diet plan. It will take time but the results will be exemplary.