3 Benefits Of CBD Tea For Mental Illness

The benefit of drinking a cup of tea is not limited to somatic symptoms. It has a broader horizon that covers your mental well-being, as well. Apart from flavonoid antioxidants, tea is the only plant that contains amino acids L- theanine that promotes mental relaxation. As the most popular and versatile drink worldwide, tea-lovers have infused tea with different health-enhancing ingredients. CBD tea is one such potent concoction in the fastest growing tea market.

Guide to CBD is an effective nootropic that is non-psychoactive and can treat a range of chronic illnesses. An increasing number of people worldwide use this cannabis derivative for various cognitive and mental health concerns.

Benefits Of CBD Tea

Certain homogeneous health benefits of both ingredients make CBD tea efficient in reducing various symptoms of mental illness. Three such benefits are given here.

1.   It Can Help In Anxiety

A 2015 study on the animal model has revealed the potential of CBD to treat several anxiety-related disorders. It interacts with the serotonin 5HT1A receptors to decrease the anxiety levels and promote an elevated mood.

Likewise, one of the primary benefits of tea is inducing relaxation. Some brews, such as chamomile, lavender, or green tea, have proven benefits to relieve anxiety. Therefore, blending your herbal tea with CBD extract or oil produces soothing and calming effects.

2.   CBD Tea Can Decrease Depression

Infusing CBD tinctures with your regular tea can control the body’s cortisol levels that increase the stress. CBD tea can raise anandamide levels in the brain. This neurotransmitter helps regulate other receptors, including dopamine and serotonin, that can alleviate stress, improve mood, and lowers depression levels. CBD teas, therefore, works as a safe and natural alternative to regular anti-depressants drugs that often induce some severe side-effects.

3. It May Reduce Sleep Disorder

Insomnia is more likely to affect patients with psychological problems especially, anxiety, stress, and depression. Contrarily, sleeplessness can also increase the chance of developing mental illness. Treating sleep disorders can thus reduce the symptoms related to psychological ailments.

Drinking a cup of CBD tea before bed can be an effective remedy. It can improve insomnia by reducing stress and anxiety levels and easing the mind. Besides, this tea can make you fall asleep quickly and increase the overall duration of sleep. Useful in decreasing physical discomfort associated with inflammation and pain of CBD teas’ daily consumption can promote relaxation and quality sleep cycle.


CBD and tea make the best pair. The advantages of both the ingredients sum up to produce a potent beverage that is equally healthy and refreshing. Apart from resolving symptoms of mental issues, mixing caffeine present in tea and CBD can improve focus and concentration. Luckily, these infused-beverages have no adverse effects and remain effective after prolonged use. So now, you can consume a few cups of CBD tea at any time of the day to enhance your health, happiness, and mindfulness.