4 Tips for Smarter Strength Training

strength training

It’s very easy to get things wrong with strength training. Some people struggle with training frequency while others have nutrition issues. You also have people who don’t understand how the body builds strength and muscle, and so they make some crucial mistakes that hurt their progress.

Understanding the human body is very important when training, as this will tell you what you need to do to get optimal results and what to avoid. This is also what will allow you to prevent injuries. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your strength training routine by training smarter, not harder.

#1. Do Split Routines

If you are like most people in the country, you don’t have the time to hit the gym five times per week, so forget working on one muscle group or body part per day. This might work if you’re a pro-bodybuilder and don’t have a life besides this, but if you want to be efficient, consider doing split routines instead.

For instance, you could work the lower body on day one, upper body on day two, and take a day of rest on the third day. This way, when you go back to train your lower body on day four, you will have given it two days to recover, which is perfect if you want to make consistent gains.

#2. Use Proper Nutrition and Supplementation

Nutrition is probably the second most important factor after training when it comes to building strength and muscle, and you may need supplementation if you want to feel like you are missing some nutrients. Some supplements might help you lift more, so look at some of the options out there and try a few proven ones. The number one most proven supplement for performance is creatine. Its effects have been largely documented and it’s very safe. You also have things like Turkesterone that seem promising, and supplements like beta-alanine and citrulline that you can add to your stack.

Pre-workout supplements can be great if you want that extra pump at the gym, but there might be things in your pantry that will work just as well. Coffee, for instance, is one of the best pre-workout drinks you can use and it’s much cheaper than the average pre-workout drink. Green tea also works, especially matcha, as it’s high in caffeine and compounds that give you more stamina while promoting mental clarity.

#3. Do Active Stretching

When most people think about stretching, they think about static stretches. But what many people don’t know is that performing static stretching before workouts could actually increase your chances of getting injured.

What you want is to do stretches that somewhat replicate the movement you are going to do. You have to prepare your body for the movement and send blood to the muscles that will be solicited, not soften them. Static stretching is for after your workout so you can recover, but never before.

#4. Recover Actively

Do not stay completely inactive on your days of rest. While you need to be easy on your sore body parts, you have to keep them moving so you can accelerate blood flow to the area. So, we suggest that you do some light activity like swimming or walking on your off days. Even doing some light physical work around the house could work.

These are all tips that you can use to supercharge your workouts intelligently. Gaining strength is all about consistency and technique, so make sure you have the fundamentals right and stay disciplined if you want to get the best results.   Good luck.