The 45 Minutes Intense Workout

intense workout

This 45 minutes intense workout is suitable for all those who want to focus every major muscle in the body in less time without going to a gym. Whatever your goal is, be it losing fat or gaining strong muscles, we have got you all covered. Follow the complete regime of a workout consisting of 10 individual exercises mentioned below. These exercises are all either intermediate or advanced level exercises and thus will give your effective results.

Here is the table for 45 minutes of intense workout. You are advised to take a 10-second gap in between two sets. 

Further, we have also provided you with a guide to each Exercise mentioned in the table.

Read the guide to perform each exercise effectively.

Here you go!

Exercise no.ExerciseReps/TimeSets
1Jumping Jacks203
2Jumping Lunges153
3Pulse Squat10 pulses3
4Burpees45 seconds3
5Dumbbell Row102 each arm
6Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise 103
7Dumbbell Chest fly103
10Incline Push Up153

Here a guide to doing all the exercises as mentioned above:

1, Jumping Jacks

  1. Stand with legs together. 
  2. Rest your hands on the side of the thighs. 
  3.  Bend the knees slightly. 
  4.  Jump and bring the legs out on the sides. With that, pull the hands upwards up to shoulder level like airplane wings.
  5. Jump back to close legs and hands resting on the sides.

Reps: 20

Sets: 3

2. Jumping Lunges

  1. Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart and keep the hands hanging on the sides.
  2. Take a long step forward and simultaneously bend the knee of another leg to almost touching the ground.
  3. Jump and swing the legs in the air and switch the legs until you land on the ground. 

Reps: 15

Sets: 3

3. Pulse Squat

  1. Stand straight with legs shoulder-width apart and feet facing forward.
  2. Bend the knees and slowly come down in chair sitting posture so that the thighs are parallel to the ground and slightly touch your elbows to the knees.
  3. Move your hips a little up and down ten times in 10 seconds
  4. Standup while focusing and contracting the calves.

This is one rep

Reps: 10

Sets: 4

4. Burpees

  1. Stand with legs open up to shoulders’ width.
  2. Bend the knees to a full squat and place your hands on the floor with elbows between the knees. We better call it a frog posture.
  3. Push the legs at the back with feet parallel with your ankles and acquire a plank posture with ankles straight. 

 Tip: Squeeze the core and contract the glutes, and this remains the most important point for doing the burpee in the right way.

 Caution: To avoid any lower back injuries, avoid bending the back while performing planks.

4.Bring your legs in front by jumping and swinging your feet until the knees are between the elbows again and you are back to the frog posture.

5.Now, swing the whole body up in the air by stretching the hands straight up.

 Tip: Jump with engaging the whole of your body to make each burpee you do much more effectively.

With this, we complete one burpee. 

Reps: continue for 45 seconds

Sets: 3

5. Dumbbell Row

  1. Put your left leg on the bench and grab the way aspect together with your mitt, then bend over; therefore, your upper body is straight with the lower body.
  2. Make sure the shoulders are slightly higher than your hips. 
  3. Reach down and acquire the dumbbell in your hand with a neutral grip with palm facing you, then hold it together with your arm extended, keeping your back straight. 
  4. Mind to keep the head straight and parallel to the upper body.
  5. Move the dumbbell towards your chest, concentrating on lifting it together with your back and shoulder muscles instead of your arms. 
  6. Keep your chest still and stable as you carry the dumbbell up. You should hold the back straight and not bent over, and the shoulders square throughout the performance of the activity. 
  7. At the highest of the movement, squeeze your shoulder and back muscles. 
  8. Do not lift the weight above the shoulder line of the body. The legs and hips should be stable and still while pulling the weights up. 
  9. Lower the dumbbell slowly until your arm is extended at a straight angle.

Repeat the move and do all of your reps on one arm before switching to the opposite side.

Reps: 10

Sets: 2 each side

6. Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise 

  1. Grab the dumbbells in both hands. 
  2. Bend at the hip. 
  3. Bend the knees slightly. 
  4. Keep the chest out but the back straight. 
  5. Hang the weights down with palms facing each other.
  6. Pull the dumbbells up on the sides until your upper arms are about parallel with the floor and at the level of your shoulders. 
  7. Hold there to maintain concentration on the shoulder muscle.

Tip: Keep The core tight throughout the Exercise. Keep the spine straight.

Reps: 10

Sets: 3

7. Dumbbell Chest fly

  1. As a beginner, you are advised to take lightweight dumbbells. Increase the weight after constant practice.
  2. Grab the dumbbells in your hands.
  3. Lie with your back on the flat bench.
  4. Place your feet wider than shoulder length.
  5. Place your arms straight in the air while holding weights in both hands. Your palms should face each other.
  6. Inhale and slowly lower dumbbells outwards until they reach the shoulder line. Do not forget to bend the elbows while coming down.
  7. Exhale and pull the dumbbells up again.

Reps: 10

Sets: 3

8th Exercise

8. Plank

  1. Lie down on the chest.
  2. Rest the upper body on forearms and palms touching the floor. 
  3. Raise the whole body and rest the upper body on the toes. Keep the whole body straight and the core engaged. 
  4. Hold the posture with the core tight and the core engaged.

Reps: 40 seconds

Sets: 3

9. Crunches

  1. Lie down completely on the floor.
  2. Bend the knees and place the feet hip-width apart on the floor. Cross the hands on the chest.  
  3. Contract the abs, inhale and lift the upper body towards the knees up to 45 degrees. 
  4.  Come down to the posture.

Tip: Relax the neck throughout and avoid arching the back while coming up

Reps: 15

Sets: 3

10. Incline Push Up

  1. Use a little elevation such as a sofa or a bench. 
  2. Rest both of your hands on the elevation. Acquire a push-up posture with your hands shoulder-width apart.
  3. Lower the chest towards the elevation. Use your triceps and chest to push back to the posture again.

Tip: Don’t bend the body throughout the move and while acquiring and reaching the posture. Avoid getting too close to the platform.

Reps: 15

Sets: 3

The Takeaway:  

Above mentioned exercises are a few of the effective exercises that can be performed at home. Most of these are of advanced level, which means they are intense. Follow the regime daily to get faster results.