5 Best Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Asheville, NC

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Asheville

Do you think you have small boobs, and you wish they are larger to feel more lady-like? There are several ways you can do it like undergoing breast augmentation surgery. The good news is, many qualified plastic surgeons can perform breast augmentation in Asheville, NC.

Ashville is the principal city in the Asheville metropolitan area. It is nicknamed the “Land of the Sky” because it lies between two great mountains in western North Carolina. It has a robust healthcare industry, which includes plastic surgery as well.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical procedure to expand the size of your chest. It can be done in a hospital outpatient facility or a surgical center. To augment the size of your breast, you may choose one from the available breast implants, namely, silicone gel-filled implants, alternative composite implants, and saline implants.

Based on statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentations were the leading cosmetic surgical procedure in 2018. More than 300,000 people underwent surgery during the year, up by 4% from 2017. If you want to augment your breast, you should think carefully before proceeding.

Benefits of breast augmentation

There are several advantages of augmentation mammoplasty to your physical appearance and mental health. But before undergoing breast augmentation in Asheville, NC, you should first consult a certified plastic surgeon. Here are some benefits of the procedure:

  • Enhances your self-confidence – You may feel more confident about yourself if you are satisfied with your body. Your confidence will take a boost when people notice your improvements.
  • Reduce the size of your breast after pregnancy – Your chest may increase to an unbearable extent during several pregnancies, and you might want to reduce it.
  • Improves your appearance – If your breasts are bigger, you may look more lady-like and appealing. If your breast is smaller than the other, you can undergo the procedure to correct it.
  • Better body image – Many women claim they felt better for their bodies if they have larger breasts.
  • Healthier lifestyle – You may develop a healthy lifestyle as your doctor will ask you to stop unhealthy habits like smoking.

Things you should consider before undergoing a boob job

Despite its popularity, breast augmentation is still a surgery, so you should think twice before agreeing to it. Here are some pointers to consider before getting breast surgery:

  • Avoid nonsurgical augmentation procedure using saline or injectable fillers
  • Breast augmentation using implants does not stop the sagging of your beast
  • The operation is not covered by insurance unless it is associated with medical conditions like neck pain, rashes under the breast, or back pain
  • Some breast implants may cause the type of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma
  • Your implant may leak over time, and you may need another surgery to replace or remove it
  • You cannot drastically increase the size of your breast as your body and skin need time to adjust
  • The ASPS claims the average cost of breast augmentation is $3,824.

Breast augmentation is a generally safe procedure, and you can go for it if you think it will benefit you physically and mentally. However, it would be best if you look for certified plastic surgeons to do the procedure for the best results.