5 Healthcare Equipment to Ensure Patient Safety and Mobility


Older adults and people with injuries and disabilities face difficulties moving from one place to another. They have an increased risk of falling while doing so. Here we have discussed five healthcare equipment and devices to ensure safety and mobility for such patients.

1. Quad Sticks

A quad stick is a mobility device similar to a standard cane. It helps in mobility and walking. The only difference between standard cane and a quad stick is the latter has a metal base with four small feet extending from it. The feet have rubber caps that reduce slippage on the floor. There are two types of quad sticks – wide and narrow base. Learn more about these on https://www.safetyandmobility.com.au/.

The wide base quad stick has a broader base where the four feet are attached. The wide base design provides more support and improved stability while walking.  However, it can be heavier and difficult to manoeuvre. Hence, the quad stick has a rubber or foam grip on the handle, and its height is adjustable. The handle and stem rotate for right or left-hand use.

2. Walking Frames

A walking frame is a mobility tool for people with disabilities. They provide additional support for stability and balance while walking. The varieties of walking frames include simple frames (no wheels) and those with wheels.

  • Simple walking frames – This frame design comes with four legs. There are rubber ferrules attached to the bottom of each leg for a firm grip.
  • Walking frame with wheels – This frame design features two wheels fitted on the front legs. The back two legs are fitted with rubber ferrules. The walking frame with wheels has a pushdown brake system.

The walking frame is height adjustable and comes with various attachments like apron bag, tray, or net bag.

3. Walking Belts

The walking belt enables one or two carers to assist a patient when they sit-to-stand and walk. The belt has a contoured deep back for added support. The inside surface of the belt is slip-resistant that prevents sliding up of the patient’s clothing.

Though the walking belts designs are similar, one thing that differentiates them is the fitting mechanism. The common fitting mechanisms are Velcro and Velcro with Nylon Buckle. The walking belt also features multiple padded comfort grip handles that help support the patient.

4. Step Stool

The step stool is more like a portable ladder with one or two small steps. It features non-slip vinyl tops with rubber edges for a good grip. The step stool enables the patient to climb up on the bed and climb down with much ease. Some step-up stool also comes with handrails for added support.

5. Drug Safes

The drugs safe acts like secure storage for keeping prescription medicines. It ensures only a person who knows what they are taking has access to medicines. This can prevent unwanted people from accessing medications that can harm their health or put their lives in danger.

The healthcare equipment and devices listed in the post make the patient life easier with safe mobility. Check https://www.safetyandmobility.com.au/ for more information.

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