5 Male Skincare Secrets that Models Rarely Reveal


If you’ve ever wondered how male models seem to have perfect skin without any blemishes, know that like women, they also follow a careful skincare regimen. Products for men are specifically designed for their particular skin type and pH balance. Thanks to testosterone, masculine skin is at least 20% thicker and has more collagen, which gives it a firmer texture. Since men have more sebaceous glands, their skin has a lower possibility of drying out and acquiring wrinkles. On the flip side, regular shaving and sun exposure does take a toll. Here are some of the secret male skincare tips you would want to know about.

1. Careful Cleansing Routine

Exposure to harsh UV rays and chemicals in makeup can damage even the toughest of skins. The ideal male skincare routine would include cleaning and exfoliating to eliminate dead skin cells and the buildup of dirt and pollutants. While having more sebaceous glands is great, you’ll have a higher probability of developing acne. The best way to prevent breakout-causing bacteria is to cleanse it carefully and let the pores breathe. Simple scrubs with sea salt or sugar crystals mixed with soap lather are great choices.

2. Nourishing Face Masks

Masks that contain clay are just what you need to deal with excessive oils. Clay absorbs oil leaving the skin clean, but you would also want to get masks that nourish skin cells. Consider using a CBD face mask that has CBD oil and hemp seed oil in it. These oils are excellent antioxidants that prevent cell damage and calm irritated skin. Redness and skin rashes are common after shaving too closely or using blunt razor blades. That’s why you would also want to choose shaving creams free of fragrances that can cause inflammations.

3. Beard Management

While growing a beard or mustache or sporting a stubble looks sexy, the excess hair can result in skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and beard dandruff. Tiny bumps and rashes under the skin look unsightly and can be painful. Wash and moisturize your skin regularly, and watch out for small stubble that can grow inwards and irritate your skin.

4. Regular Moisturization

Invest in a good moisturizer that suits your particular skin type and nourishes it from within. If you aren’t quite sure about the brand to buy, check with a good dermatologist for products that promote skin rejuvenation and collagen regeneration. Your skin needs all the nurturing it can get to maintain its youthful looks. A good moisturizer is an essential part of any gym bag.

5. Take Care of Your Body

Your skin reflects the overall health of your body and it doesn’t matter how many lotions you put on it, an exercised body will always have firmer skin. A gym is indispensable, and it doesn’t have to be the fanciest place but you need to go there regularly. It doesn’t matter if it is Planet Fitness, 24 Hours Fitness or Anytime Fitness, all it matters is that you put in the work. Search around your location for Anytime Fitness prices or Planet Fitness and sign up to any place to ensure that you get regular exercise for proper blood circulation. Drink lots of water for dehydration, and eat more fruits and vegetables that work as antioxidants. Also, remember to get eight hours of sleep every night, which is critical for skin repair.

Try these secret tips, and you’re sure to get great-looking skin that models sport.