5 Muscle Building Workouts for Gaining Mass and Bulking up

How to Gain Muscle?

The biggest concern of our lean newborn bodybuilders is that they are not being able to gain mass. You will only be able to get those perfect cuts when you will gain mass and tone up that mass. For this, you need to start eating healthy food. Healthy food is the core. Put aside all your food cravings for some time and increase your intake of food. At this point in time, rest is absolutely necessary. Apart from eight hours of sleep see if you can get a chance to sleep during the daytime go for it as midday sleep helps one in bulking up. Go for these muscle building workouts and increase the number of repetitions that you are doing. High repetitions help one in popping up those muscles. The rest that you take between each repetition must also be well thought of. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and change your existing bad habits. You need to do the exercise more than the number of repetitions you had decided. The new target achieved each day will help a lot in bulking up.

These were the tips for the right approach to bulking up your body. Let us now move forward to the exercises and see that what are the specific exercises that will help you in gaining mass.

#1. Deadlifts – Muscle Building Workouts

Deadlift Exercise

Deadlift is one of the important muscle building workouts which focuses mainly on your back. It is quite excellent for making your lower to mid area thick. There are various variations of deadlifts. Each one of them focuses on a different body part. A normal and proper deadlift starts when you start lifting the barbell off the floor while locking your hips and knees. After holding the weight for a few seconds, put the weight back on the floor. Keep your lower back neutral to escape injuries. Improve your form of doing the deadlift and engage more and more muscles while doing into getting the best results.

#2. Squat – Muscle Building Workouts


Squat helps one in toning the legs. It is a great exercise for the lower portion of the body. Try to learn the proper technique to do the squats so that you may get the maximum benefit out of them. Are your back while lifting the weight and make sure that you are looking upwards, i.e your head needs to be looking in the upwards direction. Keep your chest out and maintain more than shoulder width length between the legs. There are many variations in squats too. Go for those variations. Either use a bench or a dumbbell.

#3. Bench-Press – Muscle Building Workouts

Bench Press Exercise

The bench press is considered an essential exercise for the chest. Form matters the most in this exercise. You must not try to push all the weight towards your feet as it will make the weight even heavier. While lifting, try to use the inner strength from within and engage your chest muscles. To do bench-press, start with lying on a bench and lifting the weight while keeping the arms straight. Unpack it and bring it closer to your chest. Engage your muscles and push it forward until your arms are straight. It helps in gaining strength apart from building mass. The size of your bench is also a crucial factor. Try to increase the number of repetitions of these muscle building workouts for a heavy exterior.

#4. Pull Ups – Muscle Building Workouts

Pull Ups Exercise

Pull ups help in building up the abs and gaining mass on the upper body. Make this exercise an important part of your routine if you wish to gain muscle on your upper body. If done properly, it gives a shape to your muscles. Doing a pull up is quite easy once you get into the habit of doing it. You need to grab a bar to do the pull-up. Slowly engage your muscles and push your body upwards till your neck is above the bar. Hold onto the position for a few seconds and then slowly lower your body. You can include variations in it. You can also add weights to make it more challenging for your muscles.

#5. Military Press – Muscle Building Workouts

Miltry Press Exercise

It focuses on your shoulders and helps in bulking them up. You only need to focus on feeling the movement while you do it. It will help your upper body is getting dense. There are many variations of military press. To do the standing military press, you need to lift the barbell with the proper grip. Use your muscles and lift the barbell above your head. Hold it in that position for a few minutes and then lower it. Increase the number of repetitions each day. You can do the exercise in a sitting position also.

To get heavy and dense,n exercise incorporates these muscle building workouts into your daily routine. Learn their proper form to get the maximum benefits out of them. Eat properly and workout to gain that mass.