5 Reasons to Include EMS Training to Your Regime

More and more people are getting into fitness as there is a rising popularity of the fitness culture on social media such as Instagram and TikTok. Latest trends are popping out on a weekly basis and it can seem somewhat intimidating when trying to keep up with all of it. The truth is that most people just need a short and simple approach to training that is going to be consistent above all. Luckily, some of the latest tech innovations have allowed for the creation of electro muscle stimulation (EMS) training. Which allows for countless benefits, while the biggest one is the short amount of time required to have a really effective workout. This is great for both experienced athletes, who want to make their workouts shorter and also beginners who simply want an easy yet effective approach to training. Here are five reasons why you definitely should include EMS training into your regime.

Workout anywhere

Developed countries such as Australia are leading in terms of fitness trends, with the entire fitness industry experiencing good growth, and with an average annual growth of around 4% and citizens spending around $8.5 billion on their fitness services and equipment. Still the most sought-after feature of training would be the ability to workout just as effectively anywhere you go. Luckily, EMS training is always the same, so it doesn’t require any additional time and effort and your actual location makes zero difference. Many people are reluctant to train when they go to another city because the gym there feels unfamiliar or it might not have their favorite machines. With EMS these factors don’t matter. See for yourself if you happen to be in the area and try out the amazing EMS training in Melbourne, where you can get a quick and efficient workout even if you are just passing by.  

Maximize strength gains

One of the awesome advantages of using EMS in your training is that you have complete control over the stimulus. This device sends powerful electric impulses directly to your muscles which causes them to activate and contract. The best thing about it is that you can choose how strong of an impulse you want to send to the muscle. In addition to controlling intensity, you can also completely isolate a muscle because EMS is very precise and it allows you to target your muscles like never before. This is a wonderful way of teaching people how to properly activate muscle groups which are otherwise really tricky to feel such as the myriad of muscles in the back that people do not usually see. No longer will you have to worry about neglecting muscle groups, because you will have complete control of your next workout.

Improve recovery    

One of the most often overlooked aspects of training is getting sufficient recovery. This is because initially people think that effort exerted during a workout is all that counts. While this is partly true, it is important to also realize that our muscles, our connective tissues and the central nervous system do not work the same. A muscle can recover within 48 hours. However, your central nervous system (CNS) and ligaments both take much longer to recover. The problem with most traditional approaches to training is that people put in a lot of exercise volume with high intensity without realizing that their CNS and connective tissues are in trouble. That is because weight training has quite a low stimulus to fatigue ration. On the other hand, EMS training is phenomenal in this regard, because it creates pure stimulus for muscle adaptations without causing any load on the joints and extra fatigue for the CNS.

Train safely

EMS training is also a great tool to use when you are coming back from an injury or you may not be feeling one hundred percent fine. It allows you to set your own pace while eliminating the need to perform dangerous movements. For this reason, many professional coaches use this tool when rehabilitating their athletes.

Relieve back pain

In a society where most people sit a lot, low back pain is inevitable. Luckily, EMS training allows you to target your core muscles, which help stabilize your spine and distribute the load to the muscles rather than the spinal disks. This will prevent any potential injuries while immediately eliminating any back pain or stiffness.

The future of working out looks a lot less complicated and definitely more convenient considering the amazing benefits that come from using EMS training as part of your regime. Some of the notable features are: working out anywhere, maximizing strength gains, improving recovery, eliminating injury risks and relieving back pain. All of this can be done in a very short period of time. Now there are no excuses for working out.