5 Sleep Tips for Better Health

Mother Nature designed humans to alternate between periods of sleep and waking up. The balance of these two cycles is essential to keep a man healthy, on top of his game, and help keep up with body functions. Sleeping is so important that it directly affects the state of health. This explains why one feels tired, hungry, and unproductive after a night of little sleep. The body also suffers as it increases the chances of gaining weight. Sadly, not everyone has a good night’s sleep.

Your day will suffer if you are staring at the ceiling at 2: 00 am. However, the good news is there are many things you can do to control your sleep. It is simple logic. Similarly, a deep, relaxing, and restful sleep makes you wake up feeling energetic and productive; what you do during the day can also determine your sleep quality.

As a result, this article will shed light on various tips you can experiment with to give you a night of deep and relaxing sleep:

1. Pick Your Food and Drinks Wisely

What you eat affects many processes that happen in the body. When some food item gets in the body, it is easy to fall asleep, while substances like caffeine can keep you alert for hours. Here are some suggestions for food if you want to sleep better:

  • Reduce Excessive liquid in the evening: Loading your body with liquid takes its toll on the bladder. Going to the restroom often will not help.
  • Limit Caffeine: Caffeine keeps people alert up to 12 hours after taking.
  • Eat a Small portion at night: Huge foods will give your digestive system excess work, affecting sleep. Have a gap of at least two hours between sleep time and dinner.
  • Reduce Refined Carbs and sugary food: Sadly, foods in this category (pasta and bread) can kick you off the REM sleep stage.
  • Cut back on Alcohol: While alcohol can help sleep deeper and faster, it may also reduce Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.

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2.Make Your Sleep Environment Better

With a specific bedtime routine and habit, you can configure your body and brain to know it’s time to power down. It does not have to be something elaborate. The majority of what you can do revolves around keeping your room quiet, calm, and dark.

  • Reduce Noise: We recommend noise-canceling headphones or earplugs if the noise origin is out of your control. A fan can help in masking the noise.
  • Be Smart with Temperature: A comfy environment will make it easy to fall asleep. In other words, you do not want an excessively high or cold temperature.
  • Keep the room dark: Use an eye mask if you cannot control the source of light. Use window blinds to block light rays as well.
  • Reserve Your bed for sleep and Sex: TVs, laptops, and other gadgets should not be there.  These are distractions that interfere with sleep.
  • Choose Your mattress wisely: Use a mattress that is comfortable and ideal as per your sleep pattern. Such as, Nolah Mattress they are comfortable and comfy. Nolahs best mattress reviews you can read more about it and get to know what people have to say about Nolah Mattresses.

3.     Try Visualization

Inability to fall asleep for some people can be traced to their mind racing up and down. Even if you try everything to push thoughts away, they have a way of coming back. Yet, the state of mind plays a huge role in how easily one falls asleep.

This means that if one could control the thought pattern, sleep can come quickly. An effective way to break the cycle of unwanted thought patterns is to try visualization. Here are tips that can help:

  • All you have to do is imagine a relaxing environment like a beach, an airplane, or an undisturbed forest. The effectiveness is in detail.
  • You can also imagine yourself doing a joyous and repetitive task like shooting at a target.

4. Be in Sync with the natural Sleep-Wake Cycle of your Body.

One of the best strategies to enjoy a good night’s sleep is to flow with the circadian rhythm, also called the natural sleep-wake cycle. This explains why adhering to a fixed sleep-wake process makes you feel refreshed and energized compared to sleeping whenever you feel like it.

Here are tips to make this happen:

  • Have a fixed sleeping time: Choose when you are tired and done with everything you have for the day. This helps regulate your body’s internal clock.
  • Limit Nap Duration: One might consider an afternoon nap to make up for inadequate sleep. It, however, could make sleeping worse if done excessively or late in the evening. As a result, keep naps between an hour maximum, and restrict it to the early hours of the day

5. Develop Sleep Rituals

Another way to make it easier to sleep better is to develop sleep rituals. The body associates these relaxing activities with bedtime. A few of such activities are:

  • Reading: As little as fifteen-minute reading can reduce stress levels and make it easy to fall asleep. A report from the Sleep Cycle noted that 39% of people who read before sleeping enjoy deep and relaxing sleep.
  • Listening to music can also calm the body.
  • Watch an episode of a comedy series. However, be mindful of the brightness of the device as excessive light also interferes with sleep.
  • Taking a nice warm bath can relax the muscles and make it easy to fall asleep.


You do not have to resort to sleeping medications before you enjoy a night of deep sleep. Besides, sleeping pills come with side effects and the probability of addiction. As long as you are willing to make some changes to your lifestyle, you can improve sleep quality as recommended above.