5 Workouts for Building Muscle Without Equipment For Perfect Body


Would you like to enjoy bigger and stronger muscles? Is going to the gym not possible for you? Perhaps you have a busy schedule, like most of us, or simply don’t feel comfortable exercising at the gym. Well, if working out at home does it for you, there are ways to build muscles even so. If you are disciplined and determined to stick to your workout program, you’ll get larger muscles in a relatively short time. You just need to be consistent, rest appropriately between workouts, and eat the right kind of foods.

Bear in mind that building muscles without work won’t happen. Muscles need a consistent level of effort to grow. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune on equipment to enjoy the desired results. As recommended by fitnessator, you can easily use the weight of your body to train effectively in the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. If you’re not used to physical training, start gradually, increasing the difficulty of your exercises as soon as you feel comfortable with them. Don’t strain yourself right from the start, as you’ll get sore muscles and you will find it more challenging to stick to your training routine. Now, let us reveal 5 great workouts you can do for building muscles without any kind of equipment.

1. Build muscles in the legs with squats

Build muscles in the legs with squats

Squats are the kind of exercise anybody can do. It will help you strengthen muscles in the legs and, as you gain more resistance, you’ll be able to take your training up a notch, by improving the routine. At first, the weight of your body will be sufficient. Start with sessions of 20 to 30 reps, with short breaks in between. In time, you will feel more comfortable while doing squats, which shows that you can increase the number of reps for one single session. Later on, you could perform jump squats or do squats with weights in your hands, like dumbbells or anything heavy you have around the house.

To perform squats correctly, stand up straight and spread your legs so that they become aligned with your shoulders. Put your arms behind your head or straight in front of you, parallel with the ground. The exercise should start with pushing your hips and bottom behind your knees. Then descend just like trying to take a seat, as low as you can, before going back up to your initial position. Maintain your back in a neutral position and eyes forward as you perform this exercise.

2. Strengthen your core with crunches

Strengthen your core with crunches

Everybody dreams about a well-toned abdomen. So, you should not disregard crunches if you want that ideal 6-pack ab. However, try not to make this your only goal. There are cases when your genes may not help you out. In other words, you may be very fit, have ideal body weight, perform a lot of crunches, and still don’t have a 6-pack. Even so, don’t worry about it. As long as you feel great and enjoy a fit shape, you’re perfect.

To perform crunches well and effectively, start by lying on your back. Use a mat or place your back on a carpet, for increased comfort. Begin by bending your knees so that your soles will lie flat on the floor. Then cross your arms on your chest. Lift the shoulders toward the ceiling, making a small pause at the peak of this movement. Use only your core muscles to make this happen. As a piece of advice, don’t lift your entire back off the floor, as this may lead to back pain and discomfort. Descend slowly in a controlled movement, not allowing yourself to drop back. Exhale as you go up and contract your core muscles and inhale as you go back down on the floor.

3. Enjoy a good session of jogging

Enjoy a good session of jogging

Jogging or simply walking, for those that are not used to working out, can do wonders for your body. You just need a proper pair of running shoes to make it happen. If you’re looking to lose weight, spending 80% of your training time doing cardio will truly transform you in no time. Pair jogging with a clean, healthy diet and your body will turn into a very fit one. The best part about jogging is that you will burn a lot of calories, is inexpensive, and you’ll work your entire body as well. As a tip, pull back your abdomen when you run or walk. This will strengthen your core without doing an infinite number of crunches.

Start by walking at a quick pace or running for 15 to 30 minutes. Do as much as you can for starters. Maintain a certain running time for a week. Add 5 to 10 minutes to your running time every week, according to your condition and performances. You will soon begin running more than you thought you could.

4. Triceps dips for muscles in the arms, back, and shoulders

one woman exercising crunches fitness workout arms behind head

It is actually possible to enjoy dips without an actual dip machine. Also, this exercise is recommended for women and men alike. Most women suffer from back pain because this is the body part that bears most of their weight, genetically. Thus, by performing dips, you don’t just strengthen your arms, but also the muscles of your back.

You can use the edge of a chair or any other type of furniture you have in the house, as long as it is low enough to allow you to dip. Place your back against the edge of the chair and position your hands on the edge. You will have to sit on the chair to do this. Put your legs in front of you, with the knees bent to form a 90-degree angle. Now bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle, while lowering your bottom toward the floor. Pause a little in this position then slowly go up, until you manage to sit on the chair again.

5. Push-ups will add muscle mass to your chest

Pushups will add muscle mass to your chest

A well-developed chest is every man’s dream. Push-ups will do more than just grow your chest, as they can also develop your triceps and shoulders. So, having said all this, it would be ideal not to disregard this type of exercise. Even more, since you don’t have to use anything except your body weight to make it happen.

Lower yourself to the floor, face down, and position your arms in alignment with your shoulders. Don’t spread your arms more than this for a set of correct push-ups. Now lower your chest for as much as you can, by bending your elbows. Contract your core muscles and squeeze the glutes as you perform the exercise. Gradually push back and bring your chest back to the initial position. Do as many push-ups as you can for starters, increase the number of reps as you start to get used to the routine.

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