6 Unique Ways to Love Coffee Apart from Brewing

Love Coffee

“Our favorite cup of coffee loves us more to what we know of”.

Do you love coffee apart from brewing or drinking? Have you ever thought of using a grind for other than drinking coffee?

Science astonishes us with new revelations about the health benefits of drinking coffee. The benefits continue to grow as we fall in love with coffee every single day. People love specific coffee brands, café, health benefits and even time of day when they relax over a cup of coffee. Everybody could have different reasons to drink coffee. Coffee has one universal appeal, characteristic. It offers the same kind of benefits to all. Have you ever heard of someone who doesn’t drink coffee but loves it as much as you do? The kind of value added to his life isn’t different to yours or anybody else. You might end-up loving coffee all the more after knowing the benefits it has to offer apart from brewing.

#1. Enhance Facial Beauty after Mind Detoxification

Coffee Dorks

Who doesn’t want to stay young, look beautiful and defy age cycle? Coffee, again, helps us to combat common skin related health issues. The only difference is you need to apply it topically in the form of face pack, paste or scrub and not drink, the way we know it. You can always use paste from coffee grounds to help fight acne, dark spots, lines and swelling under eyes, cellulite appearance, skin cancer etc.

The presence of Chlorogenic Acid (CAG) in coffee introduces us to anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. The CGAs contribute to better blood flow surrounding the eye area. The whole process helps to reduce dark circles, swelling around eyes. Antioxidants in coffee are known to make skin feel calm, relax when applied topically. Coffee can help us renew the fight against the aging cycle without relying upon cosmetic products alone. We need to understand the process of preparing a paste from coffee

grounds would draw confidence as it involves us at a deeper level. We also know when we put our belief into something it initiates the recovery process without waiting for results to show up. You could find yourself a whole new perspective about beauty, aging, and acceptance towards it.

#2. Treat Dog Skin with Coffee Grounds Naturally

The second most important member after the immediate family is a dog. It was obvious for dogs to love what’s been considered beneficial to us. The common point between coffee and dogs is fleas. They cannot stand the smell of coffee for some reasons. It’s strange. How coffee can repel insects when the same refreshes memories in humans?

Pet parents know fleas can cause a lot of problems. The market is flooded with flea-removal products to treat your dog. The point we’re trying to highlight is coffee grounds are natural, easily accessible. We don’t have to mention the joy it brings to treat a common problem without exposing the dog to harsh chemicals or side-effects. You can rub coffee grounds in their fur after shampoo to keep them safe and healthy against fleas.

#3. Seems Plants Love Coffee Too

Coffee continues to grow a happy, prosperous and sustainable environment around. Your garden loves the taste, smell of coffee in unimaginable ways. The flowers or plants owe their growth to the soil. How much extra effort do you put to keep the soil fertile? Could you keep it chemical-free?

Seems Plants Love Coffee Too

You don’t have to think about these questions now. Soil requires essential minerals for proper plant growth in your garden. Coffee grounds could supply them, uninterruptedly. Coffee grounds carry iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous to enrich the soil. We forgot about scrapped pieces of metal lying under the top layer of soil. It could prove to be harmful. Coffee grounds can reduce the potential threat to a considerable extent. It invites worms to the party as well. Nobody knew using a grind could help maintain a garden in a natural way.

#4. Coffee Grounds Keep your Life Bug Free

The outdoor area of the house is a shelter for uninvited bugs, insects. Nobody likes them. Coffee seems to be the first one to dislike them. The good bit is bugs and insects hate caffeine. You can get rid of mosquitoes, beetles by using coffee grounds around the house. You can either put it in a bowl and keep it at different entry points or sprinkle it.

#5. Coffee Freshens the Air

Coffee loves pure, fresh air. You love it too. Coffee grounds can be used as effective air freshener against any type of odor. We talked about the availability of nitrogen in coffee grounds. It absorbs, removes odor in this case. It’s delightful to see how it maintains independent odor at different places, under different conditions. You can talk about the refrigerator, shoes, drawers, cars etc.

#6. Wooden Furniture has Taste for Coffee

There’s nothing that coffee cannot fix in a house. You could give wooden furniture a try. It looks like wooden furniture has taken its color from coffee. Furniture is subject to time, as every living and the lifeless thing is. You can manage or maintain scratches on wooden furniture using coffee grounds. How? Using a grind to make a paste and applying upon affected area would make scratch disappear under its shiny appearance.

These effective ways of using a grind to keep and maintain surroundings clean are true to the nature of coffee. The application is different in some cases however the result is always satisfactory. In every case, coffee attracted goodness like Coffee Dorks. We can use brew coffee maker or walk to the nearest coffee shop to celebrate an occasion. It’s the celebration of goodness that stays long after it’s over. You know how to put coffee grounds to effective use in the future. Your house is in love with coffee. It’s time for us to know how we can keep our surroundings clean by using coffee grounds. You loved coffee and it’s time to spread it to other aspects or areas of life. We can do a lot with coffee with or without drinking it. The application of coffee grounds makes all the difference.