Are You Avoiding The 7 Push Up Mistake?

Doing the push up and its variation is not enough. The pushup and even its variation will not be beneficial if it is not done in a proper manner. You might also face certain injuries. Why bear so much trouble. Know what push up mistake you are doing and correct it to reap the benefits of the hard work that you have been doing.

How To Do Push up Mistake Correctly?

  • Put your hands and feet on the ground and get into the push-up position.
  • Keep more than a shoulder-width distance between your hands.
  • Lower your body downwards by bending your hands.
  • Lift your body upwards.
  • Do the appropriate number of repetitions.

How Will I Know If I Am Doing The Push up Mistake?

After doing the exercise, if you are experiencing some kind of unusual pain (i.e. in your wrist or any joint), get it there and then that you are doing some push-up mistake. Other than that if the pushups are not showing the results that they should, you must take actions to improve your position or include some pushups variations. Working out under the supervision of a trainer is the best method to avoid these push up mistake. If you are still experiencing problems with your wrists then check out Sneakydeez’s guide to strengthening your wrists.

Common Push up Mistake You Might Be Doing:

  • Head And Neck Position

Let’s start with the topmost body part. You need to keep your head and neck straight. Wrong head and neck position might result in spine injury. Your body must form a straight line from head to feet. Mostly the head is bent forward and down as an attempt to make the exercise easier. The wrong head and neck position could also be because of poor body posture. Try to correct the body posture and do the exercise in the proper manner.

  • Shoulders And Back Position

You need to keep your shoulder and back stable. As a result of poor posture, some people shrug their shoulder while doing the push-up. This will move the focus off your chest and the muscles will not get worked up. Try to keep your shoulders down and put maximum force on your chest muscles while lifting your body.

  • Hand Position

Instead of flaring your arms outward, you need to keep them close to your body. Try to put maximum pressure on the outside of your hand to avoid wrist injuries.

  • Hips And Torso Position

Instead of pushing your hips upwards, try to keep your hips and torso in a straight position. If you are not maintaining a proper position, your abs will suffer. They will not get developed as much as they should.

  • Feet And Glutes Position

Glutes are an important part of this exercise although this is an upper body exercise. Clenching your glutes will help your body in forming one straight line. Put your feet together to form a proper base. Putting the feet together will help you in transferring the energy from your lower body to your upper body. Try to make your feet touch together. Try to stretch the muscles of your lower body part and feel your muscles getting stretched.

  • Breathing Position

You need to breathe properly while doing the exercise. While going towards the ground take in as much air as you can. While going up, exhale all the air that you have taken in.

  • Body Movement

Focus on pulling your chest to the floor. Using your chest will help you in maintaining the proper form. It will keep your shoulders and back in position. Also, you must lift and lower the body as one unit. It will help you in maintaining proper posture.

Try to do the exercise properly to maximize its benefits. You might not be able to incorporate all of these points into your workout. You can begin by the first or the second point and slowly focus on all of them. Pushups are a very simple exercise you only need to avoid pushup mistake to make it more effective. You can also ask someone to record while you are doing the pushup to check if you are doing it right.