A complete guide to gym booking software


A gym booking software is a tool that helps owners of a gym manage features like booking, scheduling, payment, and virtual classes through online tools. Anyone with access to it can use the system. There are different levels of access, depending on the employee’s role and the freedoms allowed by the overall manager or owners. The system has to be installed by a professional. However, a system like Gymcatch is available online for anyone to give it a free try.

How does it work

The gym booking software offers a wide range of features. They include;

Booking and scheduling tools

These tools allow clients and trainers to book and schedule appointments. The digital booking and scheduling tools are automated, and they also act as client management tools. The devices provide a wide range of solutions that are flexible enough to meet the needs of different business structures. The solutions can be applied to sell bundles, packages, classes, and appointments.

Tools for virtual sessions

These tools allow you to deliver virtual sessions to clients who cannot make it to the gym. They provide a wide range of features that trainers can use to instruct clients, especially during this pandemic, where online sessions are more dominant. The features and integrations are easy to manage and understand. This means that the clients and trainers will not have a hard time adapting.

Tools for communication

These tools allow you to create a community where clients and instructors can communicate freely. They also allow you to grow and reward your community. These tools can act as a marketing tool.

Tools for business management

Business management tools help you keep your team in check and ensure that your business is running smoothly. The tools allow you to manage your employees and teams without necessarily having to have physical interactions with them.

Why use gym booking software?

A booking system is meant to simplify the functioning of your gym. Below are some of the main functions of the system;

Scheduling management

One of the primary roles of booking software is to assist with scheduling management. The scheduling software helps you to simplify your schedule by using a colour-coded screen. The screen allows you to manage appointments for clients and set them apart. By helping you simplify even the most complex of timetables and schedules, the scheduling software helps you not to miss appointments or forget high priority clients. This tool is especially crucial for gyms with a lot of clients and several instructors.

Member management

The gym appointment booking software also provides an efficient way to manage your clients’ membership. The client management feature provides an efficient tool to manage your clients, all their appointments, payment and contact details, and schedules. It also pairs clients with their trainers and provides an easy way to keep records of all members, former members, and potential members. This tool is especially important for a large facility with numerous clients and different forms of membership. For instance, a facility with platinum, regular, and other kinds of memberships with various features.

Online client booking

The booking system for this software allows your clients to book classes from anywhere. This means that they do not have to visit the facility to book sessions physically. The booking system by GymCatch allows you to organize the client booking process. Doing so will help your facility get more clients because they have the freedom to book sessions directly from the software. Every time a client books an appointment, the software will notify the relevant personnel so that they can schedule it in the system.

The system also helps to simplify the booking process. Regardless of how complex the process is, it helps to make it simple enough for your clients and staff and manoeuvre. For instance, if you have several trainers and different types of classes for each, one on one sessions and group sessions, the system will help your clients gain access to what they need without struggling.

Online staff cooking

In addition to allowing clients to book sessions online, the fitness instructor software also allows the staff to book members in. Staff can book members in using any mobile device with an internet connection. By doing so, the fitness instructor software gives your trainers the freedom and power to get clients to commit to sessions and book appointments immediately.

Payment and booking

The tool will also provide you with a way to efficiently manage the payments by clients. Payments are received through online tools like stripe, and the printing of receipts is automatic as soon as the payments are received.

Fitness management

The fitness management tools allow clients and their trainers to set goals and work towards accomplishing them. They are especially important for virtual classes.


With a gym booking software, you not only get the advantage of online booking, but you also get to manage all the affairs of your business through the tools provided. To access the tools, you have to find the ideal company, log in and try out the system to see if it works for you.