The ultimate Adductor Machine exercises guide you need right now

If you ask a gym enthusiast about Adductor Machine, the first thing you might hear from them is, “It’s for women.” As this Machine is often used by women at the gym to burn thighs, people think it is for women. But that is not true. Since this promises to work out the inner thigh or adductor area, it is mostly opted for by women to improvise their thigh shape. But what is it? How does one perform exercises on this machine? Is it beneficial? 

In this article, we will be answering all your questions raised above regarding Adductor Machine to help you gain the most profound knowledge in this field. Let’s get going! 

What is the Adductor Machine?

Adductor machines are designed to exercise your inner hip and thigh muscles. This type of exercise thus improves the movements of the lower body and makes it flexible. Abductor machines, on the other hand, are designed to work the outer hips and thigh muscles. Hip Adductor Machine thus improves core stability and muscle coordination. 

Here are some of the best hip adductor machine instructions to follow for profitable exercises:

  • Make sure you stand in an upright position with your back against the pad. 
  • As you bring the pad inward, exhale and bring your legs together.
  • Once the pads touch, gradually return to the initial position.
  • Now repeat the exercise a couple of times for the desired effect. The Hip adductor machine is sure to work wonders for you.

Tips and tricks to try while using the Adductor Machine

  • Try and experiment with both the positions of your foot and pelvis. 
  • Also, keep in mind the pelvic position. Do not let the back-arc as it can make the hip come forward.
  • Try and experiment with the position changing of the torso if you are unable to figure out how to change the position of your hips.

Why both Adductor and Abductor Machines are a waste of time?

Both Adductor and Abductor Machines are a waste of time. Although these machines promise to work out the inner and outer thigh muscles, they are not very helpful. Leg Press and Squats are a better choice as they are quick and effective. With minimal functions and benefits, these machines do not make an ideal choice as far as the finances are concerned. More so, lifestyle change can be a wiser option in many ways. The improvement in your diet can prove to be a healthier and safer option than using these machines that have nothing to offer. Although most women use these machines as they think it helps them to burn the fat in their thighs, it’s a straight myth. One cannot reduce thighs so conveniently. Thus, other exercises should be considered instead of investing in both machines.

Exercises to avoid Adductor Abductor Machines



Deadlifts are quite popular in the gym. For any fitness enthusiast, the deadlift is the cheapest and easiest way to work the thighs, burn fat, improve grip strength and also increase hormones. More so, it also helps improve body posture and workout the muscles efficiently. 

  • Stand in the middle of the barbell that is resting on the ground. Keep both legs close to each other. 
  • Now bend over and grab the barbell to perform the exercise.
  • Keep bending your knees until the shins come in contact with the bar.
  • At this point, lift your chest and make your lower back straight. 
  • Exhale and stand up straight with the weight.
  • Repeat this exercise to avoid Adductor Abductor Machines.



A lungee is a single leg bodyweight exercise that is very effective. It not only promises to work out the thighs, but also the hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings. The core and hard muscles of the body are exercised in the same process. For most parts, a forward lunge is the best way to work those thighs. So, this is one of the best exercises to avoid Adductor Abductor Machines. 

  • Stand straight with your hip-width apart. 
  • Now, take a big step forward using your right leg. Gradually, start to shift your weight forward so, the heels hit the ground. 
  • Keep lowering your body until the thigh is parallel to the ground. 
  • Press down your right heel and get back up.
  • Repeat this exercise to avoid Adductor Abductor Machines on the other side as well.


Squats-exercise-for-good muscles

Another most effective exercise to avoid Adductor Abductor Machines is Squats. If you want to build good muscles, squats are perfect. The best part about it is that both males and females can perform squats without much hesitation. Not only does it help in building calves and hamstrings but the lower back and the butt as well. 

  • Stand with your feet wider than your hips. Make sure your toes are pointing outside. 
  • Keep your eyes fixed at the horizon and choose a wall facing you. 
  • Now put your arms straight outward. At this point, your entire body should be tight.
  • Now breathe and bend your hip and push your butt outside. 
  • Make sure your knees are holding the weight of your body. 
  • Make sure your hips are lower than your knee.
  • Now breathe and gradually return to the start position.
  • Practice this exercise to avoid Adductor Abductor machines a couple of times to gain the desired effect. 


Adductor Machines are not very helpful but you can always opt for better exercises to avoid Adductor and Abductor Machines. Do follow the instructions while performing the workouts listed above. They will surely help you!


What are other exercises to avoid Adductor and Abductor Machines?

Other exercises to avoid Adductor and Abductor Machines are Hip Thrusts, Walks, Bird-Dogs, Fire-Hydrants and Banded Monster Walks.

Should I buy an Adductor Machine?

No. It is useless to buy an Adductor Machine because neither does it burn fat nor does it tone your muscles.

Are these exercises helpful?

Yes. All the exercises mentioned above are efficient.