Adele’s Weight Loss For A Healthy Body On Time

Adele's weight loss

Celebrities are always in the public eye, and everyone notices every small change. But, it causes real havoc when they make a big drastic change. Similar was the condition with Adele’s weight loss. The incredible journey of Adele has been in the headlines ever since she surprised her fans. Adele uploaded an amazing picture of her new figure on Instagram.

Adele, now 34, has always looked beautiful. But the Grammy-award winner started losing weight right before she was going to leave for her tour of ’25’. What started out as a way to take care of her fitness during the gruelling routine of the tour turned into a journey. She started eating well and working well to take care of her body and support the tolls of the tour on herself. This led to a dramatic transformation. Adele’s weight loss journey and her way of dealing with it have become a source of inspiration for many.

Reason Behind Adele’s Weight Loss

Reason behind Adele's weight loss

After the dramatic transformation, the rumours of exercise regimes and extreme diets swirled. At this, Pete Geracimo, Adele’s personal trainer, took to Instagram. He cleared it for everybody that losing weight was not on the agenda when Adele started her journey. Rather, Adele’s weight loss journey started with her wish to get back to exercise. She wanted to get back to exercising after giving birth and after her operation. She started because she wanted to boost her immune system and improve her health overall. These were the primary goals, along with others. 

After her other drastic change, divorcing her husband of three years, she had big changes. These were very tough changes for her to undergo. With these changes emerged a new sense of self for Adele. She wanted to be the best possible version of herself, and that is what her fitness routine helped her feel. She committed to her fitness and has embraced better eating habits.

Adele’s Weight Loss Journey Till Date

adele's weight loss journey

Adele had very rarely spoken about her weight loss journey until recently. In an interview with British Vogue, she said that her weight loss journey was for herself. This was the primary reason why she never shared any more of it on her social media handles. She said that people had been talking about her body for the last 12 years. This is why she did not care what anybody thought about her body. 

Another important aspect of Adele’s weight loss journey isn’t about the physical benefits. Adele said that she had extreme anxiety after her divorce. Her attacks would leave her paralyzed and confused for minutes on end. So, she placed her trust in her trainer, who helped her get better. She would feel better after working out, and that gave her the strength to overcome her problems. The routine gave her something to fill her blank days and a sense of purpose and discipline.

How did Adele’s Weight Loss Start?

Adele dismissed any idea that her weight loss journey resulted from any rigorous dieting. She said that her workout sessions were the only credit to her weight loss journey. She denied all rumours that she had taken on Intermittent fasting or any other rigorous diet plan. Rather, she ate more food, considering how much she was working out.

Adele’s weight loss is also credited to the lifestyle changes she has made over the past few years. She admitted in 2015 that she would drink 10 cups of tea every day that had two sugars in it. Now, she doesn’t drink tea and has quit sugar. She had also cut out alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes when she was losing weight. She also quit all citrusy, tangy, and spicy food items for some time.

Adele’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

adele's weight loss diet plan

The next factor that had a hand in Adele’s weight loss was the diet plan that she followed. Adele’s diet was recommended to her by her personal trainer. She adopted the Sirtfood Diet plan that focused on food that was high in ‘sirtuin activators.’ These food items would suppress the appetite and aid in changing the processing of fat and sugar. 

Adele would feast on food items like buckwheat, kale, turmeric, and cocoa powder in this diet plan. It would also involve drinking a lot of green tea. This is one of the diet plans that work quickly. The diet has a lot of green juice at the start and only allows for 1000 calories per day.

Thankfully, it also involved red wine and cheese for Adele and fans who would follow this diet plan. The diet plan must not sound so bad now.

Reformer Pilates for Adele’s Weight Loss

The next addition to Adele’s weight loss journey was Reformer Pilates. The ‘Hello’ singer took this up to strengthen her body. This was the main reason behind a lot of her weight loss. She’s actually not the only artist and personality who loves this exercise. Meghan Markle also swears by this exercise. She even encourages these sessions when she attends them with her close friend Ayda Field. Reformer Pilates is basically just Pilates, but you perform these on special machines. This exercise reportedly improves your flexibility, posture, and your balance. And of course, it is extremely great for weight loss. This makes exercise a great way to exert your body and lose weight. 

Gym Sessions for Adele’s Weight Loss

gym sessions for Adele's weight loss

It does not need to be said that Adele has been working out very hard. Even though she says that she loves working out, it was more of a process for her. When she started working out, she was less than enthusiastic. Actually, it was painful. But, over time, her journey made working out the thing that helped her deal with her anxiety. 

A weight loss like Adele’s is a big journey. Throughout Adele’s weight loss journey, her goal has been to focus on self-love and happiness. She has been a role model in this, no matter what she looks like. The key to happiness, according to her, is to, first of all, be happy with yourself.