Advantages of a Alkaline skincare for sensitive humans skins


When the human skin is not introduced to damaging conditions, it usually features an acidic PH. This means that the human skin, in its natural state, features a PH of between 4.5 and 7.5 on the PH scale. The acidity of the skin helps to protect it from bacteria because it cannot survive on the conditions.

The acidic layer also protects, external stressors and pathogens while helping to build and maintain the skin’s lipids. For this reason, companies in the beauty and fashion industry spend hundreds of millions of dollars creating products that help to reinstate the skin to its normal, slightly acidic state. This implies that they create products that introduce acidity to the skin in attempts to restore the natural PH.

However, this is only beneficial for people with regular type of skin. People with sensitive skin do not react well to their skin being acidic. For sensitive skin, acidity results in issues like flareups and other conditions of the skin like eczema. Therefore, people who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions benefit more from alkaline products as opposed to acidic beauty or fashion products. Below is a guide to some of the benefits of alkaline skincare for sensitive skin;

They help prevent drying of the skin

According to a post by Sond skin titled Sond sensitive skincare, the best thing you can do to take care of sensitive skin is to keep it hydrated. Introducing additional acid to the skin tends to strip it of its regular shielding oil layer. This causes more dryness and causes the skin to become susceptible to attacks from allergens. The allergens can trigger further outbreaks and flareups. Therefore, using alkaline skincare products can help to keep the protective layer of oil in tack and prevent aggravating the existing conditions or triggering new ones.

Organic skincare also helps to provide the skin with a natural moisturiser. A natural moisturiser, like other organic skincare products, does not contain harsh acidic chemicals that cause more harm than good to the skin. Therefore, Sond and other companies in the fashion and beauty industry suggest organic products as a solution to dryness of the skin and the resulting conditions.

They help to eliminate contaminants from the skin

Another advantage of alkaline on sensitive skin is that it helps to foster the elimination of contaminants from the skin tissues. This is especially important for someone that has been using acidic cosmetics for a while. Alkaline cosmetics helps to eliminate the extra acid from the skin and the body by opening up the pores and allowing extraction through the sebaceous glands in the form of sweat. Failure to eliminate the extra acid from the skin causes the skin tissues to tighten and become stressed. The skin also becomes hypersensitive and more vulnerable to irritation.

They help to promote regeneration of the skin cells

Another significant benefit of alkaline products on the skin is that they help to promote cellular regeneration. Cellular regeneration helps to improve the ability of the body, particularly the skin to protect itself from damages caused by free radicals and inflammation. Lack of adequate alkaline in the skin impairs its ability to fight against diseases and skin-related conditions. It also causes calcium to get leached from the bones. When this happens, conditions like fatigue, jaundice and aggravated heart rate can be triggered.

Alkalinity helps to increase the supply of oxygen to the skin

When the skin is introduced to excessive amounts of acid, its supply of oxygen is decreased. The decrease in oxygen supply in the skin decreases the skin’s ability to collect nutrients and repair after damages. Introducing alkaline to the skin helps to boost its immunity system. Additionally, too much acidity on the skin eventually sips into the bloodstream. When this happens, the body’s ability to fight against bacteria and other viruses become impaired.

This becomes worse when the oxygen supply is also decreased because the viruses and bacteria thrive in such conditions. Introducing alkaline products like alkaline foods helps to reduce these issues and resulting conditions like inflammation. Vegan and vegetarian diets mostly consist of alkaline foods. Sond skin recommends alkaline vegan and vegetarian foods for the health of the skin. Excess acidity also leads to conditions like acne, dermatitis and rosacea, among others.


This guide should give you a clear picture of the importance of alkaline on sensitive skin. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, you can also follow some tips on how to take care of sensitive skin. The most important of all tips on how to take care of sensitive skin is to keep from using harsh cosmetic products. You also want to avoid GMOs. and go the extra mile and use cruelty free products on your skin. GMOs. usually contain harsh chemicals that could harm the skinang health. On the other hand, going cruelty free is just a kind way to live.