Why Aerobic Exercise Are Vital?

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise Definition?

Aerobic exercise stimulates the human heart and blood circulation in the body. These exercises are more effective than regular activities. The effort obtained from aerobic exercises compels one’s physique to attune thereby resulting in several modifications of advantage in multiple ways. There are many critical physical advantages obtained from aerobic exercise such as weight loss though this is not the only one. Aerobic workout helps prevent frequent ailments and discomfort associated with one’s body. Engaging in regular aerobic workout compels your heart to periodically become large and regulates the rate of heartbeat. Stress level regulation is a key attribute of aerobic exercises as it tunes your cardiovascular system to better accommodate daily stress. Your workout performance is positively affected by regularly training using aerobic exercises since more amount of blood can reach all the muscle groups. Your body’s fat levels are also regulated when you are engaged in aerobic exercises regularly.

What is Aerobic Exercise?

what are aerobic exercise

Exercises that fall under the category of aerobic exercises are often performed with medium-effort. A key purpose of every aerobic exercise is to train your heart and improve your cardiovascular performance, in turn, your health. Aerobic exercises can be performed for a few minutes without exhausting your heart.

The word aerobic means in the presence of oxygen. Hence, aerobic exercises let you control your breathing as well. A beginner usually falls out of breath in the first few minutes of his/her aerobic workout session. This is because his/her body is getting attuned to the faster breathing and loud beating of their hearts. Few activities such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming can be accounted for under the list of most common aerobic exercises. One’s breathing levels improve during an aerobic workout. This is realized for supplying more oxygen. The circulation of oxygen inside your body is followed after your set of lungs process the oxygen and distributing it to your blood. Human blood is comprised of RBC, WBC, and platelets. It is the responsibility of RBC (Red blood corpuscles) in your blood to transport the pure oxygen to your heart after which it is taken to the particular muscle group in your body. The muscles, then, use this distributed oxygen to generate the energy required to meet the exertion from your aerobic exercise.

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Such aerobic exercise benefits the burning of fat in your body compared to an anaerobic form of exercise. This is the reason. Thicker than carbs, body fat requires a significantly large quantity of energy to dissolve. When you are doing an aerobic exercise, your muscles receive large oxygen content compared to the other form of exercise. This ensures more fat burning since aerobic exercises consume more oxygen. In contrast, during anaerobic exercises, less percentage of oxygen is burnt and therefore your carbs are burnt more. Fat is difficult to break down compared to carbs. You should not get this fact wrong. What it means from the above excerpt is that one type of nutrient is not exclusively burnt at any time. When you are doing high-intensity HIIT small intervals of aerobic respiration-intensive workouts such as jogging and lifting weights, both fat and carbs are exhausted. During an aerobic exercise, your ‘fat/carb to burn’ ratio changes based on the vigor with which the aerobic step is conducted. Also, fat is burned post-workout even when you are taking rest.

Types of Aerobic Exercise

types of aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises can be either done at home or at a gym. Many examples of aerobic exercises exist that require no specialized equipment. For example, jumping jacks can be a fun aerobic exercise to do at home. Along with aiding in fat burning, it also helps in improving intra-body coordination as well as flexibility. Before starting your exercise, it has to be ensured that the rope’s length is regulated as per your height.   

List of Aerobic Exercise

1. Running


Running is a great aerobic exercise. When you are running, your body is accumulated with oxygen content. What it ensures is that when you run regularly, your body realizes ways to attain more oxygen to all your muscles, which is an aerobic exercise benefit. Running gives you a large percentage of strength and athletic discharge. Running can help you manage your time efficiently as well. One can also use the time spent in running to relieve stress and ponder over their decisions as well as plan for the day. A great way to relax, running lets you loose from your strained work-schedule and digital life. An increased flow of oxygen, as well as enhanced blood circulation, gets your creative juices flowing. It also depends on the time of the day when you are using running as aerobic exercise. Running during mornings lets you breathe fresh air abundant in oxygen which clears your body as well as mind. Running also helps to regulate your blood pressure levels. Running burns your calorie content during the activity as well as post this aerobic exercise. You can also do intermittent running as well as running using weights to grow your muscle strength and endurance levels.

2. Strength training using cardio

strentgh Trainning Using Cardio

As confirmed by male fitness experts and physicians, strength training, as a form of aerobic workout, enhances the density of your bone structure thereby lowering the danger of getting osteoporosis. As per the studies conducted and results published in worldwide health journals and magazines, a twenty-minute strength training session reduces the risk of getting osteoporosis by at least 35%. Strength training also improves your joints and knees. This form of aerobic exercise improves the flow of oxygen and guards the cartilage. Reduction of toxins in your body and enhancing your ligaments are other advantages of this aerobic workout. Though beginner level aerobic exercises such as running can be incorporated in your set in the initial stages, one will get refreshed after a session of this aerobic exercise. And this has already been proven by the scientific community worldwide.

Doing a set of strength training helps you feel happier and at ease since these aerobic exercises dissolve endorphins and serotonin hormones from your brain. So aerobic workouts help you focus more on the task at hand as it takes away the chances of depression and anxiety.

Doing a series of cardio exercises is a great aerobic workout routine that can work wonders in losing your excess fat, increase your metabolism, and improve your overall quality of sleep. Incorporating strength training as an aerobic exercise in your workout routine lets you realize transitioning between the several sleep phases more effectively and comfortably. Your overall sleep cycle gets rightly synced with the result being you being more vigilant and refreshed. However, you have to make it a point that only after a comfortable five hours of strength workout session shall you sleep as this form of aerobic activity gives a sense of exertion and you need to get properly hydrated before bed.

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Few aerobic exercises can be done at the gym as well. A swimming workout is a good choice for such aerobic exercise. You would need a swimsuit and a pair of water goggles for doing this in a swimming pool. You need to select a gym with a swimming pool attached to it or can also use your community swimming pool. Swimming, as an aerobic exercise, exerts less impact instantaneously. However, swimming is an al-body exercise and requires the coordination of multiple body muscles at the same time. Swimming aids in toning your body muscles and also enhances your overall form, posture, and endurance. When you are swimming, as an aerobic exercise, it is recommended to do this under guidance or after ensuring there are professionals at the scene. Because there is a tendency for muscle fatigue after prolonged sessions of swimming. As far as the duration is concerned, one can perform swimming sessions for 20 to 40 minutes every day for at least 4 days a week if they aim to tone their physique and lose fat. Swimming can also be undertaken as a social activity as it tends to relieve stress and enhances the quality of sleep. Since swimming does not involve lifting heavy weights, this aerobic exercise is perfect for those individuals who are susceptible to injuries.

Depending on one’s experience and skills, several swimming styles can be adopted during this aerobic workout. Some of the styles are backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly stroke, and freestyle stroke. During your swimming session, a mix of a few of these styles can be included for variety. Also, one can take rest beside the swimming pool in between laps.

3. Rowing


Another advantageous aerobic exercise is rowing. Different muscle groups will be employed and strained during this aerobic exercises. For comprehensive muscle growth, rowing is an efficient option since other aerobic exercises as well as cardiovascular exercises are primarily pointing towards the lower part of the body compared to the rest of the body.  Water offers better resistance as opposed to weights to your effort during aerobic exercises. At consistent speeds, one can continue rowing for 40 minutes straight. Another worthwhile option is to do High-Intensity Intermittent training. 

4. Using the stationary cycle in your gym

staionary Cycle

Mainly targeted to develop your leg muscles, this aerobic exercise is a relatively less-intensive workout. Before starting the equipment, care should be taken to adjust the height of your bike’s seat. You can also ask your trainer to regulate the inclination so that your knees are bent by 6 to 11 degrees. It is recommended to do this aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes for 3 days a week.

5. Burpees


The effectiveness of aerobic exercise lies in increasing their repetitions, sets, and duration gradually. Burpees are a great way to involve multiple body muscles. In the first try, do a maximum number of this aerobic exercise in the first 350 seconds.

You can also do handstand pushups as much as possible in the first 150 seconds. Follow this aerobic exercise with jackknifes as much as possible in the next 130 seconds. After this, you can do as many jumping jacks as possible in the next 350 seconds. Follow this aerobic workout by doing as many leg levers as possible in the next 350 seconds. Next follows another bodyweight exercise using a pull-up bar which you can continue for the next 150 seconds. Follow this workout session with pushups and sit-ups consecutively for the next 150 seconds.

When you are performing an aerobic exercise, what you are using are your legs, arms, and hips. Accelerated breathing and deeper respiration will commonly occur during your aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises enhance oxygen concentration in the bloodstream.

It is common to feel exhausted initially. With progression in time, your endurance and stamina increase. Consistent aerobic exercises lower exhaustion. Consistent aerobic exercise emboldens your immune system as well. This increases your resistance to commonly occurring ailments and diseases. Aerobic exercises increase the health of your heart and thereby enhances the pumping of blood, which thereby increases the distribution of oxygen to all parts of your body. Increased blood flow lowers the accumulation of fat inside the walls of one’s arteries and thereby lowers the risk of cardiac arrests.


Though aerobic exercises have several notable advantages, it is worthwhile to understand the risks associated with aerobic exercises as well. A notable disadvantage of aerobic exercises such as jogging is the chance for bruises and tears during such exercises. One should carefully assess their objectives and capabilities before deciding on the workout structure comprising of either aerobic exercises or anaerobic exercises or both. In case a person has a longstanding history of serious illness or visible symptoms that can harm your ability to exercise, then you need to consult a physician before commencing your aerobic workout session.

One has to understand the fact that if you assert your physique too much, you will be prone to workout injuries and loss of endurance. Being fit using aerobic exercises require hours of repeated movement, going outside one’s comfort zone, and consistently testing one’s limits of endurance as well as stamina. Mixing sports activities along with aerobic exercises such as rowing or swimming right after each other might result in injuries.

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