Alcohol Effects On Bodybuilders: Know How Alcohol Can Destroy You

Is Alcohol Good For You?

Bodybuilding is not only about building up a bulky exterior. It is about having strength. Everyone knows that alcohol consumption is bad for health (read more truths about alcohol here).Be it a bodybuilder or a commoner, one must abstain from drinking according to the doctors. It helps one in relaxing. But, alcohol is too harmful to bodybuilders or athletes. Every organ of the bodybuilder must work properly so that one may grow. It has negative effects on organs who get into its contact. However, alcohol drinking is a personal choice. One must decide what is best for him/her. Here Enlisted below are a few problems related to how alcohol affects bodybuilders.

  1. Loss of Strengthloss of strength

Alcohol Effects On Bodybuilders

The first and the foremost damage caused by alcohol is a loss of strength. Most of the bodybuilders work to gain strength which gets lost while they consume alcohol. A person loses the capability to perform better. This factor is especially dangerous for athletes as their performance matters a lot. They might get a bulky exterior because of supplements but it will be of no use as they would not be able to pick heavyweights. Also, continuous consumption of alcohol will not allow them to workout properly and they might soon get out of shape.

  1. Body Parts Get Damagedbody parts get damaged

All the body parts which come into contact with alcohol get damaged sooner or later as its alcohol effects on bodybuilders are huge. It affects the nervous system, decreasing the reaction time. A bodybuilder must stay alerted throughout to feel the muscles getting worked up and decrease the chances of injury. Balance also decreases which will not allow him/her to use the weights properly. It might also increase the body temperature of the person. The heart, liver and the kidney get exposed to the damages of alcohol. With the decrease in the capability of any of these parts, the body is unable to perform as much as it should.

  1. Causes Dehydrationdehydration

It is very important for a bodybuilder to stay hydrated. The water balance in the body is essential not only for the organs but also for the exercise. While working out, the body sweats a lot. Also, alcohol has a large impact on kidney functions. Reduction of a capability of the kidney affects the cellular waste removal and nutrient supply. While one consumes alcohol, the kidney collects a large amount of water to break down the alcohol. This causes dehydration. Dehydration might also make you feel dizzy and will not let you workout for a longer period of time.

  1. Effects Cellular Repair

While one is working out, cellular repair plays a very important role. Protein metabolism is affected.Picking up heavy weights beyond their capacity damages the muscles while working out. The cellular repair functions properly to heal them within a short span of time. When cellular repair works slowly, the cells are unable to repair itself which affects the performance of the bodybuilder. Alcohol effects bodybuilders capacity to repair the damage done by the excessive exercises.

  1. Affects Heart Negativelynegatively affects heart

Increased blood pressure is the primary example of how alcohol effects bodybuilders and therefore it makes the heart pump blood faster than its normal pace. Alcohol consumption causes fast heartbeats and other problems related to the heart. It effects the respiratory system also and breathing problems also occur. Also, alcohol is the prime cause of synthesis of alcohol which increases the risk of heart diseases.

  1. Vitamins And Mineral Depletionvitamin and mineral depletion

Vitamins and minerals are quite important not only for the bodybuilders but also for a normal person. Consumption of alcohol causes depletion of vitamins and minerals. It affects the main organs such as heart, liver kidney, etc. Depletion of vitamin A results in a decrease of the body’s capacity to fight diseases. Depletion of vitamin C might result in anemia. It effects bone growth and wound healing. It is quite detrimental for a person who is working out.

  1. Possibility of Brain Damage

Consumption of alcohol results in disruption of sleep. Lack of proper sleep is quite negative as it effects all the activities that a person does. It effects the nervous system and the thinking capacity. All of this indirectly affects the brain and may lead to brain damage. In the worst case, a person might go into coma or may die. For athletes, it is more harmful as it may result in loss of motivation.The person will not achieve the target because of lack of focus.

Mentioned here are few problems showing how alcohol effects bodybuilders. There are also many other impacts of alcohol consumption but these are the primary ones. Alcohol affects so much because it stays in the system for a day or so. You will have to make your own choices. Be wise and live longer.