Best Techniques to Boost Up Your Running Speed with Effective Way

Running Speed

Are you trying hard to boost up your running speed but unfortunately, your efforts are not meeting your target? Hardworking is a key to success but some important techniques can maximize your outcomes in a more efficient way. Therefore, I’ve come up with a few amazing techniques that you should apply to your regular running routine in order to boost up your running speed.

1. Warmup

Warm-up, warm-up, warm-up! Even if I say it a thousand times, that would not hesitate because of its utmost benefits. Any workout is ineffective if it’s done without a proper warm-up. Warm-up prepares your body for the intensive workout you’re going to do. A warm-up before running can be a slow walk on the track leading to a normal speed. The first 10 minutes should be the warm-up. It does not just bring your muscles to activity mode but rather it builds up the mood as well. When you walk slowly and look around, you tend to build up your mood for running. A little stretching is also helpful to have smooth muscle movement and also to make you feel comfortable in your workout gear.

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2. Pyramid Run

As the name depicts, in the pyramid run you have to set three rounds of running. It should be done after your warm-up. Divide the lengths of your three rounds of running accordingly to what suits you best. I’m giving you an example of 300m, 600m, and 900m lengths. You have to keep the same pace for each length which is ideally 5K. After each length, do not sit down and take rest, but rather keep jogging at a low pace for around 2 minutes. Meanwhile, regain the energy with slow jogging and then go for the next length. I can bet you that just after 1 complete pyramid run including three lengths, your workout gear will be all wet.

running speed

3. Fartlek Runs

Fartlek runs include combinations of fast and slow runs. You are at liberty to choose any suitable way to do it. The easiest way is to select different objects near the track to start a fast run and slow run. The objects should not be at a far distance and therefore it should be only small runs either fast or slow. It prepares you for speedy running and enables you to recover during a slow run. It also avoids the boredom that takes place with the conventional same pace running.

4. Become Comfortable with The Track

This technique is most useful when you’re new to a track. This technique allows you to take sprints when the track is straight and slow down your speed when the curves appear. The benefits of this technique are two-fold. First, you will be able to be familiar and comfortable with the new track. Second, you will make sprints that are best to boost up your running speed. As the parks or grounds are mostly either square or rectangle, you can have 4 sprints in one complete round.

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5. Strides

Strides are usually done at the end of the running session. It is great to give a boost to your regular running speed. When you’re done with almost 70 percent of your running, try to run as fast as you can for 30 seconds. It will drain your energy but you will notice it pushes your limit every day. As it makes you exhausted, it is recommended to do it at the end of the running session. Do a slow walk for 2 to 3 minutes to recover and then come back to your normal running. In the beginning, do 2 to 3 strides a day to get familiar with this technique.

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