Arm Cross: The Perfect Warm-Up Exercise For Your Upper Body

arm cross

Arm cross is known to be a cardio booster exercise whose main motive is to improve body flexibility. This workout chiefly targets the rotator cuff muscles, thereby promoting upper body flexibility. It also works your shoulder muscles, hamstrings, core, glutes, and quads. It is effortless to perform and does not require the use of any equipment. This exercise is considered a warm-up exercise that enables the working of your triceps and rear shoulders. The Arm cross exercise prepares and warms up your muscles and joints for some intense workout. They are regarded as a great stretching exercise that engages the muscles of your upper body.

Given below is the perfect guide on how to perform arm crosses in the best possible way.

How To Do Arm Cross Exercise Efficiently:

Listed below is the perfect guide for Arm-cross exercise consisting of directions, some things to keep in mind, and intensified variations of this exercise:


1. Initially, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your knees slightly bent, and your arms extended straight to your sides. This is your starting position.

2. Then cross your arms in the front direction and immediately bring them back as much as you can.

Repeat this movement until a set is complete.

Things To Keep In Mind:

1. Always remember to keep your back upright and your abs tight.

2. You should cross your arms in a steady and fluid motion.

3. Inhale slowly and keep facing in the forward direction throughout this exercise.


If you have aced the art of performing arm cross exercise without any hindrance, feel free to try out some of its intensified variations listed below:

1. Arm Cross Side Lunge

The arms cross side lunge targets the hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, quadriceps, and inner thighs. This exercise involves stretching your arms, chest, shoulders, and upper back muscles. It is responsible for improving your body balance, increasing flexibility, and boosting up your cardio performance.


1. Initially, stand upright with your arms extended horizontally to your sides and your feet shoulder-width apart. This is your starting position.

2. The next step is to move your right leg to the side, bend your right knee while pushing your butt backward. All of these movements should be done while crossing your arms at the front simultaneously.

3. Then return to the starting position.

Repeat with your left leg.

Things To Keep In Mind:

1. Always remember to keep your abs tight and your back upright throughout the exercise.

2. Continue to face forward and slowly inhale while stepping to your side and crossing your arms.

3. Exhale while returning to the starting position.

2. Crossed-Arms Crunches

This version of arms cross exercise does not require any special equipment and, thus, is hindrance-free. It mainly targets your obliques and hip muscles and is responsible aims at providing strength.


1. Initially, lie down flat on your back and cross both your arms across the chest. Then bend your knees while touching your feet on the ground. This is your starting position.

2. Now, while supporting your core, raise your shoulders and upper back from the ground.

3. Pause for a second and then return to the starting position.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many arm crosses should I do?

It would help if you did arm crosses according to your convenience. If you want to perform this exercise as an upper-body warm-up workout, you can do it for at least 30 seconds.

2. Are arm crosses safely to do?

Of course, arm crosses are very safe to perform and can be done as a warm-up exercise for your upper body.

3. What muscles do arm crosses work?

Arm cross exercise mainly works your glutes, hamstrings, shoulder muscles, core, and quads.


Arm cross is an effective exercise that involves working various upper body muscles. It helps in increasing body flexibility and boosting up your cardio performance. In addition, it serves as a great warm-up exercise that can be done before performing any mild upper body workout.

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