Which are the best arm stretches for you to perform regularly?


Due to the constant fulfilment of responsibilities at home and work, we often seem to neglect our health unconsciously. The excessive strain on health can cause your arms and legs to pain in exhaustion. So, what can be done about it? Well, here’s what to do! 

Let us help you learn about the best arm stretches so you can get rid of the exhaustion and start afresh!

Three benefits of Yoga arm stretches that will change your life

  1. Helps reduce upper body pain- Yoga arm stretchescan help reduce upper body pain in an instant. As the stretch enables the muscles to revive and become active, the ache vanishes quickly. 
  2. Removes stiffness from the body- Body stiffness is one of the primary reasons why we suffer from body pain. The best arm stretchespromise to remove stiffness by activating the muscles to perform potentially.
  3. Improves body posture- Yoga arm stretcheshave been reported to target body posture and improve it drastically. This is how the energy levels in the body also increase. 

Best Arm stretches for a better future

Cow Face Pose Arms

For people with tight shoulders, this exercise can be very challenging. However, this workout provides a host of benefits like stretching your armpits, chest and triceps. This is one of the best Yoga arms stretches. This exercise is also known as Gomukhasana. Let’s check out how to do it. 

  • Breathe. Stretch your right arm out to the side and turn it palm facing down. 
  • Now keep rolling your arm back until your thumb is pointing behind you. Your shoulder must be rolled forward.
  • Raise your left arm, then bend your elbow. 
  • Breathe out. Bend your right elbow and tuck your forearm behind your spine. Make sure that the back of your arm should be resting against your lower back. 
  • Try to keep your hands together so that you can perform this exercise with perfection. 
  • Make sure you do yoga arms stretches like this one regularly.

Reverse Prayer

Also known as Prasva Anjali Mudra, this exercise is one of the best arms stretches to perform for quick results. Best for your forearms and arms, the exercise helps remove stiffness and promote activity in muscles. So, let us check out how to perform this exercise:

  • Make a T with both your arms by stretching them. Breathe in first. Make sure your palms are facing the floor. 
  • By exhaling, bring your shoulder forward. 
  • Now, inhale deeply again. Once you exhale, bend your elbows and let your hands swing behind your back. 
  • Grasp both your hands with fingers. Now make your hands pull away from each other. 
  • Once you have performed the exercise on one side, do it on the other end.
  • Perform this one regularly.

Assisted Side bend

If you are looking for an exercise to benefit your torso and stretch your arms properly, assisted side bend is the best workout for you. Yoga arms stretch like this one, enables you to improve your posture in an instant. Let us check out how to perform it:

  • Sit up straight. 
  • While inhaling, make your hands roll up and let it come above your head. Flip your right palm towards the sky and hold your right wrist with the other hand. 
  • While exhaling, root down into your pelvis, and lean towards the left side. At this point, pull gently on your right hand. 
  • Relax by breathing slowly. Continue to do the stretch and bring your focus to your ribs. In case your ribs are flaring out, shift them back. 
  • Once one side is done, try the exercise on the other end of your body.
  • Perform this one regularly for desired results.

Scissor Stretch

Amidst the best dynamic arm stretches, this one is the ultimate exercise to choose from. This exercise lengthens the muscles and helps them get activated. Let us check out how to do it:

  • Start by position extending your arms away from your shoulders. 
  • Move both your arms horizontally towards your chest crossing your left arm over your right. 
  • Get back to the start position. 
  • Move both arms of your choice in front of your chest. But this time, cross your right arm over your left.
  • Continue dynamic arm stretcheslike this one regularly. 

The bottom line

These were some of the best arms stretches that you can try at home and gain fast results. If you face any inconvenience, do not hesitate to seek medical advice before starting. Do try these arm stretches at home and tell us how you like it. Good luck! 


Accordion #1

 Arm circles, Triceps stretch and Pronated swings are some other dynamic arm stretches that you can try at home.

Does arm stretches work?

Yes. Arm stretches are quite helpful in improving your body muscles and stretching your arms potentially. Make sure that you practice the exercises as per the instructions. The results will come in automatically. 

How many arm stretches should I do in a day?

One form of arms stretch is enough for you to perform in a day. However, if you want to try variations, expert help can guide you better.

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