Asian Squats: The Ultimate Exercise To Improve Body Balance

asian squat

Asian Squat is a deep squat performed solely and widely by citizens living in Asian countries. This type of squat is traditional in the Eastern world, where people practice it for cultural reasons. The Asians are taught to sit in this position from the beginning, and it also substitutes for standing or sitting in a chair. It is also used while performing daily activities like reading, eating, cooking, talking on the phone, and many other tasks. This classic method of doing squats allows you to keep your core engaged. This helps in maintaining proper body balance and posture.

Below is a helpful guide containing information about all you need to know about the Asian Squats.

How To Do Asian Squats Like A Pro:

Asian squats are a pretty strenuous exercise to ace. You have to keep in mind many factors if you genuinely want to excel in performing it.
Luckily, we have mentioned all the relevant information you need to do this exercise more efficiently:

  1. Firstly, get in a stance that is a little wider than being shoulder-width apart.
  2. Then, slightly spread your toes in the outward direction.
  3. Now, crack at your hips and your knees together, and then start lowering your body towards the floor.
  4. Remember to keep your body perpendicular to the floor and avoid rocking forward and backward.
  5. While keeping your heels on the floor and your torso vertical, bend down as deep and low as you can.
  6. Allow your arms to rest on your knees.
  7. Pause in that position for a few moments, according to your comfort.

Benefits Of Asian Squats:

In the traditional Asian culture, Asian Squats hold special significance and have some significant benefits. These benefits include:

  1. This exercise activates and works several lower body muscles like quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes.
  2. This variation of squats allows you to improve your body awareness, thus making your body perform daily activities more efficiently.
  3. It is also known to help pregnant women during labor and delivery of babies as it allows the pelvis to open, thus making the baby descend.
  4. Asian Squats allows you to maintain proper balance and posture by keeping your core engaged. Thus, it is always recommended to substitute sitting on a chair with these squats.
  5. These squats also enable you to increase the efficiency of your waste elimination process. This helps in improving your digestive system to a great extent.
  6. It also allows better and enhanced blood circulation as your organs, and genitourinary tracts are in the same line while doing Asian Squats.
  7. This exercise helps get rid of the knee and lower back pain. This is because the bodyweight is distributed evenly between the legs while squatting.

Factors Which Contribute To The Complexity Of Asian Squats:

  1. Lack of suitable mobility often contributes as a reason to why you are not able to perform Asian Squats efficiently. This is because these squats require proper mobility in the ankles and hips.
  2. Your lack of the right limb length proportions restricts you from performing these squats correctly. You will automatically find it a lot more challenging to perform this exercise if:
    a. If you have a long femur compared with a short tibia
    b. If you have long legs, including a short torso
  3. Not being able to squat deeply enough proves to be an obstacle towards performing Asian Squats. Even if you have squatted deeply, you face immense problems holding onto that position for long enough. This is because you do not practice squatting enough.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are some exercises I can do to improve mobility to perform Asian Squats easily?
    To perform squats easily, you need to improve your body mobility. Some exercises which will help you improve mobility include banded ankle dislocation, soft tissue calf release, and single-leg downward dog.
  2. How many Asian Squats should I do?
    There is no limit to how many you do. It depends upon your comfort and preference.
  3. Do I have to squat down deeply in Asian Squats?
    Yes, it would help if you squatted down as deep as possible in this type of Squats.
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