The ultimate guide for assisted pull up machine you need now

If you are someone who tries hard to do a pull-up successfully but in vain, this article is for you! 

Many people complain about the inability to perform a pull-up successfully. This can be due to many reasons. But if you are looking to learn how to do a pull-up quickly, assisted pull up machine exercises are going to be your saviour. 

Here is all about this machine that will support you in doing a successful pull-up quickly! 

What is an assisted pull up machine?

Assisted pull up machine are weight machines that help us perform pull up exercises conveniently. Not only do they improve the grip but also strengthen our body muscles once performed regularly. The machine thus includes weights and cables that allow us to perform a pull-up machine according to our requirements. The machine is equipped with customizable buttons that allow you to adjust the weight accordingly. Assisted pull up machine workout can prove to be beneficial in several ways. Thus, you must perform them timely. 

Benefits of assisted pull up machine 

 There are several benefits of assisted pull up machine workout. The first and foremost benefit is the improvement of the upper body. Our upper body is trained with the help of this machine instantly as the bars improve our grip strength and muscles drastically. Since this machine is easy to use, it requires minimal hassles and helps you to acquire your desired body in no time. The workouts will also help you to improve your mental health in many ways. Thus, an individual must try this workout timely to gain its useful benefits.

How to perform assisted pull up machine workout?

If you are new to this workout, you might be finding it difficult to understand how to exercise properly. Follow the assisted pull up machine tips carefully to perform this workout without much hassle. 

  1. Stand on the elevated platform of the machine before starting to work out. Make sure that you are grasping the handles properly. 
  2. Try to lower yourself without any resistance by making sure that your back doesn’t arc. Try and reach yourself up to 90 degrees. 
  3. Now, try to move the pin to the weight plate according to your convenience. If you can lower yourself smoothly that means your weight plate is set properly. Return to your start position by putting in a little effort. 
  4. By ensuring that your core muscles and body are aligned, start doing your reps. You must do them between 8 to 10 times at least. 
  5. Make sure that you rest for at least 30 seconds after doing each rep. This is integral so that you can work out properly. 
  6. Do this regularly as this is one of the best assisted pull up machine tips

Common mistakes while performing the assisted pull up machine workout 

  1. Straining too low

 The weight on your shoulders indicates whether you are using a safe weight. Make sure you pay attention to the weight on your shoulders and don’t stoop lower. If you pressurize your shoulders too much and stoop lower, you will be most likely to injure yourself in no time. So, this is one important thing to keep in mind while performing assisted pull up machine variations

  1. Leaning forward 

 The focus is to work out your triceps but this focus can shift to your chest once you lean forward. Make sure you do not make this mistake so that your triceps can be exercised at the right time. Thus, maintain the alignment so that you do not lean forward even by mistake. This is one of the most important assisted pull up machine tips to follow. 

  1. Locking elbows 

 Make sure you do not lock your elbows at the top of your movement. If you keep the elbows soft, the tension will be on your triceps which should be your main focus. This will help you to perform assisted pull up machine variations without much compromise. 

  1. Scrunching shoulders 

 Since your shoulders need to be centred instead of being rolled back, you need to avoid scrunching your shoulders. 

Safety precautions while performing assisted pull up machine variations 

 Although this exercise is a potential way of improving core and triceps muscles, it might not be able to deliver benefits to people suffering from existing injuries and pain. Whether you have joint pain or an injury, make sure to avoid this exercise at all costs. 

 Remember to adjust the weight plate by your level of comfort. Do not go overboard with it as it might prove to be detrimental to your health.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the muscles that the assisted pull up machine workout targets?

 The assisted pull up machine workout targets your triceps, pectorals and deltoids. 

2. Can you suggest a similar machine for this type of workout?

 The body-solid weight assisted chin and dip machine is a potential machine you can purchase for the same purpose. 

These are some of the best assisted pull up machine workouts that you can try at the earliest. Do not forget to try them out for a hassle-free experience.