Core Athlete Workout For A Perfect Body

The life of an athlete completely depends on the exercises that he/she practices. Only running is not going to strengthen the core areas of his body. Running is the best exercise for commoners but athletes require much more than that. The core is entire pelvic area and the trunk which includes the spinal column thoracic cavity and pelvic basin. Strengthening these areas will provide you the inner power to run. All of the following athlete workout involve basic movement which will strengthen your body parts in one way or the other. Also to increase your potential, strength training is a must. If you don’t have the time to go for the proper strength training regime, go for these few workouts.

Perfect Athlete Workout



Lunges have been known for their uniqueness of training one side of the body independently from other. These exercises are best for building strength. It helps in making the weaker part stronger by focusing on one side at a time. The muscles are also stretched in the process which leads to an increase in their flexibility. It is not the best exercise for flexibility but it is a good one to start with. Lunges are best at strengthening the legs and the lower part of the body.

#1. How To Do Lunges:

At first, you should keep your back straight. The shoulders and chin should be relaxed and you must focus on your weak areas. Start with putting your one leg forward bending your knees at 90-degree angle. The other knee must not touch the floor. Your weight must be balanced on your heels. Keep on changing sides along with maintaining your position.



Mountain Climbers are one of the basic athlete workouts which make several joints and muscles function at a time. It basically targets core muscles including back, hips, and Abs. They also help in improving joint flexibility which is a must for athletes. Mountain climber boosts an athlete’s performance and lowers the chances of getting an injury. It builds up the lower part of the body, or you can say strengthens it. Apart from that it also takes care of the lungs. It also improves agility.

#2. How To Do Mountain Climbers:

Get into the plank position and keep your body straight. Lift one knee and try to bring it up to your chest. Continue alternating the function with both of your knees. Increase speed accordingly. While doing this exercise you must focus on your core areas. The benefits of this exercise can be maximized by keeping the hips closer to the floor.



It is the basic upper body exercise as it targets many upper body muscles altogether. You can also experiment by including variations in your athlete workout according to your weak areas. It also helps in getting a perfect upper body shape along with improving your grip strength. The most important benefit of this athlete workout is that it helps in strengthening your back resolving all the back problems.

#3. How To Do Pull Ups:

At first, you will need a bar or a strong pole fit into the walls to hang upon. Grab onto the bar. Now start pulling yourself up. Raise yourself higher so that your chin is above the bar. Lead with your chest and then gradually put yourself down. Continue repeating the same till you don’t have the strength to go upwards.



Pushups have the capacity of activating every muscle in your body and strengthening them. It is widely known as compound exercise as it involves multiple functioning of muscles at a time. Pushups effectively stretch every muscle as you lower yourself to the floor. It improves body posture by strengthening the core muscles. Pushups are a full body workout which increases flexibility and safeguards one from injuries.

#4. How To Do Pushups:

To start with, you need to get into the plank position. Begin to lower your body by supporting it with your hands. Keep your body straight while lowering it and then again pull yourself up to get into the plank position again. Repeat the exercises till you get exhausted. You can take short breaks in between .make sure to press your chest to the ground first.

This athlete workout will modify your body in such a manner that you will feel an increase in stamina. However, doing the excess of these exercises will harm your body. You only have to be continuous and gradually increase the number of repetitions. These exercises also have the potential to decrease your back pain which is most common in athletes. Back pain is a common problem in athletes which does not let them perform better. You must get rid of this by including these exercises in your daily routine.