Best back and bicep workout to perform every day to stay fit


No matter what work we do, our back and biceps are involved almost everywhere. Whether you lift a bag, move an object or bring an object close to yourself, these muscles are always at work. Since both these muscles render such cruciality in our day-to-day lives, it is vital to work them out regularly to avoid any complications. 

Here’s taking you through some of the best back and bicep workouts for you to perform every day to stay fit!

Best back and bicep workout to ensure fitness

1. Inverted Rows 

 Amidst the few exercises that provide a workout with weight, Inverted Rows is the best. This back and bicep workout women works well in building lats, upper body muscles and biceps. Those women who practice exercise daily can acquire massive benefits from this workout. Let’s check out how to do it:

 How to do it: Put a broomstick on two chairs and leave some space between both of them. Lie down on the ground with your body between both the chairs. Now grab both the broomsticks with a grip that is wider than shoulder-width. Make sure that both your knees are bent. Now, try to pull yourself back up until your chest comes in contact with the broomstick. Once it happens, lower your body until the arms are straight. Then pull back up again. You can perform the back and bicep workout women regularly for desired results.

2. Planks with arm raise 

 A convenient back and bicep workout women, planks with arm raises help in toning your upper back muscles and strengthen the core. Those women who perform this exercise regularly will observe an improvement in their back muscles. In case you suffer from back pain, that will be gone too. Let’s check out how to do it:

 How to do it: Start by placing yourself in a plank position. Make sure that your neck is neutral. Tighten your core and then lift one of your arms from the ground. Lift the arm sideways until it is in parallel with the floor. Lower it to the floor and now lift the opposite arm. Do the same thing with this arm as well. Keep alternating both hands. Perform this exercise regularly to gain the desired results.

3. Lunge Twist Pull 

 If you are looking to work out your lats and upper traps, Lunge Twist pull is a perfect choice. This exercise is also potential for back and bicep workout for mass as it hits muscles in the lower body. For those who perform this exercise daily, exceptional benefits can be observed in no time. Let’s check out how to do it. 

 How to do it: Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width. Hold a dumbbell that has medium-weight in your right hand. Pivot to the left on the balls of your feet. Bend both knees into a lunge and punch towards your left foot on the ground with the other hand. While you gradually return to the start position, put your left hand on the dumbbell and force your right hand to return to you. Make sure your torso is rotated to the right. Repeat this back and bicep workout for mass regularly.

4. Bicep Curl 

 Another excellent back and bicep workout for mass is the bicep curl. In this exercise, you can work with the heaviest weights. However, you must make sure that you can hold so much weight before you pick them up. Otherwise, holding hefty weight can cause several injuries. 

How to do it: Stand straight and hold two dumbbells on both the hands. Make sure your thighs and palms are facing the horizon. Now, lock your elbows, keep your back straight and slowly curl the weights as close to your shoulder. Return to the start position and repeat the workout.

5. Seated Cable Row Neutral Grip 

 One of the best back and bicep workouts is the seated cable row neutral grip. If you have the machine at home, you can practice from home as well. However, such workouts are best to perform at the gym under the guidance of a potential trainer. 

How to do it: Keep your chest pushed out while you are pulling back the cable. Do not forget to hold the cable tightly. Your body should be straight when pulling the cable. Perform this exercise gradually to avoid any injuries. Pull back the cable with your elbows and make sure that it touches your abs. Don’t let them flare out. Perform this best back and bicep workout regularly.

6. Lat Pulldown 

 This killer back and bicep workout also provides benefits to the lats. Perform this exercise regularly at home to enjoy its variant of benefits in no time. Over the years, many people have successfully gained the desired results by performing this exercise timely. So, even you can do it. 

How to do it: Sit facing a pulldown station on its bench. Secure your knees under the pads of the equipment. Hold the bar tightly with your hands outside shoulder width. Make sure your palms are facing outward. Drive your shoulder blades down and as you pull the bar towards your collarbone, make it pull back up. Perform this killer back and bicep workout regularly for instant results.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Can you name some more killer back and bicep workout for me?

 Preacher Curl, Dumbbell hammer curl and One-arm dumbbell row are some other exercises you can try out. 

2. How many sets and reps of lats pulldown should I perform?

 Twenty sets and twenty reps are sufficient for lats pulldown exercise.

3. Are these workouts only for beginners?

 No. Anyone who wants to gain killer biceps and back can opt for these workouts. 

 Back and bicep workouts are very important for everyone. Do not forget to perform these exercises daily for the utmost benefits. Good luck! 

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