Modern lifestyle and busy work schedules have diminished our work-out life to zero and which can cause major health issues and can put your back in a lot of trouble. Moreover, smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets have made it hard for us to divert our attention to the most essential thing which is to care about your health and maintain your body otherwise back problems can cause problems various issues in your old age.

You may face problems even with walking or standing. A regular routine such as driving, buying groceries, or carrying a child would feel impossible due to back issues. It can come between your normal day work where you need to rush and perform things in a hurry. You will be physically inactive after a point in your life where back pain will hinder your usual common daily activities that require the support of your back.


Our backbone is made up a large number of muscles divided into various groups. The upper part of the back bone which is near to our neck is known as trapezius muscle which is found on the right side of the back bone. It is in a Diamond shape that covers and is located between your mid spine and shoulders. On the upper left side of the backbone is your rhomboid muscles which are located between the upper mid-back tucked in the deltoids securely.

Latissimus Dorsi is the muscles found in the lower backbone near to the trapezius and is considered as the largest backbone muscle which is located and covers most of the outer sides and helps in contributing to the ‘V’ taper in athletic. The posterior serratus muscles are located and positioned under rhomboid muscles also known as erector spinae which covers the lower part of your spine near to latissimus dorsi. All this body system helps us to maintain a proper posture and gives tone and support to our back bone.

If you focus on maintaining a strong and a toned posterior serratus muscle then it would be easy to ward off all the problems you might face due to not maintaining a proper posture. Our busy schedules also might not allow us to take our back problems seriously but such issues can be eliminated if you take exercise seriously and do them regular only for around 15-20 minutes.

You should regularly pay attention to the posture you are maintaining while sitting or standing and should toning of all the muscle area of your backbone will strengthen your backbone. Also, it will give you a tight and toned back which will look terrific, and especially when the talks are for having a curvy backbone in women then, you should always improve your posture as it will strengthen your backbone and will lift your chest giving it an admiring shape. It will also contribute to lifting your bust and giving you a perfectly feminine shape.



Lat Pulldown Exercises

If you are at the gym then Lat pull down exercises will work effectively. Also, Lat is commonly used at the gym and its use at home might is never witnessed as it requires Lat machine. But you can create Lat at home with the help of stretchy bands or a tight cloth.

This exercise supports the reverse motion of pull-up but the pull-up exercises can be difficult at one go, so pull-down exercises come to the rescue where the muscles involve are Latissimus Dorsi and trapezius which are same as the muscles involved in pull-up exercises. Also, pull down exercises with the help of Lat is a very effective transition movement.

NOTE: There is a straight Lat pull down also which can be performed in the same way it is just that you no longer need to put the Lat overhead and need to keep your arms straight while pulling the Lat down up to the waist level. You should keep your back bone and head straight and avoid lifting down too much weight as it can affect your shoulder muscles and can tear them. For the beginners, it is advisable that you pull down and start off with a normal weight and then increase it eventually.

You need to follow simple steps:

1. Sit straight on the bench and then pull the Lat down while exhaling when you pull the Lat down and inhaling when you keep it at rest or release it.

2. Do not forget to keep your spinal cord in a straight position.


You can conduct various exercises with the help of just a pair of dumbbells. You can perform plank and renegade and row exercises with the help of dumbbells. One of the simple exercises to follow is:

1. Keep the pair of dumbbells in both of your hands on the ground and then partially stand with the support or help of dumbbells

2. Keep your legs straight on a tiptoe basis.

3. Then lift one side of the dumbbells and stay in that position for around 2-3 sec then exchange and repeat for around 15-20 minutes daily.


1. Keep a pair of dumbbells in your hand and lie on your back bone by keeping your hand horizontally straight

2. Keep your legs slightly bend and in a ‘V’ position

3. Pull the dumbbells straight over your head then pull them down in the rest position.



You can work with dumbbells to perform this exercise and as trapezius and rhomboids muscles are involved in this exercise it will shape your posture and will strengthen your back bone effectively giving you an impressive figure. This exercise may be effective in the long run and should be done every day for around 15 minutes.

This exercise is yet simple and highly effective so the steps you should follow are:

 1. You should stand upright with dumbbells in both of your hands.

2. Keep your backbone straight and then slowly lift them from the at your shoulder level

3. Repeat this simple exercise and hold your hand in shoulder position for around 2-3 seconds.


This exercise might be difficult at the starting but as effective as the muscles involved in such an exercise is both rhomboids and erector spinae. This exercise is found to be effective in a short time period and for that follow these execution methods:

1. Lie down on your stomach and then spread your hands and legs together slowly making a U shape in your backbone

2. Both your legs and hands should move together and breathing process should be done in a way that you inhale while going up and exhale while coming down.


This is highly recommended exercise by gym trainer and athletes as it involves muscles such as trapezius and Deltoids. It is much similar to the posture perfect list exercise yet a little different. So, the step you should follow is:

  1. Lie on your stomach and keep your legs straight on toes.
  2. Lift the upper part of the body with the support of your back bone
  3. Keep your arms wide apart and neck with the whole upper body including the back spine
  4. Stay at this position for around 2-3 seconds and then release


There are many intensive back exercises that women can perform after beginning with simple exercises as stated before. These exercises can be performed to strengthen the back bone and give it a perfect posture in our regular lives when we forget to maintain and take care of our back bone


This type of exercise involves both the erector spinae and deltoid muscles and should be performed for at least a month to witness the ultimate results.

1. Kneel on the ground and keep both your arms and legs on the ground in a plank position and then lift side of the leg and keep the other side tip-toed on the ground while maintaining your hand straight on the ground.

2. Remember to keep your hand on the ground straight

3. Keep your head and back bone straight


There are in fact many diverse exercises that you can perform using dumbbells and are effective in the way that it will strengthen your whole upper back going from shoulders to back bone and hip extension. So, a pair of dumbbells can be the most effective of all the exercises as you can perform ‘n’ numbers of exercises from it. Here we are listing two very important, popular yet beneficial exercises for your back bone.


1. Stand by keeping your legs slightly apart from each other and then keep a slight bend in your knee

2. Also, bend your back and then lift the dumbbells till your waist length in a reverse direction so that you can feel the strength in your back bone

3. Remember to maintain a perfect half ned position so that the exercise can be effective and your spine can feel the strength

4. You can hold on to one position for about 2-3 sec and the rest. Repeat this for around 15-20 minutes every day


1. Maintain a staggered position by keeping your one leg back and another leg in the front with slightly maintaining the distance between them.

2. Keep a slight bend in them and also bend your back by keeping only one of the dumbbells in your hand

3. Lift that dumbbell from the ground and pull up

4. Keep the other hand on the knee of the same side for maintaining support

5. Change the dumbbells in the other hand and repeat this exercise for around 12-15 minutes every day.


1. How can a woman tone their backs

You can follow all five exercises and stick to them every day. Do those five exercises for about a month and you will observe the difference  Take out only 12-15 minutes every day to perform them. Also, dumbbells exercises are easy are the most effective

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