The great Bar dips exercises to practice now for fitness at home

Bar dips are a great choice for a quick full body workout. At home, this could be one of the best equipment to choose while heading for your morning exercise. But the major question is- what type of exercises should I perform? Will they be effective enough?
If these questions are all that’s popping up in your head, here’s our guide to help you learn the bar dips exercises right now!

Bar dip benefits for a fit body

Working out with the help of bar dips can be extremely effective for everyone. Not only does it help build muscles but also improve stabilisation in the body. Let’s learn about the several bar dips benefits to measure its efficiency.

  1. Fosters flexibility- Since bar dips require the strength of both shoulder and wrists in large amounts, it has a great impact on their flexibility. Thus, by practicing bar dips timely you can surely improve the flexibility of your shoulder and wrists rapidly.
  2. More important than push-ups- Most gym trainers will recommend a push-up as a superior exercise. But bar dips are even better than the push-ups in a variant of ways. Since dips allow you to lift your entire body weight, they are the first preference. This type of workout can be done using parallel bar dips.
  3. Helps you enhance the weight- In most exercises, adding an extra weight becomes a hassle. But these bar dips have no such problem. You can always load some extra weight when in need.
  4. Allows customisation- As we’ve already discussed above, bar dips allow extra body weight, thus it makes things customisable. For added convenience, you can also lean forward for better chest muscles or simply use a simpler or harder equipment for workout. Its all up to you.

How to perform parallel bar dips correctly?

Performing parallel bar dips is not a daunting task as it looks. However, you must make sure that you are holding the dips tightly to avoid any injuries or slipping. This is also significant to avoid any Maintaining an upright posture while performing the exercise is also of utmost importance as it avoids making you lose the grip from your triceps. So, we are going to show you a two-step parallel bar dip exercise for best results. 

Step1- The push


During this step, you have to maintain a steady grip, posture and fixation to do things right. Make sure your eyes are facing the horizon with your chin up. Lock both your elbows once you raise yourself between both the bars. Such a position will help you to work out your triceps in the best way and also workout your entire body correctly. Now exhale once you’ve performed the last step. Now try to squeeze the bars as if you were trying to crush them.

Step2- The pull


Now try to properly pull yourself down using your biceps. This will not only double your muscle growth but also work out your eccentric muscles correctly. When you lower yourself, make sure that both your elbows align. Don’t bend backwards or forwards because it might affect the triceps. Now take a deep breathe and push yourself back up to repeat the performances. Keep doing the reps regularly for a quick workout.

How to do weighted dips properly?

weighted-dips- properly

Weighted dips are quite easy to perform. Dip stations, a weighted dip belt or weight plates are the best equipment to use for this exercise. So, if you are looking for an exercise that includes lighter weight, chest dips are the best for you.


  • Firstly, tie the dip belt around your waist tightly to start the exercise. This will also help you to keep away from any injuries. To do this, take both the ends of the chain and drop a carabiner between them. Now wear it like a belt around your waist and make sure it tightened properly. Make sure that the weight plate is attached to the dropped side and clip it back to the belt.
  • Now step on the dip bar and face the horizon. Hold the bars tightly and lock both your arms and elbows nicely to start. At this point, your wrists and forearm should be in line.
  • Now when you gradually lower your body inhale.
  • Again, breathe out and repeat the process.
  • Keep practicing this a few times each day to gain the desired effect from weighted dips.

What are the safety tips to bar dips for?

Before giving this exercise a try, make sure that you are able to perform minimum 10 sets of chest dips regularly.

To gain more benefits and prevent any kind of injury while performing weighted dips, keep the following tips in mind:

  • While performing these dips, make sure that your elbows are bend to the side and not out in the back.
  • Before giving this exercise a try, make sure that you are able to perform minimum 10 sets of chest dips regularly.
  • In case you are pregnant or have an injured body, try and avoid doing the weighted dip

If you want to keep building yourself properly, make sure to be consistent with the following exercises:
Chest dips
triceps dips
pulls ups
push ups


Performing bar dips is a very resourceful way of gaining strong muscles in the body. Do not forget to try out the various exercises that we have mentioned above for you.

Which are the good parallel bar dips variations?

Bench Dips and the neck dips are the good parallel bar dips variations that are a must try.

Which are the great bar dips for strength gaining?

The X Mark Fitness Dip Station 500lb and Balance from Multi-function dip stand dip station dip bar are the great bar dips to buy.