The best barbell lunges to take your lower body to the next level

Barbell lunges as we all know is the holy grail of all leg exercises. While people lose sleep over trying to get this workout correct, the truth is quite the contrary. With the right instructions to follow, even the hardest lunges can become bread and butter to the trainee. 

Let us check out the best barbell lunges that will make your lower body game stronger! 

Barbell lunges are a win-win

Although the barbell lunges rain benefits, they are usually left undone. Why is that so? Perhaps because it is quite hard to execute. Amidst the toughest barbell lunges, reverse barbell lunges tops the list. Although this exercise is very beneficial, most gym trainers give an alternative for it. But here’s the truth- it is not that tough. 

Barbell lunges are highly effective in toning the legs and working the core muscles correctly. If you get the exercise right, there is no other workout you will ever need for your legs. 

How to perform the reverse barbell lunges?

If you feel like you are heading into a battlefield right now, don’t worry! Somehow, I believe that the reverse barbell lunges are underrated. After all, they are so versatile, beneficial and easy to perform. All you need to do is get the instructions correct. 

  1. Lock your upper body 

The first point to remember is to create tension in your upper body. Once you do that, you will not fold on your hips that can break your performance. Thus, you must lock your upper body by keeping in mind a few simple points. Fix your eyes on the horizon so that your body is straight and extended. Keep your chest up and shoulders back so that you can avoid loosening your upper body. Bring your elbows in close contact with your lats. Finally, keep your abs tight. 

  1. The back of your knee must inch close to the ground

When you perform a reverse barbell lunges, concentrate on the back of your knee when you come low. The back of your knee is supposed to kiss the floor and go back up. Such a step encourages a full range of motion and corrects your performance. If you keep this step-in mind, you will not go wrong with the exercise. 

  1. Exert force through your lower body 

Unnecessary pressure on the knees is the last thing you want in your exercise. But sadly, this is one thing that happens with most people who practice these lunges. What happens is that they push the balls of their feet to get up from the floor which exerts all the pressure on their knees. This is why their reverse barbell lunges never gets right. If you do not want to make this mistake, remember to push through your heels and mid-foot.

Things to remember 

Reverse barbell lunges superset with pop squats is the ultimate combination to try when you want to derive enhanced benefits from your leg workout routine. However, to get that right, you need to create hands down routine that includes both these exercises. We will recommend you to seek assistance from your gym trainer. Ask him to help you prepare a workout routine that specifies how to perform the two workouts together to gain instant results. It will work wonders for sure! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to perform Reverse barbell lunges superset with pop squats?

  Use a weighted start bar to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place the bar on your shoulders. Hold the bar tightly to maintain stability. Using one leg, step back into a lunge position. At this point, bend both your knees. If you want a good stretch, remember to step back as far as you can. Using your heel, push off hard. Now, return to your start position. Repeat the process for both your legs. To do the pop squat, start with both your feet together and then jump out into a squat position. Jump back up. Repeat the process. This is how you can perform Reverse barbell lunges superset with pop squats. 

2. Are the walking barbell lunges helpful?

 Yes. The barbell walking lunges are very helpful provided you do them right. 

These were some of the best barbell lunges to perform at home. If you are interested in the best leg workout, make sure you follow the instructions correctly to gain the desired effects. 

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