Bench Press Machine- All You Need To Know Is Here!

People often have the tendency to get confused between a chest press machine and a bench press machine. However, the purpose of both machines is different from one another. The bench press machine encourages an upper-body lift. Diverse bodybuilders and athletes have been using it for decades to pump up their fitness game. This type of machine allows a free range of motion. Also, stabilization training is there and is pretty stable. 

Let us learn all about this machine. If you are interested in improving your upper-body lift, this machine will help.

What Is A Bench Press Machine?

A bench press machine is fitness equipment. It helps people gain muscle strength and size in the upper body. On this machine, you can add more weights irrespective of how strong you get. The machine also allows easy grip width change to target diverse muscles in the body. You can also work for different muscle groups at once when you are performing exercise on this machine. Here are some other benefits of a bench press machine. 

What Are The Other Benefits Of A Bench Press Machine?

  • You hardly need any equipment to perform a bench press. The machine is enough for this purpose. 
  • There are more stabilizer muscles involved in this workout.
  • This machine can successfully enhance your triceps, chest, and anterior delts. 
  • You are more likely to benefit if you train in the lower rep range. 

What Are The Main Differences Between A Bench Press and A Chest Press? 

1. Experts recommend performing chest presses because it is safer when alone.

2. A chest press is good to go when training to failure. This is also better for muscular heterotrophy than the bench press. 

3. Perform a chest press is meant in a seated position. On the other hand, a bench press must be done when lying down horizontally. 

4. The chest press is a machine workout. On the other hand, a bench press is a free-weight workout. 

5. The bench press is recommended for building better strength. A chest press might not bring the same potential results. 

6. Bench presses are performed with heavier weights. A chest press involves a lighter weight.  

How To Perform A Bench Press On A Machine?

Once you have set up your machine, lay on your bench against your back. Now, stretch both your hands and hold the bar tightly. This is important so you can lift it properly. Your chest must swell. So, before you bring the barbell down, it must be back up. Now, remember to unlock the locks that are present on the machine. 

This will allow better movement. If you wish to unlock the same, push the barbell upwards. Then, turn it outwards. If you want to lock the barbell, pull it inwards. The process is simple. However, we recommend you perform the entire exercise in the company of a professional trainer. This will help keep any health complications at bay. 

Some Beginner Level Bench Press Workouts

1. Standard Machine Chest Press

This workout is best if you are a beginner and have recently hit the gym. Get on your chest press machine. Now, choose the right weight according to your comfort. Make sure that you are also comfortable with the height of the machine. If not, make adjustments. Once you are settled with everything, lay back flat on the seat. Now, hold both handles tightly. Outstretch your arms. Then, leave them parallel to the ground. Then, once you bring the handles back up, make sure you breathe in. Once done, exhale. Now, push the muscles in your chest to distance the handles. You will see the difference soon. 

2. Dumbbell Bench Press

Sit on the bench press machine and rest the dumbbells on your thighs. Now, lie on the flat bench and lift the dumbbells. This must be done to both sides of your chest. During this time, your forearm and upper arm must be at a 90-degree angle. Now, you need to straighten your arms using the chest muscles. Lift the dumbbells into the air and breathe out. Once you take a pause, start lowering the dumbbells. After this, inhale. Repeat this workout. 


Using a bench press machine can have innumerable benefits on your fitness. Soon, you will begin to notice how your upper body is stronger. The risk of injuries also lowers in this process. So, why keep waiting? Make the most of this incredible machine at the gym or at home now. However, we recommend the guidance of an expert trainer. They will help you perform the workouts safely. 
So, please consider that for a safe and efficient fitness experience. We promise the bench press machine will help you bring instant upper body results.