Cardio Workout: The Best Option for Fitness

Cardio Workout

Live A Fit Life By Adopting Cardio Workout

Cardio workout; we have heard so much about it so much over time, wondering if it is the best way to lose that extra slab of Fat or not. Well, definitely cardio has been always used as the fitness mantra by all the fitness freaks out there. It is known widely for its results in keeping one fit and fine. However, you will have to adopt it as a ritual.

Many of you might have been thinking of hiring a professional trainer for this. Well, you should if you can. But it is not absolutely necessary. You can decide the best Cardio workout according to the present situation of your body. There are many types of cardio workout. We have enlisted the most effective ones so that you may get the maximum benefit out of it.

1. Stair Climber

stair climbers cardio workout

It is one of the best forms of cardio. Along with toning your muscles, it strengthens your lower body too. Pushing your body against gravity forces your body to burn all the extra calories making you fit. It not only reduces the fat, but it also focuses on shaping up the lower half. Regularly doing it for a fixed period of time is bound to give wonderful results. It helps in increasing your stamina. Along with time, you can increase the time spent on this hiit cardio workout to give your body new targets. You should ensure that you do the exercise in the proper way to get the best results.

2. Cycling

cycling cardio workout

Cycling is the kind of beginner cardio workout which is suitable for almost everyone. It helps in achieving weight loss goals by increasing the heart rate and making the muscles work. Many people have pain in their joints and are unable to do hardcore exercises to tone their lower half, for such people, cycling is the best cardio workout. The internal organs also get worked up which makes them perform the functions more good cardio workout efficiently. Combined with other exercises, cycling is bound to get efficient results. You only need to maintain your bike regularly to get all the advantages of this exercise. It will definitely make your weightless journey more enjoyable.

3. Swimming

swimming cardio workout

From your back to your legs, Swimming is the exercise which tones up the whole body altogether. It is a great way to burn calories. You might not think of swimming as an exercise to lose weight but Yes, it is count in cardio workout plan. The only things required are Swimming suit, cap, and goggles. Mostly in an hour, you are bound to lose approx 500 calories only by swimming. Apart from the numerous benefits, it does not cause any injury. There are different strokes. You should not get your expectations too high at first. Start with swimming for less time. Slowly increase the time as your body adjusts to the new style of breathing.

4. Running

running cardio workout

Running is the most common and efficient cardio workout. Through the ages, it has been adopted by fitness freaks as the prime exercise and it justifies that position as it is sufficient in itself. It is the best cardio workout which affects every extra calorie and intoned muscle. If you are the kind of person who cannot spend long hours at the gym then this is the right exercise for you. All you need is a pair of shoes to start off. It provides strength along with burning out the extra calories that you have. It also affects you mentally and keeps you healthy and happy.

5. High-Intensity Interval Training

It is the most preferred workout nowadays as it is most effective. It involves workout of high intensity combined with workouts of low intensity. You burn more fat and it keeps your heart healthy. The specialty of this workout is that it involves less time. You can do this cardio workout at home. No equipment is required for this workout. Also is focuses basically on weight loss, not on building muscles which make is the most favorable workout for girls. It involves all the best cardio workout that can be done. You only need to increase your pace, get to the highest and then drop down.

High-Intensity Interval training

Cardio workout is the best. Rather than going to the gym, you can do this cardio workout at home, put in the same effort and get the best results. You don’t have to work with equipment. Just get into the open air and get a pair of shoes. Apart from the extensive benefits, best cardio exercises facilitate workout in the natural environment where you can get the fresh air. Also, it keeps you happier throughout the day. You will feel fresh and energized. You can also apply the simpler ways which are taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking a few miles each day, etc. Try to start with simpler exercises before going for the complex ones.