8 Best Charcoal Mask For Deep Cleansed Shin

Pimples and acne have made our lives worst to live in. We have to buy expensive cosmetics to maintain our skin and have to take excess care of our health to remove acne. Oily skin and dirt skin pores are a nightmare and we struggle a lot to maintain our face which proves as such a laborious task in such a busy world. So here we have the best charcoal mask to the rescue


Activated charcoal has become very famous lately and has been used by many to keep skin healthy from all the bacteria and impurities. It is often used to cure acne and draw out all the dirt particles from your skin to improve the complexion. Many products have hit the shelves ranging from shampoos, soaps, face mask to face wash and face cleansers.

Activated charcoal is nothing but an activated carbon that is produced in fine black powder type material when the common charcoal is heated up or exposed to at a high temperature. Due to such a heavy temperature of heat, tiny internal spaces start to occur in the small black powder of common charcoal making them highly effective in absorbing the dirt and bacteria in the skin and makes it absorbent to trap toxins and chemicals present in the skin.


best charcoal masks

Activated charcoal as a poison antidote

In olden times activated charcoal was used as an antidote to poison because of its toxin-binding characteristics which reduces the effect of poison after binding with it. It is also evident that it can be useful in treating drug overdoses or over-the-counter overdoses of medicines such as sedatives and aspirin etc. It has been found during numerous researches while taking any sort of drug if activated charcoal is consumed within five to seven minutes of such an intake then the effect of the drug would be much less as it was supposed to be. The effect of drug reduces to around 50-70% if activated charcoal is consumed in the quantity of 60-100 grams and results will be impressive even after thirty minutes of such a drug intake.

It is effective in promoting kidney function by filtering the kidney. It has proved to be very beneficial in treating chronic patients who are facing difficulties due to kidney failure and it is not working properly. Activated charcoal binds itself with all the impurities and urine and removes it from the body system with such an efficiency.

Another benefit is that it helps in reducing fish odour syndrome where people who are suffering from unpleasant odour which is also known as by the name TMAU (trimethylaminuria). It is called fish odour as TMAU gets collected in the body and produces unpleasant smell which comes from breath, sweat and even urine.

Activated charcoal also helps in reducing the cholesterol level. It gets bound up with the cholesterol and retrain our body system from absorbing it. As it has binding properties it is effective in reducing cholesterol levels by 25-27% if it is consumed regularly for around four to five weeks in the quantity of 24-27 grams.



mamarath c3 charcoal

This product is great in terms of cleaning the pores and lightening the skin color by removing the toxin bacteria from the skin. It also duly helps in treating acne and black spots and other breakouts in skin due to the accumulation of oil in skin pores. It is also very effective in removing impurities and dirt. There are various benefits while using such a product as it is recommended by dermatologist so there are fewer chances of having skin allergies after using it regularly. It is silicone, SLS, and paraben-free so it proves to be the most effective. Moreover, there are no added synthetic or animal ingredients added in this product so it is fully organic with no PEG.


inatur charcoal maskIt is very useful for detoxifying the skin with the dirt and impurities in skin pores. It is especially very effective for people who have oily skin as it cleanses the pores from that extra layer of oil which usually causes acne and other breakouts in the skin due to which the skin experiences a redness around cheeks. IT is also beneficial in removing tanning and lightening up the skin. It is also a recommended product for people who prefer the presence of some kind of organic herbs in their product as it contains basil extract which will rejuvenate your skin and will allow the skin to glow. It is like most of the charcoal mask products out there in the market for it is sulfate and paraben-free. It is recommended by a dermatologist that it should be used twice or thrice per week in order to experience its benefits.


olay pore

It is a really amazing innovation in the cosmetic field as this product comes with a stick so you do not have to get it all messy. It is convenient and easy to use and carry around. It comes with a special detoxifying effect which is impressive as you can see a glorifying effect on your skin after using it only for two to three times regularly in a week. It has a rejoicing effect on your skin as it removes toxins and blackheads. it is also helpful in cuing acne by removing dirt pores. It is also recommended for its kaolin clay addition.


The ingredients added are as unique as the product itself. It contains two types of charcoal to provide a rejuvenating effect to your skin by purifying the dirt from skin pores. It also contains extract of papaya, mango, and pineapple which is very effective in healing skin and removing dead skin. It has jojoba oil for moisturizing the skin so you can apply this product on a regular basis. It has golden pearl spheres to give a rejoicing effect to your skin. It is also recommended for lightening the skin by removing all the impurities and toxins from the oily skin pores



gemmaz black mask

This product has proved to be very effective in removing extra oil from your skin and by providing a glowing and natural to-go-look. Alike other famous products in the market it is beneficial in removing toxins from your skin and helps cure acne and prevent redness in your skin. This mask is designed to provide a moistening and radiant effect to your skin by removing blackheads, dead skin and clogging dirty oily pores in the skin. It is made up of bamboo charcoal and contains various vitamins and collagen for skin rejuvenating your skin.



This activated charcoal mask produced by origins is very effective for removing oil, dirt and other impurities in the skin. It is very effective in controlling acne and open pores as it is made up of bamboo charcoal which is produced from pieces of bamboo by burning them under a high temperature of around 800-1000 degrees Celsius only after harvesting them for at least four to five years. This kind of ingredient is very unique and special as it provides an instant glow to the skin. It is also rich in china clay which is effective in removing toxins from the skin pores. It is paraben, SLS and phthalate-free and contains no synthetic or mineral oil such as paraffin and petroleum. It also does not contain any sort of animal ingredients except honey and beeswax which is added to provide an elastic effect to the product.



It is infused with many organic ingredients which are effective in peeling off the impurities from our skin. Its activated charcoal helps cleanse the skin by removing the oily, greasy layer from the skin. It also improves the skin texture by helping to remove wrinkles and providing a healthy look on your face. It minimizes dirt pores and blackheads in the skin. This mineral-rich charcoal mask is rich in vitamins and collagen and provides numerous benefits even in a single-use.



It is very beneficial and healthy as it has anti-aging properties which can prevent wrinkles. It is made up of bamboo charcoal as the name suggests but also contains lactic acid and castor oil which has been recommended and a massive helpful in removing dirt and blackheads from the skin. It is also helpful in purifying the skin


Best charcoal mask are useful for deep cleansing your skin but it should be noted that you have dry skin then you should refrain from using activated charcoal on your skin as it is recommended for people with oily skin only. It might cause redness in the skin and pimples might start occurring due to excessive dryness. You will observe the results on your skin in a single-use only.


Is the charcoal mask helpful in removing pimples?

Mask are usually used to clean up the dirty pores and remove impurities from the skin. And if they are used on a regular basis, they are effective in removing pimples also. They will eventually restrain the growth of pimples by removing oily skin

Will charcoal mask have any kind of side effects?

Mask are preferable for oily skin so the people who have naturally dry skin might experience redness or itching after applying it. Research has not been done much on this product but generally, it is observed that charcoal mask might be allergic to some people.

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