Best Circuit Training Workout To Achieve Specific Goals For Trainees

Circuit Training Workout

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is basically set of physical workouts. It is for trainees to increase their body endurance and body resistance. Circuit training workout is also very effective in conditioning the bodies of the trainees.

Circuit training involves sets of high-intensity aerobic exercises. Besides building body endurance and body resistance power, circuit training also helps in strength building and building of muscles.

Circuit, in circuit training, means a set of prescribed workouts designed in that program for the trainee. Once the trainee completes the first circuit of workout, he/she begins again from the first exercise of the circuit to complete the circuit for the second time. Circuit training is doing one exercise after another in a fixed routine and there must not be any deviation in the sequence of exercises.

Actual circuit training is a hard and tough work. Not everyone is a position to do circuit training. Exercises are often performed with little or no rest in between exercises. Because of these reasons, circuit training was an overlooked method of workout for a considerable period of time.

Why should one do Circuit Training Workouts?

There are many benefits of doing circuit training exercises. Circuit training requires less time than other conventional bodybuilding gymnasium workouts.

Circuit training helps in toning up the body structure. It makes the body muscle tone firm and makes the body appear lean.

Circuit training is best for not only building body endurance and body resistance; it is the best method to condition the body and build up muscle endurance.

Circuit training is only training method that guarantees full body workout program. It should be repeated for at least three to four times a week.

Circuit training workout is the most convenient and cost friendly workout program. No one has to attend any gymnasium for circuit training. One can perform these exercises at his/her residence also.

This set of exercises does not need any instrument. This saves the money of the trainee to a very extent.

What is the Best Circuit Training Workout?

Circuit training workouts are according objectives of trainees. Best circuit training workouts are not universal. Circuit Training depends on the individual requirements of trainees, their body structures, their endurance at the time of commencing their circuit training, their energy levels, and so many similar factors.

  1. For Body Composition or Body Building

Circuit training program comprises of many weight lifting workout programs with an objective of burning excess body fat. These sets of workouts may skip cardio exercises in the beginning. These circuit training uses high energy. High energy expenditure workouts also result in a production of growth hormones, which in turn helps in burning body fat.

This circuit training program is known as Lactic Acid Interval Training. It comprises of:

  1. The German Body Comp.
  2. The Meltdown Series.
  3. After burns.

This schedule is designed as per the calendar: 

Monday and Thursday:             Tuesday and Saturday

  1. Squats 3×10.                              1. Power Cleans 3×10
  2. Military Press 3×10.                2. Bench Press 3×10
  3. Deadlifts 3×10.                          3. Lunges 3×10
  4. Rows 3×10.                                 4. Chins 3×10

2. For Enhancing Athletic Performance

Training in this schedule improves fitness level. It reduces body fat and tones up the body to compete under heavy stress and demanding conditions. Exercises such as running and bench press, done alternatively tones up the trainee’s physiological condition very fast. These sets of exercises keep on altering the trainee’s blood pressure between high and low. These exercises are best done using an Ergo meter which measures amount of work done by a particular set of muscles during doing these exercises.

This circuit training schedule is designed as per requirement of the trainee:

Monday-Lower body efforts to the maximum.

Tuesday- Upper body efforts to the maximum.

Wednesday- General Physical Preparedness.

Thursday- Enhancing speed to maximum.

Friday- Upper body efforts to the maximum, 2nd day.

Saturday- Fusion training program

Sunday- Full day Rest.

A General Physical Preparedness circuit consists of 200 feet of continuous sled dragging, 200 feet of sandbag work and one minute of sledgehammer striking.

3. For Enhancing General Physical Preparedness

Power lifters and Athletes practice General Physical Preparedness. General Physical Preparedness enhances the trainee’s working capacity.

The schedule is designed as below, to be best practiced in a football field:

  1. Chest Presses- Up to 20-yard line
  2. Lateral raises with the left arm- Up to 30 yards line
  3. Lateral raises with the right arm- Up to 40-yard line
  4. Rows- Up to 60-yard line
  5. Walking backward- Up to 80 yards line
  6. Walking forwards- Up to 100 yards

Repeat at least three times, after taking two minutes rest, each circuit, each time.

4. Circuit Workouts without Equipment

It is not circuit workout training with an objective. This is more or less body weight circuit training:

The training schedule is:

  1. Jumping Jacks -60.
  2. Push Ups- 10.
  3. Lunges- 10 with each leg.
  4. Doorway Chins or Bodyweight Rows-10

This is a summary of Best Circuit training workout for different types of trainees training for different objectives.

But Circuit training workouts are forms of physical exercises anyone can use, without any investment. This program of circuit training saves lots of time and that helps in doing some other training program, specifically for the trainee’s objectives.

The trainee should incorporate some other specific training programs with Best circuit training workouts if the sole objective of the trainee is strength enhancement. And a trainee in Circular Workout training must have an updated medical profile before commencing his/her circuit training program.

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