Earbuds & Headset for Running – Sweat Proof Earbuds for Runners

Working up a sweat during your workout routine can even be more enjoyable when listening to your favorite tunes. The right music can help keep the blood pumping; the thing is not every earphone out there is designed to withstand constant movement. Generally, earphones are not precisely intended to be used during working out in the gym or when running. Typical earphone design focuses on comfort more than stability when worn.
So, what’s a health buff/music lover to do? That’s where we come in. In this list, we have compiled the best​ running headphones for and working out earbuds. These earphones will not only provide you with some rocking tunes when working out, but they are also designed to stay in place even when on the move. Looking for an earbud to bring with you when running or jogging? Check our list below:

5 Best Earbuds/Earphones for Running

1. Jaybird Vista


Let’s start this list off right with one of the best earbuds in this category, the Jaybird Vista. This is a wireless earphone which negates issues like tangles. The Jaybird Vista is also among the toughest earphones in the market today. This headset is exclusively designed for use during marathons so expect to withstand a decent level of abuse.
As this is a wireless earbud entry, battery life is one of the most important factors to consider. The Jaybird Vista passes this test with flying colors with its six-hour battery life. That is more than enough time for you to reach the finish line in most marathons.
The overall construction of the Vista gives it high resistance from both moisture and dust, which is another crucial factor in this category. As for its Bluetooth connectivity quality, we experienced some slight interference, but it was incredibly rare and lasted for only a second or two max. Overall, Jaybird Vista is a durable, compact, and excellent wireless earbuds for those who love participating in marathons.

2. JLab Epic Air Sport

In terms of battery life, few can touch the JLab Epic Air Sport in the realm of workout headphones. This beast of a headset can deliver a whopping 10-hours of battery life with one full charge. Its durable case is also designed to provide 100% moisture protection. As for the sound quality, it manages to deliver lively and energetic audio while maintaining clarity and precision.
The JLab Epic Air Sport is a top-notch product in this category of workout accessories. It provides users with long battery life, excellent comfort, stable sound quality, and is 100% moisture-proof. Plus, the price tag won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Jabra Elite Active 65t

jabra elite

The Jabra Elite Active 65t offers a secure and snug fit with an emphasis on comfort and durability. The Jabra Elite also managed to deliver excellent sound quality, considering it is both a wireless earphone and workout/running earbud. While Jabra’s sound quality doesn’t match up with the likes of Bose, it still manages to pull off more out of its hat than most of its competitors. Not only is the Jabra Elite comfortable, but the shape of the earbuds also forms a natural seal that helps prevent audio leaks and even act as an inherent noise cancellation feature.
One aspect of the Jabra Elite 65t that we notice immediately is how lightweight it was. We were undoubtedly uncertain whether it could stay in place as we jog for half an hour, but it did and did so effortlessly. It also comes with a solid 5-hour battery life which you can add 10-hours with its charging case pack.

4. Jaybird Tarah Pro

jaybird tarah pro

When it comes to overall comfort in regards to working out and running, few can equal the Jaybird Tarah Pro. This wireless earbud is designed mainly for use during physically demanding exercises such as running. The construction also gives the Tarah Pro an IPX7 waterproof rating which means it can operate even when soaked in sweat.
As for sound quality, the Jaybird Tarah Pro managed to deliver excellence in execution for a broad range of music genres. We also appreciated the inclusion of the Jaybird MySound app, which helps users finetune their listening experience.
As for battery life, expect the Tarah Pro to clock around 13-hours with a single full charge. We also love the auto-shutdown period when you snap both earbuds’ magnetic case together. The only downside here is that you cannot use the micro-USB cable to the charge the Tarah Pro as it uses a proprietary charging cradle. This will be an issue if you lose or break its charger as you can only get one from Jaybird.

5. Amazon Echo Buds

amazon echo buds

The Amazon Echo Buds is an excellent alternative to the top dogs above. In regards to noise isolation and cancellation, the Amazon Echo Buds blows the rest out of the water. However, we do need to point out that you must place the Amazon Echo Buds deep into your ear canal for the noise isolation to work correctly.
Comfort is not much of an issue here thanks to the multiple tip sizes so you can pick one that fits perfectly into your ear. The ANC feature is an excellent feature for those who want to block out the outside world. Of course, if you wish to have increased awareness when jogging, then you can use the Alexa app to allow some ambient noise without affecting sound quality.

Final Thoughts

All the earbuds we listed above provide excellent sound quality, comfort, and top-notch fit. For runners and gym buffs, nothing beats finishing up your daily set while listening to your favorite tunes. With these earbuds, you can do so with comfort and confidence that it won’t accidentally slip off during the more intense workout routine stages.