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Have you ever looked closely at a male gym freak and wondered if you could have the same body as theirs? Do you feel like working out those abs, chest and muscles to look like a total hottie? If you think gym hotties are born with their well-toned bodies, you are wrong. Those 6-pack abs and muscles are not the result of anything except for hardcore training at the gym. For this, it is crucial to work out your back especially your lats.

Here are some best lat exercises to ace your gym game today!

Why are best lat exercises the need of the hour?

The large, flat triangular muscles at the back are called Lats. These are responsible for supporting movements of the abs, muscles and arms. Strength-training the lats is thus crucial so that they can help protect your spine. Best lat exercises at home also foster good posture and target movements. Moreover, working out the lats helps combat any severe injuries as well. To top it all, for those who want great upper-body strength, strengthening the lats can work like magic. These are some of the primary reasons why regular performing of lats exercises is vital. Individuals must perform this exercise at least two days a week for desired results.

Best lat exercises to gain your desired body now

  1. Dumbbell Row 

This exercise is one of the first variations that beginners can perform at the gym. As this exercise is easy to perform and full of benefits, Dumbbell Row is mastered by several novices at once. For those who are looking to get their hands-on best lat exercises for width, this is it.

All you have to do is grab a dumbbell and keep following the instructions as given. That’s all it takes to master this workout.

How to do it: Start by standing with a dumbbell in one of your hands. Now, come forward until your torso is parallel to the floor. Make sure that your core remains firm and your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your left hand on a bench or anything to balance. This position is going to be the starting position. Pull the dumbbell backwards above your belly button. Once you have done this, return to your starting position. Don’t forget to do these best lat exercises for width regularly.

  1. Lats Pulldown

In this exercise, the prime focus is your lats that act as a massive advantage. This workout shifts your focus from your lower body and requires no grip strength as well. All you have to do for these best lat exercises for width is to finish off each rep without a squeeze. Once you master this exercise, you are going to need nothing else to gain that hot body of your dreams.

Let’s check out the best lat exercises for mass.

How to do it- Sit in a lats pull down the station. Hold the bar tightly above with a grip that is slightly shoulder-width apart. Make sure your core is tight. The torso is upright. Now pull the bar against your chest and bend your elbows. Your shoulders should also squeeze at this point. Once you have done this, return to your start position gradually. Practice best lat exercises for width like this one regularly.

  1. Standing dumbbell rows 

The best lat exercises at home are those that are easy to perform anywhere. Standing dumbbell row is one such exercise that can be conveniently practiced at home and requires only a dumbbell for the workout. As dumbbell allow you to improve muscle engagement and strengthening in the body, this is vital to perform. These exercises also enable muscle growth which can be better in many ways.

How to do it- Stand with your feet hip-width apart and parallel with your knees slightly. Make sure you hinge forward from your hips with a flat back. Now, grasp a dumbbell in one hand and straighten out your arms with palms facing each other. Bend your elbows to row the weight up and down. Your torso must also pause because of this. The best lat exercises at home like this one should be performed timely for quality results.

  1. Landmine Row 

One of the best lat exercises for mass is landmine row. This one is very similar to that of a barbell exercise that enables squeezing the lats more. This helps focus on the lats well and enables you to gain a body you have always dreamt of.

How to do it: Set up a barbell in a landmine. Add weight on it as per preference. This should be done on the opposite side of the barbell. Wrap a V-bar handle around the weighted end and hold on to the handles. Hinge forward so that the torso is at 45degree with the ground. This is going to be the starting position. Now, squeeze your shoulder blades and row the weighted end of the barbell towards your chest. Wait for some time. Then start again. This is how you can perform the best lat exercises for mass in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these best lat exercises at home safe?

Yes. These best lat exercises at home are perfectly safe for you. Make sure you follow the instructions for the utmost guidance and safety.

2. Can you name some more lat exercises for me to try?

Dumbbell Pullover, Renegade Row and Inverted Bodyweight row are some of the other lat exercises for you to try out.

These best lat exercises are perfect for you to try out at your comfort. Do not forget to follow the instructions so you can ensure your safety at every step of your workout. Having mastered these exercises, you are sure to conquer many hearts with your fantastic physique. So, why are you waiting?

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