We all know that protein is very important for our body and we cannot compromise the daily dose of protein. Protein is however misunderstood as something which makes you gain weight but actually, women need as much protein as men. Protein is taken by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts but is equally important for making our body fit.

The protein intake depends upon your age, exercise, calorie level, and your ability to digest it. These days it is not sufficient to eat proteins in meals so some supplements can fulfil the need for protein. Protein cannot be stored in a body like fat and thus it is important to take a dose of it regularly. It is essential for various processes of the body and every single cell needs it. It is important for the formation of tissues and with increasing age body loses the muscle mass so it is important for muscle growth that you take protein in your diet.

What are the benefits of protein?

Protein aids weight loss- when you take enough amount of protein then there is no need for taking extra carbs and protein is heavy so it stays in the stomach for a long time and takes time in digestion. It does not make you feel hungry easily so it makes you feel fuller and you eat less amount of food.

Good for the growth of hairs and nails- we know how important are hairs for any woman but these also require a sufficient amount of protein. Keratin is the protein that is needed for the growth of hair and nails. So, you should take this in an adequate amount.

Protein for healthy skin- collagen is the reason for healthy skin with increasing age collagen production is decreased in the body and thus you need extra supplements for it. It makes joints mobile and it is sticky as well. The dermatologists recommend protein for healthy skin and in case you are getting wrinkles on your skin, it is because of a deficiency of collagen so a collagen supplement is the best option. Collagen is, however, both animal-based and plant-based but it is hard to digest you might get an allergy so it is better if you see a doctor before and then start with it.

Improves bone and muscle health- protein is much needed for healthy bones apart from vitamin D and calcium we need protein for bones as well. Muscles need protein as it helps in the growth of the muscles and makes them stronger.

How much protein does a woman need?

Protein that is needed by women who are above 20 yrs old is 46 grams in case you consume too little then you will suffer from weakness. The daily requirement also depends upon the activity in which they are indulged for example an athlete’s protein requirement is different than that of a working lady. If you just supplement your diet with protein and do not take other nutrients then you might suffer from Diarrohea, bad health, Dehydration, weight gain, constipation, and nausea.

Which is the best protein powder for women?

In case a woman is not able to consume enough in her diet then it is vital to take supplements and protein powder is a very good supplement. You can add it to the milk, water, and juices also. The best time for taking the protein is in the morning so that you can easily digest it also as it takes a lot of time in digestion. The best protein powder is one that is free from all preservatives, colours, and any other artificial substances. Vegetarian women find it difficult to get protein from these supplements does wonder.

Aloha Protein powder

It’s ideal for women as it’s free from lactose, gluten, and soy. It’s factory- grounded so a vegan diet can include it. The main constituents used in this greasepaint are pea, brown rice, hemp seed, and pumpkin seed proteins. Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener so there isn’t important sugar in it. It has 130 calories and 3g of fat in a 500 g box. This comes in two flavours chocolate and vanilla.

Tone it Up organic plant-based protein powder

It is also lactose and gluten-free. This protein powder does not have refined sugar it used monk-based sugar. It comes in vanilla flavour and is better for those who need fewer calories as it has 100 calories and 3 g of fat in a box of 500 g. it has 15 g of protein and you can take it in the morning.

Oziva Protein & Herbs for women

Oziva is a plant-based natural product with no preservatives. It protein powder is ideal for weight control and better metabolism. This protein powder is good for balancing hormones. It also has other vitamins which can complete your diet. Also, It has a natural blend of ingredients like Tulsi, cinnamon, and Green tea. It has 71 g of protein in 100 g. it can ease your post-workout soreness.

Anyway Nutrilite protein powder

Amway Nutrilite is a plant-based protein and is ideal for women. In serve of 10g, you can get 8g of protein which is good for your body. It supplies 9 essential amino acids. This protein powder comes with no sugar and is easy to digest. It is unflavoured.

Boldfit super women’s whey protein

This protein is ideal for everything. It even helps in the growth of nails and hairs. Each scoop has 24g of protein and it has a great taste with zero sugar and it has just 113 calories. It makes your body fit and it is 100 per cent natural and vegetarian.

Plantago vegan Plant protein

Plantago is 100 per cent organic and comes from four organic protein sources. It builds and repairs the muscles. It is gluten-free and ideal for your body. This vegan plant-based protein powder is made up of brown rice, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds. It has 132 calories and every scoop serves 24 g of protein women

So, these are the different plant-based proteins that are good, and taking them on daily basis is beneficial but you need to follow a proper diet. Supplements are only useful when you are taking them in the right way and following the guidelines properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose a protein powder?

It depends on what your choice but generally people look for a few ingredients of their choice, low sugar level, and less fat. This is all you are required to check.

Does whey protein make a woman gain weight?

Whey protein is the most easy-to-digest protein and it does not make you gain weight until you are exceeding the regular calorie amount. So, take care of this and do not exceed the amount and it will keep you fit.

Is taking protein safe for women?

It is safe when you are taking it in the right proportion according to the prescription of a Dietician. If you are taking enough protein in your diet then there is no need of taking protein.