Know The Benefits of Swimming and The Best Swimming Workout

The Benefits of Swimming

Why The Best Swimming Workout?

Swimming is a cardio exercise which is mostly considered as best swimming workout. It is often said that you are just “One good swim away from a good mood”. This symbolizes the value of swimming and puts forth the idea that swimming will do wonders for your body and your mind as well. For the cardio worshippers, swimming is the first idea that comes to mind when you are trying to lose weight. You will definitely not find a single workout with more benefits than swimming. The best part is that it does not cause any injuries.

Is This A Miracle?

I usually tell people that swimming is no less than a miracle. The way it increases your flexibility along with shaping up your whole body makes it equivalent to a blessing. Also, you lose a lot more calories within a short period. The best swimming workout strengthens your whole body apart from making you lean. It takes good care of your joint and reduces the risk of injuries. On the contrary running and other strength training exercises do not have the same effect.

You can stay young with the help of best swimming workout. Since it is all in one workout, it makes your whole body work. The organs get worked up and in turn stay healthy for a longer period of time. Many doctors suggest that one must make swimming one of the primary exercises. When we measure the health of a swimmer with the health of a common person we find many differences which are a proof of the health benefits of swimming.

How To Start Swimming Workout?

How To Start Swimming Workout?

For a person new to swimming, the pool is a strange place. Once you treat water as your friend, you will get the same kind of care and love from its side. Jump into the water the first day and play with it just to make sure that you are comfortable with it. Furthermore, you can take up other methods also such as floating etc. You might get tired too early and that is expected because your organs face difficulty in performing their respective functions under water. You need to learn to breathe underwater before jumping into the pool to swim.

After you have learned to swim, all you need to do is practice the different workouts. Make a routine and ensure that your routine is a mixture of different best swimming workout. Do not underestimate the importance of warm up and warm down under water. Before entering into any vigorous workout routine, gently warm up your body so that the muscles may start functioning slowly.

Best Swimming Workouts

Swimming Workout

The different swimming strokes target different muscle groups. You must at first enlist the reason why you are doing the exercise. Then you can accordingly choose the best stroke for yourself.

Front Crawl


This is the most basic stroke which is taught to anyone once he/she starts learning the art of swimming. You need to learn the technique properly and then practice the exercise to be good at it. To do the exercise, start with moving your left hand forward. Tilt your body and keep the other arm above the water. Then move your right hand forward and left hand backward accordingly. While doing the exercise move your legs also.



Backstroke mostly focuses on your back and it is not as intensive as the front crawl. To do this exercise you lie on your back and do flutter kicks which move your body forward. You need a lot of balance to do this exercise. Apart from affecting your shoulders, it opens up your chest muscles and lats.



It involves the whole body. While doing breaststroke exercise, your arms move simultaneously in half circular movements under water. Your legs also support your movement by moving continuously. It is considered a great exercise for the beginners as it does not require lots of effort.



Butterfly is one of the best exercises for weight loss. It targets the upper half and helps in building power and strength. Your arms need to move forward simultaneously. All the fat will soon be lost and your body will get shaped in no time. You must take rest accordingly.

Enjoy these extraordinary benefits of swimming. Your body will feel fresh after the exercise. Let me know how swimming has affected your life and what are your favorite strokes.

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