The Best Vegan bodybuilders to leave you awe in 2022

vegan bodybuilders

The term ‘Vegan Bodybuilders’ itself is very astonishing as, according to most people, having a perfect athletic body requires regular and adequate consumption of meat and eggs. But, in reality, bodybuilders who strictly follow a vegan diet exist! These vegan bodybuilders hold precious positions in the world’s leading bodybuilders list!

Given below are the names and descriptions of some best vegan bodybuilders you would not want to miss a chance to look at!

List of Top Vegan Bodybuilders

1. Zack Belknap

Zack Belknap is a NASM-certified personal trainer and a pro-card holding vegan bodybuilder. He is from Eugene, Oregon, and has been awarded a WNBF pro card after his spectacular performance at the regional level.

Despite being an eminent bodybuilder, Zack still lives in an environment where people are still amazed that he is a vegan!

2. Nimai Delgado

Nimai Delgado was raised by Argentinian immigrant- Hare Krishna parents. Since his parents are converted Hindus, he has been a vegetarian since birth and has never consumed meat to date.

During 2015, Nimai had cut out dairy products, eggs, and all sources of milk. He had become entirely vegan. By becoming a bodybuilder, Nimai managed to put an end to the belief that all vegan bodybuilders are protein-deficient.

3. Jehina Malik

Jehan has been an impressive competitor in bodybuilding and started competing when she was 19 years old. She came first in women’s physique held in 2013 and first overall at the N.P.C. Eastern U.S.A. Bodybuilding Championship. In 2014, Jehina was awarded a pro-card by IFBB at her first international show, Team Universe. This was recorded as a historic achievement as she was the first bodybuilder who has been vegan since birth to receive this prestigious award.

4. Maayan Elias

Maayan Elias is an Israeli bodybuilder who won first place in the Israeli national NABBA Bikini division Over 30 category in the year 2018. She also won the WNBF Israel in the appropriate body category and was awarded the WNBF Pro Athlete Card.

5. Suzanne Llano 

Suzanne Llano was awarded a Pro-Card in three federations- N.G.A., ANBF, and N.F.F. During her early years, Suzanne was athletic and enjoyed playing soccer. She danced ballet professionally through her college years. After her divorce in 2009, bodybuilding became her main focus, and she became renowned for her physique.

6. Anastasia Zinchenko

Anastasia has been participating in powerlifting competitions for several years and has been receiving spectacular totals. In 2014, she secured first place in the BDFPA All Midlands Championship, 72 kg category, and came second in the 2014 British Universities Powerlifting Championship, 63 kg category.

In 2015, Anastasia won the Anglian Open Powerlifting Championship, 72 kg category.

7. Karl Bruder

Karl Bruder is a vegan bodybuilder who won at the WABBA Grand Prix in 2016 and was placed sixth at the Mr. Universe. He came in fourth at the P.C.A. Physical Culture. 

Animals play an essential part in Karl’s life, and he lives with four rescued horses at his home.

8. Derek Tri size

Derek Trisize is a professional bodybuilder and a personal trainer through the American council through Exercise. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University. Derek has been placed first in three bodybuilding competitions, and he has earned the WNBF Men’s Physique Pro Card in one of them. 

9. Ivan Blazquez

Ivan Blazquez is a pro-vegan physique competitor who holds a Master’s degree in exercise physiology. He has been keeping a coveted pro card in natural bodybuilding since 2009. Ivan has been on 

100% vegan diet since 2013. He is a Medallist in Pro-class bodybuilding shows and winner of individual and team relay triathlons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the most prominent vegan bodybuilder? 

Kenneth G Williams is the world’s biggest vegan bodybuilder.

2. Is it harder to build muscle as a vegan?

The answer to this question will be no. Though it is a common misunderstanding that it is hard to build muscle on a vegetarian diet, building strength as a vegetarian is entirely achievable.

3. How do vegans build muscle?

If you are a vegan, consumption of high-protein vegan foods like tofu, legumes, and quinoa can help meet your protein needs which otherwise could have been fulfilled by meat consumption.