The Circuit Program: 5 Minutes Biceps Workout For Perfect Body


Those big bulky biceps definitely add to your personality. However, acquiring those biceps is not an easy task. Gym workouts are the best solution but you can workout at home also. With dedication, you will get those biceps by doing this biceps workout at home in no time. If you already have those biceps, these might be the best way to maintain them.

Why Should You Go For Biceps Workout At Home?

Biceps workout at home gives you the flexibility to workout whenever you wish to. This circuit training program is a boon for the travelers. You do biceps workout for mass not need any weights for the workout. You will use your bodyweight for resistance. All, you will need is a towel and the zeal to work out.

The Circuit Program

The circuit program comprises of 5 exercises which are to be done for 30 seconds each. You will do these exercises with the help of towels. Take the help of a timer to maintain the timing.

Inner Curls Biceps Workout

To do the exercise, you need to put your legs between the towel and hold both the ends of the towel. Now use your leg as the weight and pull it upwards and then let it go downwards. Your hand must form the L shape while you are doing the move. Your hand will move towards your body while your leg will move upwards. Repeat the move up to 30 seconds with one hand and then with the other. Engage or squeeze your biceps while doing this back and biceps workout. You can take the help of the wall if you feel like you will fall down.

Straight Curl Biceps Workout

These are very much like the exercise that you have performed earlier. The only difference is the change in the angle. Put your leg between the towel and hold the ends of the towel. Move your leg and the hand in the same direction i.e. forward. Your hand and leg will move simultaneously. Your wrist will face upwards. Do the exercise for 30 seconds with one hand and then with the other. Take the help of the wall if needed.

Angled Curls Biceps Workout

Again put your leg on the towel and hold the ends. Pull your leg and hand upwards but this time you will bend your hand to the side. Your leg will move backward while your hand will move sidewards. Focus your body weight on your hands so that your muscles have a hard time lifting that weight. Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds with one hand and then with the other.

Reverse Curl Biceps Workout

This exercise is very much like the straight curls. Put your leg on the towel and hold the ends. Move your hands and legs upwards while facing forward. Your hand in which you are holding the ends of the towel will face downwards. Your biceps will get squeezed but in a reverse manner. Repeat the exercise up to 30 seconds with one hand and then with the other.

Lying Double Curl Biceps Workout

You will at first lie down on your back to do this chest biceps workout at home on a mat. Put both legs into the towel and hold both the ends in each hand. Lift your upper body and pull your leg forward while you curl your biceps. Move both hands at the same time and repeat the move up to 30 seconds. Focus on your biceps while doing the exercise and use your body as the resistant force.

This circuit plan of 5 minutes must be done in 3-4 sets. One whole set will be 5 minutes. You will have to do the exercise for 15-20 minutes. If you do not have time, doing the exercise for 5 minutes can also be helpful. Put proper force in order to make those biceps bulk. At times when you get tired, you might feel like reducing the force but that will be quite hazardous and will not lead you to your goal. Also, take care that you do not fall down while doing the exercise.

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