How to do bicycle Crunches, the best abs exercise?

bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are an effective exercise for abs. It targets the core intensely, but it is effective only when it is practised the right way. Bicycle Crunches are beneficial for fat loss of the belly, love handles or side fat and strengthening of the core. 

You might already be following a core routine but a good reason for switching your core exercises is that it is fun and challenging. And interestingly, this exercise is a good exercise for all age groups.

Bicycle crunches are a bodyweight exercise. You do not need any equipment. But, many of you are still now aware of how to do bicycle crunches in the right way and thus end up injuring the spine. 

To avoid injuries, all you need is a reliable guide because this exercise is prone to back injuries as it includes spinal flexes. We highly recommend you read further before performing the exercise. 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Impact Level: Medium

Targeted Muscles: Abs

How to perform bicycle crunches?

Follow the steps mentioned below to avoid injuries and make the movement effective and efficient. 

  1. Lie down on the floor or a mat on your back.
  2. Raise the leg straight just above the ground.
  3. Place your hands at the backside of your head without crossing your fingers.
  4. While keeping your lower back pressed down into the floor, touch your chin towards your chest. Contract the core. 
  5. Now, exhale and pull your upper body and shoulder blades above the ground. 
  6. Simultaneously, while lifting the body, bend the left knee and bring it closer to the elbow of your right hand and with that, twist your right shoulder blades to that left so that your elbow should approach the opposite side knee. Do not pull your head forward from where it is.
  7. Exhale, lower down the body back to the floor and straighten your leg again. Your legs should remain lifted above the ground until your finish one set. 

Repeat the same pull and twist movement towards the other knee. It is one complete repetition. 


If you find this hard

try a variation in bicycle crunches that are easier and put less stress on the abs. It would be great to start with this variation and later switch to those mentioned above.

For this, while lying down on the mat, do not lift your legs and pull your leg back and forth from the ground itself. It will allow you to perform bicycle crunches with less stress.

For a level up

Try to keep your legs as close as possible to the ground. Also, hold the position when you are approaching to touch the elbow with your knee. It will allow more pull to every crunch.

How to incorporate bicycle crunches into your routine?

Incorporate the exercise into your full body or your core workout for better results.

As a beginner, start with fewer reps. Slowly increase the reps until you master it.


Q. How many reps should I do as a beginner?

Try starting with 15 reps in one set.

Q. How much are the recommended sets for intermediate level?

We recommend 2-3 sets.

Q. Are there any risks of back or neck injuries?

Yes, as Your spine flexes during crunches. However, If you do the crunches in the right way, it is safe.