The top Bosu ball exercises that no one ever told you about


Adults above the age of 65 are prone to high risks of falls and postural instability. As the body grows week, the need for workouts rises enormously. Since workouts help keep the body stable and fit by helping us avoid clumsiness, it is essential for all older adults. Bosu ball exercise is one such activity that will change the game for you. 

This wobbling half-fit ball is not as useless as it seems. Although it looks like it is going to cause an immediate accident, it does quite the contrary. Some of the primary benefits of this exercise are improved postural stability, reduced risks of fall and boosts strength. So, if you are looking to enhance these elements in your body, learn about this exercise right now.

Is Bosu ball exercises for beginners safe?

Bosu ball exercises for beginners can be a bit tricky. However, once you get the hang of it, this exercise will seem like a cakewalk. The Bosu ball workout is a hands-down exercise that promises to increase stability, helps you to maintain balance and improve strength in so many ways. There are many ways to perform this workout. Since this type of exercise provides a variety of variations to pick from, it is more convenient for you to learn immediately. 

Some of the best Bosu ball exercises range from Front Lunge, Single-Leg bridge, Forearm Plank and Side forearm plank. For starters, we recommend you to begin under the guidance of a trainer so that you can learn the art of balance without injuring yourself. A trainer will also help you to learn the trick of performing exercises on a Bosu ball within no time. Thus, you can avoid any hindrances at once.

The best Bosu ball exercises to try out now

You see, the truth is that all you need to perform this exercise is the art of balancing. Performing a Bosu ball exercise is like riding a two-pedal cycle- you need only balance to do it without any complications. So, we are listing out instructions below on how you can perform the best Bosu ball exercises at home with minimal hassle. Also, remember to balance well once you begin with it. 

1. Forearm plank– Turn the Bosu ball to the other end. Make sure that the flat side is facing downwards. Now, gently place your forearms on top of the sides of the ball. Your shoulder should be width apart at this point. Move into the plank position to perform one of the best Bosu ball exercises by making sure that your back is flat. Hold this position for a few seconds then, repeat the workout. 

2. Drinking Bird– Turn the flat side of the Bosu ball. Stand on the other end gently with one leg. Let the other leg flat freely at the back. Now, bend the straight knee slightly and lean your hip forward. Hang your hand straight down close to your leg. Now, slowly return to your starting position. Make sure that your pelvis is level throughout the movement. Repeat the best Bosu ball exercises regularly. 

3. Kicks on the Bosu ball– If you want to learn the Bosu ball exercises for abs, kicks on the Bosu ball will do the trick for you. Start by lying down with your hips on top of the ball. Your legs should extend outwards at a 45-degree angle. Try to maintain your lower back and pelvis as far as you can. Move-in a controlled and rhythmic manner. Perform at least 15 to 25 kicks on both sides. 

4. Front Lunge– Place the flat side of the Bosu ball on the ground. Step on the ball gently with one leg. Now, try to lower down into a lunge and keep your knee pointing at all times. Once you reach the bottom of the lunge, push up with your leading leg to get back into the starting position. Repeat such Bosu ball exercises for beginners on the other leg as well.  5. Heel taps- Start by lying with your lips on top of the Bosu ball. Make sure your knees are bent and hips at the right angle. As you breathe out, gently lower down one of your legs on the floor. Now, tap your heel on the floor and hold for a few seconds. Then, return to the starting position. Repeat this Bosu ball exercises for abs on the other leg as well.

The takeaway 

These best Bosu ball exercises are a show stealer once you practice them each day. With the numerous benefits that they bring to your body, there is no way you are ever going to skip it for yourself. Try out for more. We are waiting to know how it helps you.

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