Everything To Know About Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises

Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises

People often restrict cardio exercise to cycling, running, and swimming. That is not it. Cardio exercises are not just limited to these outdoor activities. Cardiovascular endurance exercises are great ways to revive the heart and help in boosting blood circulation in the body. Not all cardio exercises need to be performed outdoors, which means some exercises can be done at home. Let us find out what those exercises are.

Best Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises

Not everyone enjoys outdoor activities. Certainly, you don’t have to go out for your cardio exercises. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Here are some cardiovascular endurance exercises which you can do at your home. 

1.High Knees

To begin with, cardio exercises at home, high knees are the best. They are a form of cardiovascular endurance exercise in which you have to run in one place. You can easily perform this exercise at home and get similar advantages as outdoors. Steps that you need to follow for a correct highly workout session are:

  • Put your legs together and place your arms on the sides
  • Lift one knee towards the chest and lower the next
  • Continue doing this while pumping your arms up and down 

2. Butt Kicks

They are a contrary form of high knees. In this, you have to raise your heels towards your butt instead of raising your leg towards the chest. Steps to follow while doing this cardiovascular endurance exercise are as follows:

  • Put your legs together and your arms.
  • Lift one heel towards your buttocks while lowering the other.
  • Continue this motion along with pumping your arms.

3. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are a full-body workout. It is a classic exercise to rev up your heart. This cardiovascular endurance exercise works on your entire body from head to toe. Here’s how to start-

  • Put your arms at your side while standing with your legs joint.
  • Bend your knees slightly and jump while spreading your legs. Your legs should be wider than your shoulders.
  • While jumping, lift your arms over your head.
  • Now get back to the start position and repeat.

4. Speed Skaters

You must have assumed from the name what this exercise will be. It is a pure imitation of the skaters. You can jump while moving on the sides to make it a bit more challenging. The instructions to get started with this exercise are as follows:

  • Your startup posture should be curtsy lunge. Both your knees must be bent, and your right leg should be placed diagonally behind. Also, your right arm should be bent while your left arm should be straight.
  • Push your left leg and move your right leg forward. Switch your arms while bringing left behind.
  • Continue these alternative movements for the required amount of repeats.

5. Crab Walks

Crab Walks

Crab Walks are fun cardiovascular endurance exercises while getting your blood flow in a good position. They are the best workouts for the back, core, and legs, and they also help strengthen your upper arms. To start with crab Walks, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Bend your knees and put your feet flat. Put your hands on the floor under your shoulders. Your finger should be pointing forward.
  • Carry your hips off the floor.
  • Start to walk backward with the help of arms and legs. Ensure that you overburden your weight on your legs or arms.
  • Keep walking backward until you reach your target distance.

The Bottom Line

Working out has now become a crucial part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle. With the amount of pressure this modern generation handles, it is necessary to have a flexible and convenient workout.

Cardiovascular endurance exercises are great for both your mental and physical health. It is not necessary to go outdoors or to the gym to do cardio exercises. You can do all these at your home itself, and all you have to do is just be creative and start working out at home. Make sure you try one of these exercises for a great built-up cardiovascular strength.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. What are the other cardiovascular endurance exercises that can be done at home?

Other exercises that can be done at home are as follows:

  • Plank jacks 
  • Box jumps 
  • Squat jumps 
  • Standing alternate toe touches
  • Lunge jumps
  • Lateral shuffles
  • Oblique crunch

2. What type of diet should be maintained while performing cardio exercises?

While performing cardio exercises, your daily regimen should include high fibrous food rich in protein and vitamins. Try to avoid excessive calorie intake. 

3. What are the advantages of cardiovascular exercises?

Cardiovascular exercises help you manage your weight, reduce the risk of chronic heart diseases and help in improving your mood.