Chest and Tricep workout for massive muscles and much many more

Chest and tricep workout are highly effective, hard as well as time-saving. For you won’t need to spend extra time doing both workouts separately is true, necessary now. Why? Well, that’s because Chest and tricep workout for massive muscles and strength is on-trend now! So, get your boots on into something more effective and strenuous and push yourself out from the mere muscle workouts. Maybe a duo of chest and triceps. Chest and triceps workout not only increases your muscle strength but your endurance in triceps as well. So sweat it out with the help of this Chest and Tricep Workout guide for both man and women to put on those little bumps in your arms and wings in your chests

Why should you be bothered by Chest and Tricep Workout:

If you’ve spent some time in the gym before that you probably know that the first day of the week is going to start with the chest. Well, that’s not always the case. First off you start with legs on day one. And then comes the turn of it the chest which then progresses into the secondary muscle group, your triceps. But why should you wait for the other when you could work on both with a single work-out? Yes, that’s right. And we have cumulated just the same for you they work combine on both the muscles and are good for building up any muscular imbalances and can even be a bit better on the joints. Both muscle groups in this workout get a nice mix of everything you need! So, what are you waiting for? Glance over this curated list for Chest and Tricep workout below!

Chest and Triceps workout: Key to massive muscles

Dumbbell Floor Press:


Is it a chest exercise? Yes. It serves you best as a triceps isolation exercise, which if you compare it with other press work-out you will probably overlook this fact. Truly a shame, if I may say so!

Dumbbell Floor Press is a very versatile exercise as well. How? Well, always remember that your overall workout needs to be about the bigger picture and how one exercise can complement the other. Combining the dumbbell floor press with a bench or fly exercise will directly result in an intense work-out session that you, probably, haven’t tried before. It will help your chest to contract and your triceps to bear the brunt before you hit the bench. Sounds cool, right?

How to do a Dumbbell Floor Press:

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do a Dumbbell Floor Press:

  1. Lie down on the floor with two dumbbells in either palm of your hand.
  2. Now, once you have assumed the instructed position, make sure you are comfortable. Don’t try to compromise your position in any circumstance or the penalty will be quite hefty to pay.
  3. Keep your knees bent and try to lift both the weight simultaneously, start with lighter weight and work your way up to the heavier ones once you are comfortable with the whole process!
  4. Okay, lift the dumbbells in a straightaway direction until both of your elbows are locked.
  5. Assume that position for a second or two and slowly lower the dumbbells until your upper arms touch the floor with your elbows. Don’t bring the whole arm to rest on the floor, only till elbow. And then extend it again.
  6. Do this for a couple of times, say 3-4 reps. However, when you lower the dumbbells, make sure that you do not bring your upper arms to rest. Just lightly touch them on the ground.

Weighted Dips:


Weighted Dips are kind of like Chest Dips exercises and particularly emphasizes on your Sternums, Triceps, Arms and Shoulders muscles. Not to mention, Weighted Dips are evolved form of Chest Dips and can also be deemed as its cousin. However, it must be carefully noted that Weighted Dips are practised by adding additional weight to your regular Chest Dips such as weighted belt around your waist, Backpack packed with heavyweights or dumbbells. And such being the case, one must only practise it, if they already possess adequate strength in their upper body or else the risks of injury involved is rather high.

  1. Grab your weight belt and wrap it around your waist with your desire weight attached to it by a chain.
  2. Once you are done with your weight belt, hold on to the bars of Dipping Station and start lifting yourself in an upward direction with your arms straight and your legs crossed.
  3. Make sure that your elbows are bent in 90 degrees, your neck and trunk are in perfect and straight alignment as well as your eyes are set straight throughout the practice.
  4. Now once you have lifted yourself, hold on to the instructed position for about 10 seconds or so then return to the original position gradually and slowly. Once you get hang of the whole process, try to practise Weighted Dips 2-3 sets.

Incline Push-ups

Don’t worry, if the classic and regular is a bit much for you for that’s probably because you don’t have enough arm strength. So, instead, try incline push-up to first build-up enough strength and then start your way up to the regular push-ups.

Bench Press

Bench Press emphasises on your Sternums, Triceps, Arms and Shoulders muscles. Not only that but it also requires a lot fewer pieces of equipment than Weighted Dips. However, Bench Press is much more effective and helpful for the restoration of your muscles. And is recommended for Muscle-loss post 40 years. Pieces of equipment required to perform Bench Press are Weight Bench, Smith Machine, Barbells or Dumbbells. So, below is a step-by-step instruction on how to practise Bench Press:

  1. Now slowly lie down with your back facing the Bench, beneath the rack holding the weights (Dumbbell/ Barbells) above them.
  2. Make sure that your knees are horizontal with your foot spread apart and wide, firmly attached to the ground.
  3. Now slowly try to grab the bar from the rack with an overhand grip. Make sure that your upper arms are at 45 degrees, your Shoulders and arms wide apart.
  4. Once you have taken the instructed position, take the bar and lift it in an upward direction, like that towards the ceiling. And bring it near your breastbones. Also make sure that while doing so, your foot is firmly attached to the ground. Pause in that position for a few seconds or so, say 10 seconds and return to your original position.
  5. Also, while you are doing so, make sure you concentrate on the ceiling rather than the bar to keep your position uptight. Else you might get nervous and injure yourself. Repeat the whole process for a couple of times or as desired.

Chest and Triceps work-out for the women; by the women and of the women:

One of the major reasons that you should try chest and triceps workouts for women is because it will improve your strength. Taking the time to work on your muscles and keep them active means that you will have a higher level of overall fitness. Many of the workouts that are specifically for women don’t focus on chest and triceps muscles. However, developing these areas of your body should be a part of your regime.

Decline Chest Press:

Yet another variation of Regular Chest Press, and a bit difficult at that. Avoid it, in case of difficulty or a compromise in your comfortability level. The only difference here will be that the bench will be positioned in a declining angle like 135 degrees or more to be precise.

Chest Fly:

In Chest fly, you have a lie down on a flat bench with a pair of Dumbbells in your hands. Now carefully stretch your arms towards each other to make a cross. Keep your shoulders apart, arm and elbow straight. Hold on to that position for a while and then return to the original position slowly and steadily.

Incline Chest Press:

Incline Chest Press is an easier version of Regular Chest Press. The only variation here is that instead of a flat bench, you have to lie on a slightly inclined bench. Position at 45 degrees to be specific.

Triceps Push-ups:


Tricep push-ups target your upper body pushing muscles—namely your triceps with complementary support from the muscles in your chest, core and shoulders. While regular push-ups—with hands—work with your chest and upper arms, triceps pushups target the tris and shoulder particularly. Triceps push-ups are with no doubt of shadow an amazing strength builder—but also kind of a Catch-22 since you need strength to do them.

  1. Start with a high plank position and with your hands directly under the shoulders. Now try to engage your core by pulling your belly button in towards your spine.
  2. Keep your legs straight and your hips, level. Pull your arms closer to your sides so that your elbows are pointed back, driving your hands into the ground to keep your shoulder stable.
  3. Now slowly lower yourself toward the ground while keeping your elbows pointed back and core engaged. Lower until your arm, elbow and shoulder to make a 90-degree angle.
  4. Push hard enough into the ground to lift your body back up. And that’s one, one rep.
  5. Aim for two to three sets of 10 to 12 reps triceps push-ups with an interval of 30 seconds break in between. And if at any point you can’t push back up in a plank, try to drop to your knees to do the trick and continue with the set.

Reverse Triceps Push-Ups

Reverse-Triceps Push-Ups

A reverse push-up is quite different from your regular push-up. Reason? That’s because the resistance you experience while doing one, is provided by your body weight, just as with a regular push up; otherwise, the two exercises have little in common. However, Triceps Push-ups is popular among those who do the Bar Method as a triceps-strengthening exercise, though you might have to keep your eye out to maintain a very limited range of motion to avoid injury. Want to know how? Well, below is the step by step guide on how to do one!

  1. First, Sit down on the ground and place your arms, slightly bent, on either side of you, with your palms flat against the floor. Your arms should be directly below your shoulders and your legs should be stretched out in front of you, with your heels pressing into the ground. Stretch as much as you can, though.
  2. Now push your body up off the ground by straightening out your arms. And while you do so, try to retract your shoulders to engage them as stabilizers. Hold on to this position for about 30 seconds or so before you slowly lower your body down to the floor.
  3. For this exercise to be done safely and effectively, try to do as few slow repetitions as possible. Aim for 1-3 sets with 8-12 repetitions in each set.

A word of caution, try to move slowly and with purpose because trying to do as many repetitions as quickly as possible is not the key and will not engage your triceps effectively. Rather, it could lead to a shoulder injury. Maintain a proper form throughout, keeping your spine straight and your hands positioned beneath your shoulders after all, as I always say a proper position is the primary foundation to any work-out and plays a vital role to avoid any kind of injury involved.


And now that you know how to work on your chest and Triceps, Voila, you can try any of the above-mentioned Chest and Tricep workout plan. These Exercises are no joke and are tough! Not to mention, proper form must be maintained throughout the course of work-out. And it’s only natural that body may want to drop your hips and bow your arms out. But whether you like it or not, it’s important to keep proper form, for both injury prevention and to build strength. And you know what? Sometimes it’s worth to make things harder than they are. Just like lugging a bottle of wine on a hike for that perfect cheers photo at the top of the hill. However, remember one exercise at a time, don’t try everything out at once for it might strain your muscles too much and thereby increasing the risks of injury.

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