Why is Chest Workout Important?

The chest workout is for people who want to have a bigger chest and want to enhance their personality. There are so many reasons for this the major reason is to seek attention because a bigger chest with a toned body looks impressive, another is to just have a good body as people are fascinated with an ideal image of the body, and there are people who are interested in bodybuilding for them flat chest is embarrassing so they want a toned chest which looks bulky and bigger.

There are three chest muscles which involve in the workout and help you get a bigger chest. These are pectoralis major, Pectoralis minor, and Serratus Anterior. The first one makes up most of the chest mass and it is in the shape of the fan. The second one helps in moving up and down of shoulder. The last one located at the sides of the chest comes into play when you lift weight overhead. It gives balance and support to the shoulder.

Why Chest does not grow and what can you do to activate the muscles?

There are multiple reasons behind this that why your chest is not growing. The major reason is lack of exercise or lack of proper exercises for the chest area. The other reasons could be inadequate protein and low carbs. If you want to build your body in the right way an adequate amount of protein is needed. The major sources of protein are egg, pulses, soya beans, and Tuna Fish. We often neglect carbs because we think that carbs intake might increase our weight but it is not like this if carbs are consumed in the appropriate amount it helps in the growth of the body. 

The activation of muscles is important before a workout. If your muscles are not activated it might cause you injury. The chest workout is intensive and it requires a lot of energy so it is better to get prepared for this. Dynamic warm-ups can help you in setting up a tempo and save you from muscle injuries. Muscle injuries are harsh and it takes a lot of time to get recovered.

What are the benefits of a Chest workout?

There are so many benefits of a chest workout like it helps you in improving your posture, strengthens the upper body, and modulates the shoulders. It improves breathing and the chest muscles are the most important set of muscles so conditioning these muscles is aesthetically very important.

Exercises that you can include in your chest workout

There are basic exercises like bench press, dumb shell pressing, and upward and inward rotation of muscles with the support of shoulders. There are some exercises that you can include in your workout and they will help you in getting a bigger and stronger chest.

Chest Dips

Chest Dips

This is a modern exercise and it challenges your body and pushes it to the maximum. It can be made more difficult by adding weights. The benefits of doing this exercise are as follows it strengthens the upper body, conditions the muscles, and help in increasing breathing.

How to do it: You need two chairs and position them back to back. Lean forward as far as possible with legs stretched back and cross behind. Shift the load to the chest and relax the shoulders. Pause at the bottom and then again come forward. If you are going to the gym you can simply do it using the mountain bar you can go upwards and then come back to the original position.



This is the most famous chest workout which is beneficial for strengthening the shoulders and wrist. This can also help in the growth of the chest.

How to do it: you need to lean on the floor completely stretching the legs. Now you can place your hands and toes on the surface and completely lift the rest of the body and then push it down towards the surface. The dips will put pressure on the chest and helps in the workout.


pull ups

This is known as the king of all the exercises as it is one of the most difficult chest exercises. It strengthens the upper body and helps in stretching the muscles. It involves pectoralis minor and thus puts pressure on the chest.

How to do it: set a bar. Hold the bar with both hands and let the rest of your body hang in the air. Now lift your body and take it to the chest position so that your wrist and chest are parallel to each other perform this workout at least 20 times.

Chest Fly

Chest Fly

This is one of the basic exercises for a chest workout. It reduces the stiffness of the muscles and in turn, makes them more flexible.

How to do it: you need to lie down and hold dumbbells in both the hand above your hand and try to bring them closer. Ensure that chest is in line with the dumbbells. You can repeat this thing at least 15 times.

Dumbbell chest press

Dumbbell chest press

This is the exercise that helps in the growth of the pectorals. There are chances of injury in doing this exercise so ensure that you have done a proper warm-up. Check the weight of the dumbbells so that you can preclude the risk of an injury.

How to do it: The first thing is to lie down on a bench and hold dumbbells in both hands. Your palms must be facing your thigh. Then you need to bring dumbbells down and up. You need to repeat this at least 10 times.

Bench Press

Bench Press

It is considered one of the most effective workouts for the chest. This is an amazing exercise for strength building. In this, you need to lift a weight but you need to be cautious with the weight you are lifting.

How to do it: Lie on the bench and keep your hands apart. Now take the weight and breathe in. As you lower the bar to the chest make sure that it does not go lower than the chest. Exhale when you are pushing it upwards. This exercise should be repeated at least 10 times.

Cable Cross over

Cable Cross over

This is also a very effective exercise for strengthening the upper body and making the chest muscles flexible. It provides tension and resistance to the muscles as it uses cables instead of dumbbells.

How to do it: you need to place cables at your shoulder height then stand by outing one leg behind another. You need to pull the cables forward so that your arms cross your wrist. Repeat this movement.

So, these are the exercises that you can incorporate into your workout and they will help you in the growth of the chest. These exercises are of moderate level and you should always start the workout with a warm-up so that your muscles get eased. A chest workout is essential for strengthening the upper body and it helps in improving breathing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • When to start the chest workout?

The ideal age for starting Chest workouts is between the age of 16-18 when your muscles are matured. The chest workout must be started at an intermediate level when you have already worked with the dumbbells in this way you can make most of it.

  • What is the food that can help you in the growth of the chest?

Food enriched in protein and low carbohydrates can help you in building a strong body. Eggs, pulses, vegan protein, protein bars, chicken, and soya are highly beneficial.

  • What is the best workout for the chest?

All the exercises mentioned above are beneficial but the dumbbell press and bench press are the most effective exercises for the chest.